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Homemade Cookie Stamper

Now nobody can mistake which cookies are which. Your cookies, baked by you, for your loved ones to enjoy. Everything else is baloney.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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9 reviews

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What is this?

These biscuits were a big hit on my blog.

written by, 30/04/13

The image of "homemade" biscuits with barcode is taken and insdsendt of me. More image can be viewed on my blog during my recipes. These stamps are amazing. Obs. I... Read more

Home made

written by Rauharentola, 01/05/13

Here you will find our experience a little bread from a stamp:

Good workmanship

written by Furry00, 01/05/13

This stamp has a good processing, easy to clean and is to wide bigger than we expected! Top!

cake Stamp

written by Hanne Bendix, 07/03/14

Tried to use the plunger to cookies, but the result was not as expected. It was almost impossible to read that there would be "handmade" on the cakes after baking. Have not quite given up on... Read more


written by Kate, 12/11/14

Baked butter cookies and used stamp on the wafers results are of gorgeous. Easy to clean, easy to use. Suitable for biscuits (recipe without baking powder, or small amount), marzipan lid, sugar paste.... Read more

Biscuits with a difference

written by Cinny, 20/11/14

I find the Keksstempel super! He may be larger than expected, but there are just large cookies. At first it did not work quite as well, but gradually has it out how to do it best. Bake After is usuall... Read more

Super cookies

written by Cinny, 09/12/14

With a little trick you get here towards perfect Homemade cookies. Bake the cookies until and then press the stamp into the hot dough. So one has to Homemade Aufruck perfect it. This year there are on... Read more

cake Stamp

written by ginger, 17/07/15

Have not got tried cake stamp yet, but the spark your imagination. It can not only be used for cakes and cookies, but also thought to use it to make "homemade" mark on eg marzipan cakes. Jus... Read more

cake stamp

written by mfh, 30/12/15

Absolutely super, this is a perfect gift to give to someone who likes to bake. Highly recommended ....... :)

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