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GripGo Car Phone Holder

Millions of small suction cups hold your phone in place! Perfect for e.g., the car where it is dangerous to fumble around for your phone.

GripGo Car Phone Holder - GripGo Car Phone Holder
GripGo Car Phone Holder
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24 reviews

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What is this?

GripGo Mobile Holder

written by Oteknisk, 20/12/13

Klistet was too strongly that the holder itself loose. Holder can not take a Ihone 4 due to the weight. The detachment from the mounting located on the dashboard.

mobile holder

written by M1lla007wc1, 20/12/13

I have just bought a mobile holder, just put it into the car. Seems to work very good.Very satisfied.

Seems like it should

written by Thordsen, 23/12/13

I bought this bracket since I use my phone much as gps, either I have problems with the phone falls down, it can not get the GPS signal or that I have to turn your head away from the traffic to look a... Read more

Attaches not to the dashboard

written by Jennifer, 27/12/13

The product does not adhere to the dashboard. The tape comes loose and mobile, together with the holder release and fall off. Risk that the cell phone is damaged. The return on this.


written by Fredrik, 01/01/14

Very happy with the product. Mobile sits incredibly tight and stand seems to be of good quality. Minus must be suction cup which attaches to the window, which can be tricky to get to sit and may thus ... Read more

The cell phone attached great!

written by Sara, 07/01/14

I bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas and the phone stuck good, but a little too good. To get off the phone (iPhone 5), you have to take in seventeen so you should not be in a hurry! However, it ... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Mo, 07/01/14

Have the Handyhalterung not buy for myself, but given away. After she has been used more often I was told, he had himself no better (universal) can buy support.

good attachment

written by Ida, 09/01/14

Adheres better than expected and seems steady. The only negative I can think of is that you can not bust the phone too hard then it is very difficult to remove it from the holder.

Best on the market.

written by Joachim, 10/02/14

After examining a large number of mobile holder so I found GripGo. Was a bit skeptical at first that it would be able to keep my Xperia Z on the spot using a sticky surface .. imagine my surprise when... Read more

GripGo Mobile Holder - phone too tight

written by Björn, 13/03/14

Do pry off the phone and then release it often from the window ... No smooth product .. Better if you have something that will always sit there.

genial good all-round service

written by Maja, 18/03/14

Fast delivery, product is packed safely into. There were no problems on that front. The product works really well at least in the first two weeks (I have not had the product anymore). Would recommend ... Read more

Good, but half a safe stability!

written by matildatilda, 27/03/14

Very good! and the cell phone is really hard on the green sticky part. And is very smooth function. The only thing I think is mediocre is that the two assets have fallen down from the box, so sometime... Read more

Talk about good grip!

written by Danlen93, 11/04/14

Super grip on the phone! But be careful when you press it, does not take much to get it stick! :)

Held not long

written by D, 24/07/14

As new works surprisingly well, and has only a few times experienced phone is smoked out of it, but with a slightly harder push when you put it in keeping the rule. However, my, however, already be br... Read more

hangs like just fy

written by ernest, 13/10/14

a very good product, mobile phone maintains that only that keeps in bumpy roads. little hard and getting by but it is only good


written by Alter Falter, 05/01/15

After the product description for Cool Stuff I was very skeptical as to whether the part which is good - because of work only to zero degrees. But even at temperatures below freezing, the part holds s... Read more

Cool Stuff

written by LaraD, 06/03/15

When GripGo smartphone mount the grip plate is excellent. The articulation of the bracket is a bit stiff. The holder is not to bring in any belibige form. In my car unfavorable because I always fixed ... Read more

Perfect Holder

written by Bella, 28/08/15

Sitting well, either on the inside of the windscreen or, as I have, on display in the dashboard. Decent turning wherever you want. Just be aware, that I was not ..., that you can not attach the mob th... Read more


written by Rika, 25/12/15

Surprisingly good! It is described that it does not work so well in minus degrees and it's true. I have missed this and fixed phone as soon as I've put into my cold car for winter, it happens ... Read more

Good universal mount

written by Anne, 28/12/15

The bracket is attached to the mobile phone (or anything else) is excellent thanks to the nano-technology. However, one must have patience with the installation on the disc, since as the right angle m... Read more

Holder is not recommended

written by Mario, 13/01/16

The smartphone cup will not stay on the disc falls off repeatedly. In addition, the surface on which the smartphone "stapled" is very sticky. The removal of the smartphones from this area is... Read more

Good thinking does not quite reach up

written by Jakob, 21/03/16

Once the device is in place on the holder without either the entire holder releases from the windshield, or the phone to fall off as it is really good. When to take the phone requires two hands or els... Read more


written by se, 19/07/17

Do not be as I expected I did not get stuck ....................................... .................................................. ................................


written by Ville, 14/09/17

A sturdy rack with comfortable adjustments. The adhesion surface should perhaps be slightly wider, etc. Because if you use a slightly uneven bark or have a curved telephone, the adhesion will be reduc... Read more

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