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Vagaborn Floating Hammock

Experience the ultimate in relaxation on a lazy day by the pool: a floating hammock! Inside, you float with your body partially submerged - a perfect combination for relaxing, and you neither get too cold or too warm!

Vagaborn Floating Hammock - Vagaborn Floating Hammock
Vagaborn Floating Hammock
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Lovely easy-packed hammock

written by Helena, 26/06/17

Funny and different. Will be top in the pool when the real summer weather is here, because you are not in the water on top of the air mattress.

Better than the advertising says.

written by Johan, 17/07/17

A really lovely invention. You do not think it's anything to have. The situation in the water does everything. What is important, however, I suspect is that the water is really hot.

Great for the pool

written by Odde, 20/07/17

Comfortable to lay in and easy to get on, even for the kids. Even the kids like this than ordinary air mattresses.

Everyone loves this!

written by Lyxmamma, 24/07/17

We totally love the hammock. All guests who try it love it. We recommend it to anyone we know who has a pool. Best poolsak we ever bought. First, however, was broken but we got a new day thereafter. P... Read more

Usel quality

written by Thomas, 02/08/17

Use once the air leaked air so they bubble into the water. The steel edge that is in the air ring was off so they became no stability in the flow. Possibly they were the steel edge that made holes in ... Read more

Lazy days in the pool

written by Ia, 05/08/17

Wonderful flow hammock for the pool. It's nice to lie on and float around in the pool! However, a bit expensive but stable and durable as it has fabric around. Wish I had one till then everyone in... Read more

Perfect for sunbathing

written by Willa, 12/08/17

This is a flow mattress I actually can use! The netting bottom makes the body lie in the water and cooled, rather than lying on a creaky air mattress and frying. The materials are of good quality, so ... Read more


written by A, 06/09/17

Comfortable to lie and sunbathe. Unfortunately, it's a hole somewhere we did not manage to locate. The air fails and it is filled with water instead. Although it was the first time it was used.

Love it

written by M78, 12/06/18

Have bought 3 of this now, so we do not have to argue who will use it. Perfect for the beach for three reasons: There is little to blow up. It is both comfortable and easy to use, regardless of size. ... Read more

Perfect when you want sunshine but not heat strokes!

written by Kathrine, 12/06/18

Just love this one. Saw it on a holiday 4 years ago and I've just been looking for that page without luck. Of course, it ends up being the Coolstuff website I find it on. Thank you for the newslet... Read more

Summer's best buy!

written by Bud B Weiser, 14/06/18

I have bought many air mattresses in my days and have always been disappointed. Either on the mattress itself or on myself because I bought something that I used to not use and just lies and takes pla... Read more

Vagaborn Floating Hammock

written by Uffe, 17/06/18

Have never been more beautiful to laze in the pool! Located in my Vagabond hammock and letting the pool pump drive me around in slow lap after lap. The tan will be even and nice! If I mention somethin... Read more

Floating hammock - recommended!

written by Ingela, 18/06/18

Is very happy with the product. It works great and I use it frequently. Also very pleased with the response when the product was broken and I OMGENDE got a new one.


written by Lena, 23/06/18

The first time I would use it became final

Vagaborn floating hammock

written by Mist, 27/06/18

The canon to have a nice swimming pool is easy to get on and off. Takes a small place when you weight together easily to take to the beach


written by emoon, 01/07/18

Best move to date. The kids love it! Not plastic due to 2 layers. Sustainable? Probably, we will see.

Nice quality

written by Peter, 03/07/18

Fast delivery, good solid quality product. Lovely cool when it's really hot ....................

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