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Cozy Plush Toy Wheat Warmer

These sweet plush toys heat up in the microwave oven for a maximum of 90 seconds and stay warm for up to two hours. Thermal cushions in the form of plush toys - perfect for joint pains, tense muscles and stomach aches, or for a cosy nap. Choose from between a number of different cute animals!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Super pleased, as always :)

written by Emelie, 09/01/18

Satisfied with both goods, delivery and the superficial customer service !! Bought the "risk dude unicorn" and it's so cozy and go to have the sofa in the evening when you're a bit t... Read more

Nice teddy bear

written by Helena , 30/01/18

Cozy and nice. Smells a bit strange when you heat it. Must heat about 3 minutes not 90 seconds as it stands if you want it to warm up. It smells strange regardless of the time in the micron. Looks mor... Read more


written by Tim, 01/03/18

It gets a star because it's cute, but it smells bad when you heat it up. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU DO NOT DINK ABOUT UNKNOWN LAVENDEL LUKT.

Unicorn Pillow

written by Jenny, 12/03/18

Sweet and cheeky cushion. Smells a bit strange when it's warmed, but I'm happy otherwise!

Fills the function but a major shortcoming

written by Sän, 14/03/18

Fine gosed animals that warm up quickly and easily. However, the heat drops quite fast unfortunately. But okay, besides one thing that really spoils the entire experience of the product: the STINKER! ... Read more


written by Bella, 28/09/18

Bought two different for the kids. Great for the kids. Unfortunately they thought that they smelled too strong of lavender when they were heated.

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