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Darth Vader Cake Tin

Offer your friends the best looking cake in the galaxy. Metal Darth Vader cake pan with a smooth Teflon coating!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Great success

written by Hanne Skytte Jørgensen, 14/05/13

The baking pan is used as a birthday gift for a boy of 6 years and was a great success, he went around and gave it a knusetur and oh it's the best gift in the world !!

Cake party

written by Bikke, 29/05/13

8v boy's birthday party got a great yllärin guest feels when Darth Wader flew to the table;)). A little jealousy in the air for boys in mind! Sugar Massa topping the patterns are very

Darth Vader baking tin

written by Maria, 17/06/13

The baking pan is a good size. I bake two cakes already (have used the included recipe) and they have been finely shaped. A fun and different cake :)

Darth Vader cake tin

written by Bea, 30/09/13

For anyone with 6 sons I guarantee that this makes happiness with blueberry jelly! Have the tiny bit of warm water before arches it on a platter, and - voila!

awesome product

written by Anna, 22/10/13

Excellent good cake tin. the surface of the cake came to the exact shape of the pan and the cake was easy to be coated with a sugar compound. The volume was quite high, so kakustani remained very low,... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Sjamiss, 19/12/13

Very happy with the price and product. And that I ordered came so fast :-) perfectly barnebyrsdagen :-) a real enough Star Wars Day


written by Tomas, 30/01/14

I riktigt gold Grej. Vi valde att ge den som present åt that Gäng åttaåringar kalaset och blev en höjdare!


written by Daniel, 25/02/14

Our now 9-year-old daughter loves brownies and is a big Star Wars fan. So for her birthday, we bought this, and made a brownie cake. It was good pattern and the cake was much appreciated.

was a success!

written by Malin, 30/06/14

Good product. Was much appreciated. Everything worked as the sake of delivery. Cheaper than all the others I could find on the net! Satisfied!


written by Yvonne, 09/09/14

Perfect gift for Star Wars nerd who thinks he has everything

worked perfectly

written by Hilton Royale, 31/12/14

Darth Vader's mask came out very clearly. An instant success! The kids actually took larger pieces than usual.

Cool and efficient!

written by Helle, 10/01/15

Is very pleased with the product. The shape very Teflon coating so let the cake so nice and gave excellent shape. Coolness factor is quite clear icing on it!

funny gift

written by Annddyy, 15/01/15

The receiver appreciated it and made an excellent cake in the immediate, will soon buy one for myself!

Easy nicest baking pan!

written by Malin, 23/01/15

I'm thrilled! Gave it away for Christmas and was with and used it for the first time on New Year's Eve. It worked well too it was not only very stylish! ;)


written by forgiveable sinner, 23/06/15

Darth Vader cake was a great success in children's birthday and it goes now circulates among friends and acquaintances. Recommend black food coloring in the icing!

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