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KitchPro® Bottle Blender

Shake and Bake! Mix and match! And so on. Pour in ingredients such as for pancake batter, a smoothie or omelette, put on the lid and shake it vigorously! Perfect results in no time.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Please Shakerbottles

written by Make, 17/04/15

Protein Drinks consideration in this sekoitellut and very well acted. I have not yet tested the baking, but I think it works very well too we


written by Blubby, 30/06/15

Bought this for making pancakes since we eat there every Thursday, as the law also says. It was not at all, the ingredients were not mixed properly. Not recommended.


written by Cathrine , 12/12/16

Had little faith in it, but very happy! : D Should be a small notch higher. But it works actually. Very happy with it <3

Simple and useful

written by Ella, 12/12/16

No mess when making pancake batter. Easy to mix and pour from. It is not done to you set in the fridge. Perfect!


written by Elin, 26/12/16

Practical att have in köket. Good storlek och quality till a great price. One big plus att it can köras in disk machine.


written by Cathrine , 06/02/17

I use it all the time. But I had penetrated 1cm bigger. But can and use it with a bag of batter, just touched it a little nicely first. As there are only and take on the lid and shake away.

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