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KitchPro Cornflakes Dispenser

With the KitchPro Cornflakes Dispenser, you can prepare a luxurious hotel breakfast ambience at home! Fill the two containers with breakfast cereal and serve it without spills and messes. You no longer need to have the ugly carton in front of you, and the dispenser works just as well for nuts and candies!

KitchPro Cornflakes Dispenser - KitchPro Cornflakes Dispenser
KitchPro Cornflakes Dispenser
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Less games!

written by L, 20/07/17

Perfect way to serve the children's breakfast cereals / muesli! No more accidents with flakes everywhere on table and floor, no sad packaging to close / open! The only downside is that the constru... Read more

Hotel feel at home

written by Andreas, 29/07/17

Provides a small hotel feel to the kitchen. Eight plastic construction, yet nice. The only thing I do not like is that it crushes the flakes a bit when turning the wrist, then the "trays" fo... Read more


written by Leyla, 09/08/17

Stylish design and you have the flakes all the time. The only thing I responded to is the quality itself, plastic is it and there should be stronger plastic. Do not drop it for god's sake .. then ... Read more

Plastic but still luxurious ...

written by Bella, 10/08/17

Good thing, though, I did plastic and my scratches had scratches on the substrates, which said. But otherwise it looks a bit luxurious and works well. The question is how long before plastic parts rot... Read more


written by Linda, 14/08/17

Worst thing I bought. The flakes do not come through and the seeds fall through without doing anything ... Had sent it back without a doubt if I did not accidentally throw the carton before I tried it... Read more


written by Åsa, 16/08/17

It works great and decorates our kitchen so well :-) The greens that feed the flakes are made of rubber, so it's more durable than if it had been plastic.

Very good!

written by Beatrice , 16/08/17

However, a little plastic, but very useful and smooth. The kids love it and want to eat flakes every day anytime!


written by Frida, 17/08/17

Satisfied! I have műsli in one container and it's a bit leaky, it's the only negative. Works as good as flakes. Hotel feel at home.

Stylish and stylish to have in the kitchen

written by JB, 18/08/17

Stylish and stylish to have in the kitchen and the children and acquaintances love it. Does not take up too much space.


written by Siw, 21/08/17

This product fell very well both by me and the gentleman in the house, and we use it daily for Cornflowers and Musli


written by FJ, 21/08/17

Very Nice and Good Fast Delivery

Funny became a flop

written by Berit, 21/08/17

Could not have the flakes that the children eat (pillows with chocolate i) They break when you turn around o It's not that fun Very disappointed Now it's empty.

Nice product!

written by Stefan, 21/08/17

Has flakes, muesli, etc. in the containers that stand nicely on the bench next to the coffee maker. Have never eaten as much breakfast as I did since I got this one. ;) You are reminded and crazy abou... Read more

Very attractive!

written by Nikita, 21/08/17

Superfin! Good price, it is made of plastic but does not feel very special "plastic" Works well and holds a lot! Was also popular with the kids at home

A little disappointed

written by S-M, 21/08/17

I really like the idea of ​​having muslin up front so that the children can easily see and take flakes, but in addition to the product being a bit plastic, it has two mistakes. Firstly, the flakes are... Read more

Very good!

written by Kine, 24/08/17

We are very pleased with this! I was surprised that there is actually a whole pack of cereal on top of each container. It works just the way it's going to be, and it's doing well on the kitche... Read more

KitchPro Cornflakes

written by Ragni, 24/08/17

Very well packed very protected product. I used the product immediately when I downloaded it. Perfect dosing with flakes every time. If you want more, I'll turn around


written by Rune, 24/08/17

1. Crush corn flakes, cherios etc before it comes to scale when turning around the wheel 2. Fasten inside the wheel is quickly broken so that you do not get twisted around the wheel and become complet... Read more

Fling Unit

written by Marielle, 31/08/17

Great container for flakes. However, it is somewhat plastic and feels a bit fragile. But by the way, we are very happy.

Inge further

written by Henrik, 03/12/17

It's nice, but it's probably the only one. Feels really plastic and wrong. And does not work at all with the flakes we have (cars flingor). If you're going to go back and forth, it's g... Read more

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