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Heat Packs

Don't you need permission to keep preserved heat in the form of small heat packs ready to be activated whenever you want, wherever you want, to give out heat for 18 hours at a stretch?

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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96 reviews

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What is this?

Adhesive Heat Packets

written by Missnöjd, 29/08/13

Heat bags filled really not up to my expectation .. they were not as good as they were described. I did not think there was any difference in the heat .. it did not matter what yes did so said yes not... Read more

Fairly hot

written by Erika , 28/10/13

Worked well. The best was to have them in your pocket, however. Applies to both the judgment of the feet and pockets. The heat comes after a while so hard to open in time before freezing ....

These heating pads are a must

written by Wb52, 07/11/13

I have severe back pain again. The old discs incidents report regularly to speak. If I then two or three days a Label Heat Packs, it is far more like a small miracle. The pain is gone. The pad of the ... Read more


written by Pierre, 19/11/13

I use thermal bags to blah warm mini golf balls with them and works great! The only thing that is over is that some bags will take quite a long time to shake off but once they get going, so they work ... Read more

Thermal bags

written by biny, 22/11/13

Heat soles are very helpful during the cold season when the Hunters and sitting still, but they could be "better" when I use hand bags are absolutely stunning, unfortunately, not the soles o... Read more

In the car

written by Blomman, 07/12/13

I have procured me a pair of heat packs to keep in the car. Last year I got a puncture and had to wait for the salvor 3 hours and I was quite as cool as he came and helped me. I had no gloves with me ... Read more

Good Value

written by Titata, 15/12/13

The Wärmekissen meet my expectations. You really stay, as indicated, 12 hours, covered. Since they mostly contain activated carbon and iron filings, they are also environmentally acceptable and must n... Read more

Heats both fingers and liktær :)

written by Alfredsen, 18/12/13

These hot bags were really exceptional. Good to have left in the bag when you are out traveling. Have tried similar products but these were as good a hyggligere price.

Now I can use your hands in winter

written by Vita fingrar, 20/12/13

This is the second winter I run with heat bags. Have tried most things on my white fingers but nothing has helped. Heat bags are great and really works! But turn them on before you go out in the cold ... Read more


written by Lia, 26/12/13

Good product, works at least 8 hours, of really cold winter days, I can keep your tippy toes warm as a rider and it may otherwise be quite difficult. But these posts works super well. I would not want... Read more

heat pack

written by Mammsen, 02/01/14

Have used them for over 1 year. They are super good, heats properly o long. I have them under foot in the shoes. Can be stored in the freezer overnight bag o then be used again the next day or another... Read more

Freezing in the Forest

written by Jägarn, 03/01/14

Heat bags work great to keep warm on cold passes in the woods. The sole is better than what's out there in the stores because it heats throughout foten.Självhäftade heat the bags work also excelle... Read more


written by ..., 27/01/14

Very good product! It's like having an element in the pocket. The only negative is that you can not reuse the bags, otherwise I'm really happy!

Hot tåvärmare

written by Peter, 28/01/14

Thermal bags for the toes is just too hot to have directly against the skin or thin sock in between. These bags, I had planned to have my foot on my VF during real cold vinterlöpdagar, but it worked t... Read more

Heat bags !!

written by rad, 28/01/14

Bought warmers, as it was to keep the heat in 18 timmar.Det took 5 hours ago they were freezing !! ????????

heats well

written by Raymond, 31/01/14

Heat bags heats really well and lasts a whole day. Very effective against psoriatic arthritis in the ankles, especially in winter.


written by Mattias, 04/02/14

Doing what they should. Ideal for use in shipping of reptiles that I always use them for. Retains heat for a long time but not so well in the final hours ....

so smooth when riding

written by ankifj, 10/02/14

It's cold outside now, my toes are numb every time it's time for riding lessons, but this really helps, you must open them 15 minutes before going to shove them in the shoes, good to know !!

Nothing happened

written by Emelie, 11/02/14

Became dissatisfied with my order .. They worked unfortunately not ... = (One sole could feel some heat on if you held it against his cheek ... Indoor. The second it happened absolutely nothing.


written by Thunderbear, 12/02/14

Heat bags live up to my expectations. Have had problems with cold toes at the cross-country skiing. Now I need not trouble myself more. However, not tried them in really low temperatures yet. The time... Read more

Excessive power

written by Prockey, 13/02/14

Bought bags have mobile in the inside pocket when skiing. Unfortunately, the bags at most lukewarm, and 12 hours of power is closer to 3 hours. However worked adhesive very well and smoothly. The low ... Read more

"Hand warmer" and heat insoles

written by Maria, 02/03/14

Tåvärmarna worked great even as hand warmers in the mitten! It could also be used in connection with skiing, then I got a good grip on the bars despite the "hand heater". I also bought hot s... Read more

Love these!

written by Matilda, 17/03/14

Best invention ever. Whenever we are in concert (especially winter or spring) or festival (works well too) and it's cold outside and we know we'll stand and queue up outside, we buy them and p... Read more

Transport Heater

written by Räk-Domptören i Tranås, 28/03/14

Using these as enclosed värmekälka in post-delivery of fresh water shrimp varieties Crystal White, Cherry, Rainbow to the aquarium. With these bags medpackade next plastic bag of prawns can handle the... Read more

Heat for reptiles

written by Lunar-Ball Reptiles, 20/05/14

I often carry reptiles to and from trade shows in Sweden and in other countries. Absolutely perfect to wear with a Styrofoam box, retains heat long and good. The animals retain heat during the time th... Read more

Who does not need heat .....

written by Mattias, 06/06/14

Absolutely perfect. Just open and shaking then comes the heat. Really warm in a fairly short time and long time :-) BUY !!!!

Heating at Roskilde Festival

written by Stine, 10/07/14

All 20 open bags worked flawlessly - and for 18 hours, as indicated. Really helpful at night. Well worth the money when you are a frozen stick, who would like to sleep in a tent at the festival. Give ... Read more

False life

written by Kurre, 20/08/14

Slightly odd that there are 12 hours on the supplied ... thus not 18 hours but 6 hours shorter life! Very bad! However, it works the bag I've tested well and I'll be fine enough but the six ho... Read more

works Cannon

written by Slipurson, 13/10/14

Bought home a bunch of bags with the idea that it is certainly not as good as everyone says. But I was proven wrong immediately .. tore up a bag, shook it and thought that it takes well for a while be... Read more

Thermal bags

written by SEW, 04/12/14

Heat bags are completely sovereign and heat for a long time. By packing them airtight after use they can be reused several times because they suffice for 18 hours.

heat packs and tåvärmare

written by Frusen, 10/12/14

Sovereign and held the heat well. It is important to follow the instructions and clip plus shake them something, they work super. Many thanks to customer service for help in the wrong delivery

Keep their promises

written by Hetta , 16/12/14

Awesome good thermal bags, holds heat longer than 18 hours. For me, they have kept the heat an entire day and then they vary from the right hot to very hot. Is like having a wheat warmer evenly.

very satisfied customer

written by ickrath, 23/12/14

course shortdeliverytime, good quality of packaging (cardboard stable) and with the quality of this product, I am also very price is right.


written by Feffe, 06/01/15

You cold in your boots when you go downhill? These will change your life seven times better. Before and after thermal bags.


written by maria, 19/01/15

great tåvärmare. had left some from last year, but they did not work so well ... saw then that they are date-stamped. perishable, therefore, but eh only to order new. the absolute best to warm both ha... Read more


written by maria, 19/01/15

great tåvärmare. had left some from last year, but they did not work so well ... saw then that they are date-stamped. perishable, therefore, but eh only to order new. the absolute best to warm both ha... Read more

tåvärmare that works

written by steffe, 27/01/15

Bought heaters for my daughter who has Raynaud's syndrome. Used in Alpine skiing on helping her to keep warm super.

warm long

written by Sandra, 03/02/15

So easy to place where you want them, then there is adhesive on one side. I glued my socks on, so they sit there until the bags cool down after 6-8 hours. At times they were bags I've used so hot ... Read more

Okay in the boot

written by Peter, 08/02/15

Bought tåvärmarna and had on a ski trip in the Alps. Temperature between -2 to -14. Took first in a thin sock, then a tåvärmare on top of your toes and then a sock to the outside. Froze not on your to... Read more

Thermal bags

written by Vita fingrar, 09/02/15

It was not in the description on the Web that you should not have heating pads against the skin, however, stood on the product when I got it. If you can not have it in the glove, so it's not much ... Read more


written by Pontus , 11/02/15

Everything was fine except that there was no heat 3 bags .............! ........................... ................................? .............


written by skoteråkaren, 11/02/15

These thermal bags are absolutely gorgeous! After a blood clot in the leg, I am extremely Frozen on foot. these heat bags have made it possible to be out in the cold again.

Does not work

written by Diana, 12/02/15

The heater is not proper and some of them heater not, it seems I am really bad ................................ ...


written by asta, 17/02/15

Fast service and good product! Often go skiing even though it's cold. When I use the hot bags in mittens. Sometimes even in ski boots, but the heat lose faster there when access to oxygen is reduc... Read more

No effect!

written by Jonas Hammarberg , 13/03/15

Purchased hot bags that absolutely had no effect Unfortunately, the bags were not warmer than body temperature, not in goal what is described on the packaging. Ren fuser!

First appointment

written by Hans Hermann Laturnus, 06/04/15

appointed on recommendation and how erwartet- everything ok !! Action is optimally and to act well ..

Heat Poser works superbly

written by Cold feet, 29/04/15

Both I and my daughter have tried these in winter cross country boots and slalom boots. They work very well. One must not let them get too much air, then they can be a little too warm. so long you ope... Read more

Thermal bags

written by Anne-Marie, 04/06/15

This rec. I lightweight and easy to attach, provides good heat turned on evil places so relieves it. Good and easy to get right in the box.

Thermal bags

written by Madde, 19/10/15

I bought these because I am someone who freezes a lot about my feet. These worked unfortunately not for me, do not even warm.

Thermal bags

written by Madde, 19/10/15

I bought these because I am someone who freezes a lot about my feet. These worked unfortunately not for me, do not even warm.

Works perfectly!

written by Stefan Jr, 30/10/15

Good thermal bags, (contrary to some other brands), works fine. Additionally good discount on the purchase of big-pack.

Fast delivery

written by Einar Stærk, 02/11/15

Took delivery of the order the day after the order. No problems and the product keeps at least the promised 18 hours.

The heat bag - great help in cold stables

written by Malin, 11/12/15

Thanks for a great product ism really keeps its promises. Cold stall when working or winter days when riding long, or walk is my lifesaver for my frozen toes. With these, it feels normal foot warm and... Read more

Buy these every winter

written by Anki, 14/12/15

We buy them every winter, they keep our feet warm every time it's time to go to the stables. Highly recommended, but do not forget, let the lie and bleed for a while, so keep the heat for long!

delicious hot

written by Lene, 15/12/15

My girls got toe-hot bags in the Christmas calendar. They were very good to warm was the feedback. Keeps your toes warm during the day but need movement to "activated". They get cold when si... Read more

Tåvärmaren - savior!

written by Feffe, 18/01/16

Affordable tåvärmare that saves the day. Frozen toes of boots becomes a (painful) memory. Although they do not always last for a full day of skiing, these invaluable to me as frostbitten feet - like m... Read more

Thermal bags

written by PN, 22/01/16

Fantastic tool are you to play golf or go skiing when it's cold outside. The bags will last for almost 12 hours and there is no risk of freezing hands.

Happy customer

written by Kristina, 25/01/16

Thirty years ago, I froze my toes considerably and has had problems since. I totally saved to have found these heat bags and for the first time, I can be out in the snow, ski, etcutan losing feeling i... Read more

Amazing !!!!

written by Jægeren, 25/01/16

The best heat bags on the market. It says to them that they last for 18 hours and they do. Super on a cold hunting with -18 degrees. Buy them !!!!!!

Heat bags to toes and hands

written by Kyrre, 25/01/16

Excellent Delicious product. Just shake the way until it gets hot. And holds heat for about 6 hours. One has to shake once in a while, but not the hot bags inside shoes. They keep. Incredible digg wea... Read more

Smart thermal bags

written by Pernilla, 25/01/16

Top marks for the smart thermal bags! I'm trying to help a wildcat coming in on my porch in the winter. Has built a nest (like a box of entrance) of styrofoam, put in its base and adds a pair of h... Read more

Great idea for freezing ...

written by lp, 26/01/16

The idea of ​​heating the bags are fantastic. I could only wish that they give off more heat than is the case. I had expected more heat from the description of the product. It is probably because I&#3... Read more

Great !!

written by Cecilia, 27/01/16

They work perfectly !! Mighty pleased, perhaps a little too big for my size, (38) the next time might be the best international small bags. But otherwise super hot amphoteric !!

Thermal bags

written by Fialotta, 27/01/16

They became like rocks, powder lump together the warmth nothing wrong but could not use them because of the lumps. I looked at the film era o did exactly after.

Thermal bags

written by Fialotta, 27/01/16

They became like rocks, powder lump together the warmth nothing wrong but could not use them because of the lumps. I looked at the film era o did exactly after.

A great product!

written by Elisabeth, 01/02/16

Heat bags are a must on vinteren! Many thanks to The Japanese who have invented this amazing product !! Great price and fast delivery :)

Heat bag * super *

written by >Jarven, 03/02/16

Fast service, fast delivery and extremely pleased with these heat bags. Used these in the mountains during my snowmobile tours and am super happy !!


written by Matte, 05/02/16

Tåvärmarna really works. You do not feel that they heat but mankänner of when you take them out because then begins to freeze. Absolutely perfect when you do not sweat as you tend to get the electrica... Read more

Sublime in the cold

written by Elinor, 07/02/16

Heat bags inside the sweater on walk in the woods / skis etc. Delicious when it's cold outside! Be sure to put it between sweaters, not directly on the skin, as it may be too hot right on the skin... Read more

delicious hot for frostbitten toes

written by MG, 12/02/16

With mixed quality. Nokre of dei is not as warm and nokre held not just lengje heat. But all the others are doing it! Nokre can I bring warm up from the shoe, after a whole day of skiing. They are che... Read more

Wonderful !!

written by Angela, 24/02/16

Extremely well!! Keeps the heat more like a 12 hours and minus 10 degrees. Very satisfied!!

Works like them to be!

written by Pils, 19/04/16

Use them to warm your hands at your computer. When my hands are always cold pig when I'm sitting o running FPS so I tried them. and I think they do what they should. each would be nice if the warm... Read more

Wäremkissen delivery readiness

written by nordlicht, 01/05/16

DAnke, everything went fine. Please think of the availability of the article, sometimes seems to be scarce


written by hugge, 16/05/16

Heat bags are amazing! They keep my feet warm all day. Of course, I have to have warm lined shoes in winter. Heat bags give me better opportunities to be outdoors year round.

Tåvarme pillows.

written by Peter, 10/10/16

I ersvært satisfied, both with the online store and communication, price and the product itself. I will certainly return on another occasion. So far I am enjoying the warmth of shoes. peter Movik.

;) Top

written by mimi, 17/10/16

Comfortable to wear .... So easy to use and very nice long-lasting heat) is a good nicholas gift for my chilblains in the work;)

Does not work

written by simon, 14/11/16

Bought hot bags to be used in acute kidney's attack, which can be relieved by heat. I thought they were smart when ik had just near the power for heating pad. But sitting there with pain and so di... Read more

Air bags

written by Ärlig recension, 28/11/16

Was barely warm. Thought I had a bad bag so I opened more but there was the same thing. Takes a long time before they are heated (not soon as it says on the box), and then they do not become hot enoug... Read more

Male ???

written by Sigge , 09/01/17

A little last year to have to use the heating pad under your feet, but after 35 years in the woods in rain or shine, I bought a bag now ,,,, great ,,, nice to avoid coming home with a cold damp feet a... Read more

Thermal bags

written by Margareta Bornefalk, 01/03/17

It is fortunate that they are, the white fingers when I'm out with my dogs. I have them in their hands, and then I put them in a plastic bag and seal it, then I take them up again when I go out. I... Read more

Tåvärmare (6h), and heat bags (18h)

written by Helena, 04/03/17

Tåvärmarna is quite ok, they lose heat after a while in the boot, probably because there is so much acid remained. Yet it is the difference between getting white frostbitten toes and they still surviv... Read more

Varemposer som värmer

written by RoLaut, 26/05/17

Hi We use the heat pads from CoolStuff often - throughout the year. Do they use when working on cold stores. They make everyday life a game and we keep the heat.

Thermal bags

written by Aud Claussen, 02/06/17

Products have been of invaluable help to me who have a chronic illness such as results in a strong cold feeling in the feet, especially at night.


written by Nordlicht, 09/06/17

Super delivery - actually as always - if only the delivery problems would not occur. Unfortunately, does not always seem to be in stock? Greetings from Flensburg

Best idea for the festival

written by My, 25/07/17

These heat pads to the feet are now the most important part of my festival's pickup. They got a nice smile about 5 minutes after I had glued it on the socks and put myself in the tent. They stay w... Read more

Not so hot

written by Jenny, 31/08/17

The product was delivered quickly. Nothing to complain about there. But the heat that is promised will not come close to the bags. If you want something lukewarm to warm up a little, they are excellen... Read more

Now it can only be winter

written by Lia, 26/09/17

Super nice hot fusser with these heat pads. You just have to HUSK to warm them up before using the temperature you want. The open bags shake them and leave them for a few minutes or until they have th... Read more

Incredible heat

written by AL, 27/10/17

Incredibly good and prolonged heat from these. I use the self-adhesive mainly to heat bad muscles. Also works very well in the ski slope for a little extra heat in the elevator. However, one has to th... Read more

Coolstuff heat pads.

written by Jan Ove Fuglebrenden., 10/11/17

Heat bags hold measurements. says on the packaging that they should be warm for 18 hours and that's mostly the case. fine for hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, etc.

Super good!

written by Karin, 09/01/18

I bought the heat pockets for our son who always freezes his feet. We had them a week in the mountains and he had them every day in the slalom jackets and did not freeze anything. Heated the heat for ... Read more

The winter is saved

written by Fryslorten, 18/01/18

This is the best I bought this winter !!! Heaters amazing and easy to read. Be a little uncertain at first. But they take a while for a while. However, did not understand the description of villa pack... Read more

Fantastic !!

written by Frysepinne, 04/02/18

Have bought packages of 20 heat pads and all have worked 100%. Enables these on my way to work in the morning and keep me warm and warm until I've been shopping after work and home again, as well ... Read more


written by JOnas, 09/02/18

Use these one week in the seal with 8-15 minus degrees. Sometimes they became very hot and beautiful and sometimes they worked worse. Believe that the air supply in the pants was limited and hence the... Read more

Not what I thought

written by itå, 26/02/18

These bags are big and fit the body, not my hands as I understood it like it was all I wanted :(

Thermal bags

written by Gunnar isfisker, 22/03/18

Quickly delivered, only a few days, easy to trade, works very well, but maybe not for 18 hours as stated, 10-12 hours is probably the maximum I've experienced so far. Until that price very satisfi... Read more

They did not dare

written by Gilbert, 03/05/18

I bought 30 is your heat bag And they are worth nothing to get above 34 degrees so you can not use them for any waste of time and money

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