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Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is the slime you use to clean your computer keyboard. Or why not your vinyl records or those hard-to-reach recess in the car? Just about any place that is yucky and inaccessible.

Cyber Clean - Cyber Clean
Cyber Clean
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Cyber Clean - Cyber Clean Car
Cyber Clean Car
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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39 reviews

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What is this?

Ingenious product?

written by captain clean!, 22/07/13

It is very much possible that removes bacteria, but dirt is left. We see no difference. The only thing we notice is that it smells like soap.! But it is absolutely superb to remove bread crumbs and le... Read more


written by cc, 12/08/13

It is a good and easy product apart from that it is also fun. We have many animals and it is also super good, to get the hair of clothes with.


written by Silje, 25/08/13

Cyber ​​Clean is my favorite product when it comes to clean the keyboard! It takes in the all the dirt that lies and lurker down keys, and it smells fresh and good as well. The only thing I want to cl... Read more


written by Linda, 26/08/13

Stuff that is both fun and useful, perfect to give to someone. On its way down between tanjenterna as the promise


written by CN, 09/10/13

Great to pick up dust and access the things that have come under the keys on the computer. In addition, it's fun to get involved with! Me and my friend sat and took it and had great fun haha. And ... Read more

Stood not to hype

written by BK, 06/12/13

Decent, but was not to hype. Does not so much "shit" from keyboard it claims it will unravel.

Good of dust, but not on the ingrained shit

written by Bengt Bedrup, 20/12/13

Quickly and efficiently remove dust, but are not as good at it more ingrained. Will not be the most effective between the keys. Works great on the dust of the ports on the computer.


written by Jenny, 02/01/14

Cyber ​​Clean actually works! Is an active gamer then went loose on both my own and her boyfriend's keyboard and mouse, and they both saw and felt fresher. Will buy more times! Meadow. delivery so... Read more

Yellow blast that cleans

written by Siw-Åse F., 07/01/14

Good way to clean the keyboard on, just hang up and push out the dirt =) Can obviously used omattatte too =)


written by Bitte, 07/01/14

Good product that works as expected. A plus that it is antiseptic and fresh. Have used it on my mobile and all our boxes to the TV and other technical devices with good results.

Cyber ​​Clean - Future cleaning tools?

written by MoaBe, 20/01/14

The first thought before I bought this product was of "slime" Stuck, where you're clean, for example, between the key tops. So far, there has not been a problem for me. Easy to take with... Read more

Good as always

written by Åge, 23/01/14

Can not say that I'm a germ free `` freak`` but this product is smart to have people who sit for more than 2-3 hours each day in front of computer. (Gaming or office use). Can of course be used to... Read more

Effective, but not over one

written by Arne, 03/02/14

This little thing is incredibly effective, but unfortunately not very just over. Therefore, the only four stars. However, ordering some to for the handing over everything I need it and could use it fo... Read more

An excellent article that has much benefit

written by minna, 10/03/14

This was, I'm really happy with the keyboard is really clean and nice also avoid those nasty germs that easily attach to the keys when many people are using it. Thank you for being distinctive.

Cyber ​​Clean

written by silvana, 27/03/14

super product never would have thought that it is so good and especially it smells very well I would buy again

It served its purpose

written by K. Berger, 06/06/14

Can not beschwehren me. It served its purpose, as you can see clearly to use the mucus.

incredibly good

written by Kmj, 08/09/14

Very good product. acting on whatever removes most of SMUs. very good on keyboards and other things. did not like the one I got was very fluid flows very fast between his fingers almost. Was not as so... Read more

cyber clean very loose

written by kmj, 17/09/14

Just the really good doing a good job but did not like that it is so very loose. Whoever I have tested for it was more permanent but only 5 grams less

Excellent Cool way to make men to clean!

written by Cristina, 03/12/14

I was very impressed by the product. Cleaning of 0, swish. Bought it for my boyfriend as part of Advent Calendar (and partly because it was more bits and bobs in the keyboard of his one at a reuse sto... Read more

Finally clean

written by Gute Idee, 31/12/14

Now that's a good idea to get dirty Tastatuen clean. My is sparkling! However, she was also filthy niht excessively. How would it look like, so I do not know.


written by Ragnhild, 01/01/15

Cyber ​​clean smelled very fresh, and worked very well. Was perhaps a little too sticky to work on.

Clean good!

written by Johanna, 02/01/15

Incredibly good idea into a product, as it often accumulate a lot of dust and dirt between the keys on the keyboard to the computer. However, the smell was not the best .... But things can endure beca... Read more

Nice :)

written by Evy, 19/01/15

My Mac looks almost new when I use cyber clean! It removes ruskan coming in to keyboard and stuff :) Love it :)


written by Knut, 13/02/15

The product has lived up to expectations. Easy to get to with. Fresh scent without being nauseating. Recommended!

Smart and effective!

written by Terje, 16/02/15

Finally both keys and key intervals clean the PC, as well as remote controls and landline. And it SEEM! Cyber ​​Clean heartily recommend!

Top product

written by Terje Wilhelmsen, 26/02/15

It worked just great very happy with the product worked very well in the car work great for cleaning PC Ipad and mobile printers and keyboards

Works as intended!

written by Kari, 09/03/15

Cool Stuff works - surely want to use before the dirt is far too ingrained. Used it on PC Tastura and landline - both were noticeably better afterwards.

Cyber ​​clean

written by Heidi, 10/03/15

Simply brilliant, recommended virkeligt. Was skeptical when I received it in the mail, but it works absolutely.

Already bought the second time

written by dall, 05/10/15

Cyber ​​Clean is a sharp stuff. I use it mainly to clean my little schäbbig designed laptop keyboard. Man pushing the mucus gently and precisely on top of the key and then shakes a little, so he hits ... Read more


written by s, 04/01/16

Very good product. Can be used for most of städväg, mobile, keyboard, guitar, remote control, etc., etc.


written by Nikolaj, 27/02/16

Have used it a few times by now and it has basically taken everything apart from very small things and dog hair that lay below the keyboard.

Very fond of Cyber ​​Clean

written by David, 19/04/16

I've spent Cyber ​​clean for many years, very happy. Clean keyboard and various very good. There are unfortunately not many shops selling Cyber ​​Clean but Cool Stuff is one of the, so they have a... Read more

Ideal for keyboard or as a gift

written by Lumenator, 26/04/16

Cyber ​​Clean has for several years a permanent place on my desk already. One can is enough for about 1-2 years - I use it every 2-3 months - it dries out nothing and there is nothing disgusting! Most... Read more

reasonable effectively

written by CF, 07/10/16

A reasonably good product that is primarily nice because it's disinfecting and takes care of dust on the edges of the keyboard individual keys.


written by HegeH, 27/10/16

After long having erget me of a dirty laptop keyboard, it has finally become clean. Do not know how much bacteria or such is removed, but the dust and dirt is uhvertfall gone and I do not hide my lapt... Read more

useful product

written by Ante, 16/03/17

Removes dust and some dirt on hard to reach places, but ingrained dirt yards, it does not. Absolutely useful, albeit not quite as miraculous as promised.

Sticky worse

written by Henke, 23/10/17

Tested this on one of my computers, but it did get well. It became absolutely cleaner which was very positive, but the slap fell apart and ended up on and under the keys. The yellow color is right in ... Read more

It worked fine

written by Frede, 23/04/18

It seemed very nice did as it should and worked quite fine as a gift to a friend ............

It works so well !!

written by Darving, 11/09/18

It took me 5 minutes to give my dirty keyboard a whole new life. I'm amazed that it works so well! You just have to dump the mass and then take that dust and whatever else hides into the mass. I&#... Read more

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