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Instant Cream Whipper

No more splashes and no more tennis elbow. With our cream pump, you can prepare whipped cream in under 30 seconds!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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33 reviews

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What is this?


written by Ewe, 30/06/14

Works really well. Perfect for a rush on making cream .. I'm really happy:) I recommend this :)


written by Tomas, 01/07/14

It is better than expected. Depending on the speed of the number of pumping it went even faster. Good stiffness in texture. The price may seem high but save electricity and get exercise at the same ti... Read more

Gräddblixten - super happy

written by Fredrik, 13/07/14

I've now tested gräddblixten. It is lättpumpad, went surprisingly fast and worked well in the dishwasher. The texture was soft, not at all unaerated yet on the verge of running. Just as I think cr... Read more


written by Susanne, 24/07/14

Hi. I did not prudukten good at all, it is not whipped cream on 30sekunder it gets resolved. You must make at least two times when it becomes cream. My gräddblixten was scratched when I would do it, a... Read more

Super good!

written by Coraline, 11/08/14

I am delighted with gräddblixten, do everything as promised, and you do not ever touch. I would have preferred that the container has been greater however. Highly recommended!

Whipping cream - quickly and cleanly

written by ruedi64, 15/09/14

Ws makes you feel good, "pumps" the cream lightning whipped about. It's quick, the kitchen stays clean and if not everything is consumed, you can keep using the supplied cover the cream ... Read more

A super, single functioning product

written by Erik Keldmann, 22/12/14

Whipped cream pump works perfectly and is made of good materials. Perfect for whipped cream but also to scrambled eggs mixture and omelet. perfectly cleaned in a dishwasher. A LOVELY GIFT TO A FINE PR... Read more

Really good

written by Karina, 03/01/15

Easy and quick to use. Conveniently there is a lid to the right to set in the refrigerator. Can whip a little and cream.


written by Ricarda, 05/01/15

Works really great if you got the hang of once out how fast you "pump" must. Then you have to almost be careful that the cream is not too tight.


written by Jenny, 07/01/15

Perfect in the boat or in other places where you do not have access to an electric mixer. Easy to clean and store, both in cabinets and the fridge. Super satisfied!

Genial ... A little pricey

written by Sylvia , 21/05/15

Ingenious part delivers what it promises, cream is ruckzuck stiff without being cramped (such as. The whisk)! !! Highly recommended, but much too expensive


written by Cille, 29/05/15

Fast delivery and nice you can follow through track and trace. has never disappointed me when I bought something on their side.

cream flash

written by Sahneblitz, 13/07/15

The device like it very much! Above all, because it makes no noise and thus does not use electricity.

Well ...

written by Patricia, 16/07/15

My anticipation was very large, I have to beat a small amount of cream daily. ... Unfortunately hangs / is some hanging on the inner part of himself, and thus can not be used, I do not have a mixer. F... Read more

quick Visp

written by Irene, 20/07/15

Nice to be able to whisk uta electricity, avoid finding outlet, avoid skidding and noise. It works really well to whisk the thick so fast. It's nice that it's closed so whipped thoughtfully av... Read more

How good anywhere!

written by Peter, 16/09/15

This really worked under Description, .. 30 seconds ago were the cream clear .. can really tell this

Betty Bossi cream flash

written by na ich, 28/09/15

Tried and found equal to the first time around for good. Although it was short vor'm firmly be pumping a little harder, I can only recommend the cream flash. Cream was delicious fixed ...;)

Cream flash - device

written by Hans aus Luxemburg, 05/10/15

This cream flash works according to my friends excellent. Myself not yet had time to try this, but happen shortly. Well, he comes from Switzerland ......, then it must indeed work!

Prima for Caravan

written by WomoFan, 14/10/15

enough to beat out a 200g carton of cream and works really great. Is also to flush prima clean hand otimal for our motorhome.


written by Linn, 05/12/15

Had thought it as a Christmas gift, but retains the self as it was great! Just pick up and pumpkin if you want cream quickly. The only minus is the amount you can do. 2.5 dl cream. Otherwise spot! :)

The icing on the cake

written by Göran, 14/12/15

Gräddblixten is really stunning in its simplicity. Some pump strokes and whipped cream is ready. Much better than spray cream and whisk.

beyond expectation

written by Linn, 14/12/15

It did what it promised. Handy thing if you want some cream quickly. + Making whipped cream quickly. - Only makes 2,5dl at a time. - Right expensive. Recommend the product.

To its name

written by Andreas, 27/12/15

Extremely satisfied, easy to access, use and clean. The only downside is that it is almost too good. Pumps husband a little too long become the cream whipped too hard, there are lightning fast and are... Read more


written by Simen S. M, 04/01/16

Fantastic product. Rated buying the one they had at Coober but decided that it did not work, so I bought this as a Christmas gift. Tried it a few days ago, and it worked! Out of 30 seconds, but 20! Qu... Read more

Small but powerful

written by Christina, 17/02/16

I have for a small (one cup of cream - max.250g) wanted cream maker. It should be quick and so good cream prepared. In Betty Bossi cream flash I found the ingenious device to. The handling is easy, it... Read more

The price

written by Carsten, 22/02/16

The product is then ok but the price you pay is too high compared to what you get .. And how is it best to get the foam from the glass without the mess it all ???

Betty Bossi cream flash

written by Gerold, 09/06/16

I am very pleased with the progress of the supply. The device Betty Bossi cream flash works properly and fully meets my expectations.

everything OK

written by akljflasjflöksajflksjaöflksjölfk, 16/08/16

everything ok, I have no desire to write in more detail, it is all right, the product, the price, delivery. What's with the character limit.

Great help for small quantities

written by nohmo, 11/09/16

Although the cream flash is only suitable for small amounts, then even exceeds electric mixer.

Things that nobody needs

written by .D. Weber , 16/09/16

Since I know the cream lightning, I use love to back my blender! - To small capacity - to high cleaning effort. The whisk of the mixer are at least as easy to clean and it is flexible usable. - Only t... Read more

good idea

written by humptydumpty, 10/10/16

The cream is Stampfer me come across as a child in the 50s. At that time, the cylinder was a tin can. We had to open frequently to look up whether butter had not been stamped. The Betty Bossi cream fl... Read more

Cream miracle!

written by Harriet, 09/11/16

Great product. Also very suitable for chocolate cream: Simply add cocoa powder, powdered sugar before foaming in the cream. We are excited

Finally, you can whisk soy cream without taking a evighe

written by N, 13/03/17

Very pleased! Anyone who has ever tried to whisk the soy cream knows that it both takes a very long time and that it is virtually impossible not to splatter all over the kitchen since it requires that... Read more

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