Giant Microbes

Soft toys in the form of diseases and other micro-organisms enlarged a million times! Choose between chlamydia, acne, flea, cold, fat cell, malaria, brain cell, syphilis and 46 other organisms!

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Giant Microbes - Gonorrhea
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Giant Microbes - Syphilis
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Giant Microbes - Herpes
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Giant Microbes - Louse
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Giant Microbes - Swine Flu
Swine Flu
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Giant Microbes - Cavities
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Giant microbes

written by BW, 03/05/13

The Giant Microbes are really cute and come in my Verwandkreis to super, the brain cell you can even make very good anatomy training, in the near Zukumft I'll probably buy one or the other Riesenm... Read more

Giant Microbes ... reacted great idea and very nice

written by Wuschel51, 07/05/13

Egg colleague told me about it, I've found this un Giant Microbes here. When the delivery came, I was just thrilled. Very beautifully finished with a small booklet off where each microbe is also e... Read more

A bacterium or a virus, cheer up!

written by Anna, 22/05/13

Sent chlamydia and mad cow disease to a burned-mate - mostly because the flowers are so b. It was hugely appreciated and gave her a good laugh. These are highly recommended if you are a bit like that ... Read more

Simply sweet, this giant microbes

written by Wuschel, 03/06/13

Have some of these giant microbes acquired and am thrilled. Very highly detailed and careful finish very well understandable explanation (in German) where you will find this in natura and what they do... Read more

Super cute

written by Ac, 03/06/13

Bought this for my daughter and she loves it! It was a little smaller than I thought but a plus in the edge of the small information booklet that came with that described a little more detail what col... Read more

Various microbes

written by xDarkDanciinqx, 04/07/13

Hey, the shipping was super fast, but unfortunately the microbes are not as expected. They are quite small and not quite as nice as the pictures. Qualitatively, however, they look well made from. As G... Read more

fun bacterium

written by fielroht, 19/07/13

This "flesh eating bacteria" were good-fitting and high quality as expected. Very fast delivery direlt in the mailbox. Like really Coolstuff and also have ordered and received a delicious ho... Read more

Ai-van edible sweet!

written by Tiina, 12/08/13

A wonderfully endearing microbe, makes rutostakin tolerable: D to better quality, my brother praised the hard received a gift disease;)

Yay !!

written by Apan, 24/09/13

Just what you wanted! Sickly (hahaha) cute and fun to throw at each other: D I love Sally Salmonella and her friend got really happy that she had HIV: P


written by Ckarion, 15/10/13

Bought five common diseases (colds, stomach pain, fever, flu, cough) and a brain cell. They match well with the description. A fun gift for sick children.

Top gift

written by Pascal h , 27/11/13

I work in microbiology and put it away as a Christmas present, it came to Super and even for non-biologists a great thing :)

the bed bug

written by Jabba, 09/12/13

was a gift for a good friend, who is now no longer found bedbugs so disgusting ;-) A whole sweet Plüschi! PS The goods were shipped super fast of cool stuff, the speedy delivery, which would have been... Read more

Thank you pehmosta

written by Atte Virtanen, 16/12/13

The order went well and I am happy with the product. went to a Christmas present. As well as the gift recipient that the customer was satisfied with everything

Unusual idea ... cuddly and funny

written by tilly, 01/01/14

and very good processing. Delivery is also relatively fast. Full prima I find that the initial criticisms have been implemented and there is the information on the microbes in the German language. Cut... Read more

fun gift

written by Janos, 06/01/14

Much appreciated, however, quality seems to be a bit like that. Felt like a little cheap at reaching wise? But it was in any case quite okay. :)

Super sweet animals

written by Susi, 15/01/14

I opted for the BSE, was indeed real not easy. But so sweet with his red eyes and super soft and fluffy. It is 20 cm long and of 15 cm, to him hangs a small booklet where are the facts about BSE. I th... Read more

Smart thing!

written by Åsa, 28/01/14

Ordered one brain cell to myself. It reminds me that I'm not brain dead and my support on the job ;-)))

fun stuff

written by Jo, 19/03/14

The shape is not nearly as clear as the picture, ordered the cold virus but it was more or less completely around. Yet a cute gadget and fun a strange thing to have at home.

Sperm cell and egg cell

written by KSS87, 09/04/14

Incredibly happy with my cute teddy bears resembling an egg and sperm cell, had gone and wished them a long time and when I finally got them I was happy: D They are as I expected :)

Closing Gift

written by Johanna, 11/06/14

This is my little brother get now when he stops 9an. Will write a small card where it will be that a brain cell is enlarged will help him now that school is waiting, haha. Obviously, as a joke gift.

How fun anytime

written by Alex, 14/10/14

Giving one of these to a work mate into Guild nurse. Have not seen anyone laugh so much in years. Fantastic fun to give as a gift :)


written by LK, 27/10/14

Love these little gosingar! But then I'm a nerd microns too. ;-) Would like to have them all. :-)

I've got Ebola!

written by Flemming H. Sørensen, 30/11/14

It is rare that people are happy to have had Ebola, but I'm one of the few. It's so possibly only because it is the adorable non-lethal variant, but now we do not hang us in detail ... Ebola a... Read more

Giant microbes

written by Sabine Willig, 01/12/14

The Giant Microbes have triggered great enthusiasm in adults and children. You sidn a wonderful gift idea.

Prima plush

written by Barb, 06/12/14

The witty and cuddly Giant Microbes are super processed and look really great. Very fast delivery. I would have liked even more choice.


written by Tuva, 08/12/14

In October, I was terribly sick ... It turned out to be glandular fever, or as it is called so romantic ... Kiss illness. A little romantic, it was of course because it was my new boyfriend, I got it.... Read more


written by Alex, 25/12/14

The stuffed animal was delivered exactly as described in the product description. At one point a thread even had to recognize what can be neglected at the price, however. In general, I am very pleased... Read more

Giant Microbes

written by Fiat, 30/12/14

Cutest Vattkoppan I've seen. Became a Christmas present with lots of laughter. Really fun to give away to a lä rest of the family would now have one!

Little ones.

written by Robban, 02/01/15

Fun animal, perhaps not so well named, however. They fierce eyes should perhaps not had the stuffed animals for the little ones.

Very cute

written by Bacillrädd, 05/01/15

Giant Microbes is sooo cute !! Luckily they are a bit nicer than the real germs :) Now dare to have some Ebola home !!!

Giant egg

written by Adrijan, 24/02/15

Since I had specifically looked after Plüscheizelle, I was already aware of what I buy and what it looks like. The egg is just right in size and fit my Plüschspermium. As decoration or for children to... Read more


written by iwi, 05/03/15

I bought 5 Giant Microbes / all perfectly finished / all so ready to / I have all given away - have been well received (great joy) / Price-performance super / I can to give only empfehlen-> somethi... Read more

fleecy pathogens

written by Waheela, 23/03/15

Cool idea all :) I now have Ebola lie next to my pillow ... cute, but something different, just as good! ^^


written by Hk, 23/03/15

I had ordered a rhinovirus. A really cuddly virus :-) came as a gift to super good. Delivery was also OK.

They are cute

written by Maverick, 01/07/15

Bought these teddies Giant Microbes and I love them, they are not like other bears + they give lots of info about each one.


written by Rolf, 30/07/15

Delivery came without delay. The bed bug is designed funny. The surprise succeeded. thank you


written by Lucy, 15/09/15

A super gift idea if you have a child who is extremely concerned with scientific interests. My daughter loves them!

So I have to say ...

written by Plutonium-Steinchen, 01/12/15

... I was so positive and never felt as if I had received the HIV-cuddly toy! :-) (Pun intended) OK, now again seriously find it cool to illustrate diseases in this way :-) Something is otherwise know... Read more

Giant Sweet!

written by Marthe, 27/12/15

These were adorable, and I crave it was with some info about the thing you bought! Bought as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend to be bioingienør :) great!

Science meets Kuscheltier

written by Christitan, 01/01/16

Our daughter is biology expire and hence these cuddly microbes are the right place to collect. processed Super and provided with great information. Just great.

great microbes

written by ibz, 04/02/16

The three great Maxi-plush microbes arrived promptly and neatly packaged - fine, thank you and keep it up

Kjempefin gift

written by M, 14/03/16

Ideal as part of birthday gift for a friend. Giant Microbes are so funny that I almost could imagine ordering more gift eventually - maybe even one for myself. Do not find fault with it here.

Everything was great !

written by ibz, 22/03/16

Quick sent to the packing station, well packaged and all the products as described, so very beautiful macro microbes

STDs can be fun!

written by Einhorn19, 25/06/16

Syphillis came at the birthday child to great Is definitely times another gift. However, the giant microbes are lower than expected, hence only 4 stars :) Nevertheless definitely a very cool gift

Super Soft!

written by Anna, 29/07/16

Bought platelet / platelet. Incredibly soft and very nice! We have about twenty of the other home, but this is already the new favorite.


written by Sandra, 13/12/16

Longed for my own Ebola long :) Was not in the shop the last time I was in Malmo ... But now adorns my sofa :)

Very nice gift idea

written by Sanny, 04/04/17

Item was as described. I'm very satisfied, and the shipping was very fast. Always my pleasure. Many Thanks! ;)

Really Cute Bookworm

written by Hjulia, 18/04/17

These "giants" are adorable, ramshackle. Of course suits me a bookworm, reading time. Whether it is with your ears (audio books) or eyes


written by MajZan, 06/06/17

I do not know how a hugs could be bad? This hug is super soft and cannonball!

Nice idea!

written by Sille, 18/08/17

I think Giant Microbes is an excellent gift idea. Also if it's a gift for one yourself! I ordered an egg cell and it was already delivered the following day! I often have very strong menstrual pai... Read more

E. coli in maternity leave

written by Kristina, 02/10/17

The E. coli bacterium was like a maternity gift and was a hit with both mother and child :) Baby thought it was soft and fun with the big eyes and long flagels (snore), and at the same time it gave ri... Read more

giant microbes

written by Bl, 13/10/17

In my entirety, I am very pleased with my purchase of the giant microbes I bought here on cool stuff. Delivery was fast and the goods were completely as described, both in appearance and dimensions. A... Read more

Neurons and nerve cells

written by Fuchs , 20/10/17

Very nice, vivid products, good workmanship, motivates others to playfully engage with the brain and nerves

Brilliant gifts!

written by Ia, 18/02/18

Giant microbes are ideal gifts and very affordable! NOW, I wonder who's going to get syphilis, ebola or a murmur of me? : D: D: D: D


written by gio, 03/05/18

Great idea for the fight against germ paranoia! Give the microbes a face and a bit of their horror is lost. ;-)

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