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KitchPro® Marinade Injector

This meat injector looks like a sick instrument of torture, but is just a really practical marinade injector! Fill your marinade injector with your favourite marinade, stick it in the meat or bird and press, for really juicy and tasty results!

KitchPro® Marinade Injector - KitchPro Marinade Injector
KitchPro Marinade Injector
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written by Gry, 10/04/14

I marinates almost all meat and with this comes the marinade properly into the meat, especially the roast ol mat.Kommer to be well used throughout the barbecue season-starting now!

good tool

written by Kjell Pedersen, 25/04/14

Terrific syringe for hobby cooks! Easy to decent, find lake recipes online and create their own boiled ham for example. Lovely!

Requires some practice

written by Lars, 28/07/14

This works fine, but you must have either very viscous marinade or fill the container before turning on the tip (and then cover the hole in it with a finger) and then screw on the rear, turning it and... Read more

Best thing !!!

written by Göran, 15/09/14

Absolutely indispensable in the modern kitchen! The flavors improve and reach new heights everyone can use it, it's just your imagination that sets the limits. Try it, you will be guaranteed satis... Read more


written by Mia, 31/10/14

Above expectation indeed! The meat was very tender and almost straight through and not just on the outside. Very satisfied! :)

good metal syringe

written by drvaust, 02/12/14

A good device, made entirely of metal, with screw-cannulas. The lateral holes in a cannula are somewhat sharp.

Made in China

written by Peter, 15/12/14

Excelent product - but for the price we had assumed that it was a quality product by a recognized brand. Works as it should, however, be careful not to use spices that can get stuck in the syringe, as... Read more

Super grill equipment

written by Jannik, 09/01/15

Cool equipment in steel, super durable. I was surprised how much it reminded 50s hospital equipment, so concurrent with it is a delicious piece of kitchen equipment, so it can also be used for Hallowe... Read more


written by Japp, 19/02/15

I had a little trouble getting into the liquid in the syringe, but then I saw this advertisement and it solved the problem. Works well on Roast pork and get... Read more

marinade syringe

written by Amazon, 20/02/15

Gave away a marinade syringe in the gift and have only heard positive about it. Also used for pastries with great success.

KitchPro marinade Syringe

written by Fru.nydahl, 04/03/15

Very clever to spray in the marinade into the meat :) We will definitely use it more times! Highly recommend this product if you like to grill lr frying meat :)

marinade Syringe

written by AnnaS, 31/03/15

Fun idea! Bought this for my dad as a birthday present. Provides juicier meat, good for one who has everything .. Thumbs up !!

processed very solid

written by Simon, 17/05/15

I have not yet tried out the syringe, but can say that it is very well made already. With two "needles" for different marinades and almost complete processing of stainless steel, I assume th... Read more

China product - Not only stainless steel

written by Gert F., 09/06/15

Works reasonably solid. (Therefore, two stars) However, it is only the pipe itself is made of stainless steel, the rest is chrome / nickel-plated molding, probably a brass alloy. So stainless maybe, b... Read more

good tool

written by pernille, 22/06/15

This syringe va super duper, filled it with marinade and injected it into the meat, and the meat was saftigre and better in taste, tried it on closet letter, pork and elk meat, chicken, and the result... Read more


written by ratten, 24/07/15

One was extremely slow to pull out sprayer on. If I had not ordered two, I had never dared to take so much. Bad quality. Now that both have been used without a few weeks are both dull ... even though ... Read more

Food with flavor

written by Mogens B., 05/08/15

With marinade syringe, it is possible in an easy way to marinate both meat, poultry and fish. Make your marinade as you like. use one meal shakes, water maybe a little oil and the flavor ingredenser y... Read more


written by Anna, 18/08/15

It was very good meat! But little messy and very difficult to clean, seal the holes will be happy ...


written by TG, 28/08/15

It is very clumsy. By use, use both hands and a lot of effort. Often the result of a lot of waste of marinade.

marinade Syringe

written by Roy Bråthe, 21/12/15

This product I have now tried out and it seems very good. Can recommend anyone who likes to carry on with this purchasing such. I for my part would nitrite salt a whole kotelettkam without legs to put... Read more

marinade Syringe

written by hoppsan, 28/12/15

Bought one with my eyes have seen, a great KitchPro marinade syringe. Here there was no product to anyone, but a product of stainless steel. It is easy meat that is easy to charge clean, not to mentio... Read more


written by Μαρκ, 07/02/16

Great product. I have not tried it yet, value for Technically you can not complain. A Marinierspitze was unfortunately delivered wrong, but I immediately another condition without which I had to send ... Read more

marinade Syringe

written by sha, 08/02/16

Fun tool for amateur chefs - and others that will drive fun of your friends who've injection anxiety ... A definite in carnivals and cook guild.

KitchPro steel marinade syringe

written by Smokerfan, 21/02/16

Was previously not test the function. The first impression for processing is good. Fits comfortably in the hand, the needles are changing fast, robust and completely provided with outlet openings. All... Read more

brilliant invention

written by Henrik, 02/03/16

A perfect tool when we make 1/1 chicken or roast on the grill. Syringes BBQ or cheese into the meat so that it gives a wonderful flavor.


written by fisen, 01/04/16

Series uses it to spray savory meat with good quality at a cheap price! Suck and swallow nice weekend

marinade Syringe

written by Åke, 15/06/16

Invaluable the smoking of meat! Fast delivery and acceptable price. Is also excellent for cooking roasts. Bra.grepp and easy to use !!

marinade Injection

written by Ib Rennison, 13/09/16

Super User. Ordered 15 minutes before expiration and we had the next day. The product lived up to our expectations. Sincerely Ib Rennison

Fine things with edge

written by Hugo Glymer, 22/12/16

Fine tackle and very satisfactory shipping and delivery. I'm not done shopping with cool stuff another time.


written by Kokkendaali, 09/05/17

The syringe has a stable and sustainable spot. The syringe is easy to disassemble and clean. The needles as long as the spray assemblies themselves. The needles are otherwise quite rugged, which is al... Read more


written by Malin Henriksson, 06/07/18

Bought as a gift for my brother as he loves to stand in the kitchen. He opened and inspected the items right away.


written by Göran, 10/07/18

Have bought a very good and useful marine sprayer is good at salty meat o fish when smoking.

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