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HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Adapter for Fieldscopes

Hook up your binoculars to your mobile telescope and take some neat pictures! The HookUpz 2.0 smartphone adapter uses the mobile telephone camera to photograph and film through another lens. The technology is called digiscoping and is perfect for birdwatching, but it is also great for those who use microscopes or telescopes. Compatible with most kinds of optics and smartphones.

HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Adapter for Fieldscopes - HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Adapter for Fieldscopes
HookUpz 2.0 Smartphone Adapter for Fieldscopes
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What is this?

Not stable yet

written by Fågelskådning, 15/05/17

I wanted to attach my cell phone to a good binoculars I have. Unfortunately, it does not want to hold the mobile in the same position exactly, plus the magnification will be less than expected compare... Read more

Photography must be planned!

written by Naturfotoamatør, 14/06/17

To use this, mount the binoculars on a tripod and focus it sharply on what to photograph. Then you can put on "dingsen" where you have mounted a fixed mobile camera. So check everything so t... Read more

HookUpz 2.0

written by mak, 13/09/17

The exact adjustment of the entire unit is not easy and succeeds only after a few trials and testing.

Difficult and poor results

written by Rune, 08/11/17

Have tried this with several different mobile phones. Someone looked better than others, but even when a cell phone camera was placed over the eyepiece on binoculars it was difficult to get a clear pi... Read more

Unstable suspension

written by Anders, 16/02/18

Photographing with a phone through a binoculars or telescope cone places high demands on the stability of the device that holds the phone. I felt it was difficult to get HookUpz 2.0 stuck around the e... Read more

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