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LED Flame Light Bulb

Have a burning desire for a cosy light? Our flaming LED light bulb is the light that looks like flickering flames! Replace your ordinary light bulbs with this decorative light and set up a cosy lighting at home! The light bulb is available in E14 and E27 sockets.

LED Flame Light Bulb - LED Flame Light Bulb E27
LED Flame Light Bulb E27
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
LED Flame Light Bulb - LED Flame Light Bulb E14
LED Flame Light Bulb E14
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Best lamp

written by Jaffa, 03/01/18

Completely satisfied with my product. It is just as good as described on the page. The light is extremely good. The color is exactly like a real fire. I love it.

Strong lamp

written by B, 05/01/18

Fits well in the front, large space or outside, because of the very bright light, despite the dumber.


written by SP, 07/01/18

Were a bit skeptical, but when I screwed them into my front lights, I was really surprised at how nice they are. Have more lamps that need new lights :-)


written by Anniqa, 09/01/18

Unbelievably cozy flaming shine, very natural, was pleasantly surprised! Want more! At last my lantern came true, which was quite sad with a normal bulb.

Nice and cozy

written by Erik Ax, 09/01/18

Masturbation, bought a firebox and stopped in some woods. Then it just turned on the lamp then the room became cozy and nice! Nice to have it on the balcony with

Surprised flaming bulb

written by Anders, 10/01/18

Cool thought with a flaming bulb that sounded good in the description, but the two "flaming" modes are really rough. Works as solid, especially if you like orange-colored candle. 200kr for t... Read more

Good on hold

written by Torsten, 11/01/18

The flame effect of the lamp is not as good as the video, at least not if you buy the lamp with a narrow base. Still looking good on the right luminaire.


written by SP, 22/01/18

This LED light is amazing, exceeded my expectations. Bought 2 pcs and replaced my regular E27 LED lights on the dot nuts. Do not look "close" because then the effect you want to achieve is n... Read more

Too strong

written by Sigurd, 22/01/18

The lamp works as described but shines too strongly to resemble a burning lamp / fire. It dazzle. The risk is great that neighbors seriously think that it burns when they see the flaming bright light ... Read more

Bright flame

written by Fourtyone, 08/03/18

This product is one of several similar ones that have recently appeared on the market. I have long sought a replacement in the LED for the old flaming incandescent bulbs that usually did not last for ... Read more

Flash Bulb

written by Britt, 09/04/18

Absolutely responded to expectations

The neighbor thought that the whole apartment was burning ...

written by Bohm, 29/05/18

It was stronger light than I expected. The faked flame takes the whole room in its mood. Even Ikea's cheapest table fixture turned out to be beautiful with this flaming led lamp.

A worse model at full price

written by habr1k, 12/09/18

This lamp belongs to the worse in the category. There each LED is clearly visible and requires concealment to get a sleek experience.

Flaming lamp

written by Sarah, 17/09/18

Bought them to have in the lamps outdoors and they were perfect. When the darkness falls, they look like living flame. Recommended !!

Light with light shine.

written by M. H. , 28/09/18

Great cool lamp. Getting really cozy when it's getting darker. And nothing one needs to fit for animals and the like. The top

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