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Epicuré Sous Vide Machine from KitchPro®

Sous vide no longer requires a restaurant kitchen and a chef’s diploma. Now you can make food at home like the profs and get the same perfect result every time!

Epicuré Sous Vide Machine from KitchPro®  - Epicuré Sous Vide Machine (EU Plug)
Epicuré Sous Vide Machine (EU Plug)
68 pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Epicuré Sous Vide Machine from KitchPro®  - 3L zip-bag 15-pack.
3L zip-bag 15-pack.
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Epicuré Sous Vide Machine from KitchPro®  - Sous Vide Insulation Balls
Sous Vide Insulation Balls
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Epicuré Sous Vide Machine from KitchPro®  - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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written by Kristin , 11/05/16

Works just fine! The meat or vegetables will be perfect every time !! We tend to throw the meat on the grill to get a nice surface efter.Du do not need to have it in a pan, but you can use a bucket or... Read more


written by RandomT, 15/05/16

Very affordable. Relatively quiet during use. Does the temperature really good and the circulator does its job. From cold tap water to 55 degrees faster than my induction stove. The only thing that le... Read more


written by Nils, 30/07/16

Have used the machine a few times now and am really satisfied. Small, relatively simple and smooth. The only drawback is that it is not very intuitive, in terms of price, I think, however, that there ... Read more

Wow a good feeling for the money!

written by Glada Kocken!, 22/08/16

Cook both at work and at home every day. This sous vide machine helps me several days a week. Did not really think much about it because it is cheap. But oh so wrong you can be. It works perfectly, an... Read more

The condition of the device, although the preferred

written by Harri Haatanen, 05/09/16

The instructions is room for improvement, but when you learn a few basics, the device is quite simple to use. The timer is the maximum time limit 59:59 (not 99 as stated in the instructions), after wh... Read more

lot of money

written by Peter, 06/03/17

Have cooked a lot of different dishes and everything will be fine. The machine works fine and is easy to handle. Touch button operation is not entirely educational, but you learn fast. The roller for ... Read more


written by Tobias, 15/03/17

Works great maneuverability Sounds a little jewelry, but my mounted in a cool bag so now Gare quiet however, lower the plastic storage sitteri loose but can monteratilbax it is too easy because they c... Read more

Really good and cheap Souz willow

written by Micke, 16/03/17

Was really surprised that good meat became Souz willow. This very fast with the warming and keep the heat perfectly and is very quiet. Got it in one day, the top. Can really recommend it.

affordable machine

written by cicke, 29/03/17

Began to check how fast it came up to temperature, 55 ° C 7 liters - 22min. The display and features are not logically structured manual should be nearby, a tip, the test drive everything so you know ... Read more

Bought it for the wife

written by DanniJens, 11/05/17

My wife is a cook and she loves it. It is really easy to operate. And what a machine can do about the meat is heavenly. I'm a fan of that machine. Because what the food she's doing with it is ... Read more


written by Tobias, 29/05/17

It worked perfectly the first time, next time it started flashing and peeping after about 1 min. Will send it back today and want a new one that works a bit more times.

Better beef you will not get.

written by Eriksen, 29/11/17

Bought this machine, Went on the store and bought 2 pieces of Cake Recipe that was 1-1.5 cm thick. Put them at 60 degrees for 2.5 hours with salt and pepper. Bring them quickly in a very hot iron pan ... Read more

Easy use Sous Vide.

written by Ronny S, 13/01/18

A simple sous video device that should be in every household. With some training you can create wonders of any raw material. One meat bite turns into a perfect meal.

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