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Lékué Microwave Popcorn Popper

Pan popped popcorn is cheaper and healthier than the kind you get in microwave bags, but it's oh so hard to make. Until now, that is! This lekue popcorn bowl lets you to make pan popped popcorn in the microwave in minutes.

Lékué Microwave Popcorn Popper - Lékué Microwave Popcorn Popper
Lékué Microwave Popcorn Popper
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What is this?

used is

written by Ringsle, 14/11/14

Bowl allows for making popcorn without fat or oil. You pour the seeds into a bowl but, you push in microwaveable bowl and four minutes to get snacks will suffice. Bowl comes with the rubber keepers in... Read more

The top

written by Julia, 01/01/15

Nästsn thought it sounded too good to be true way, but it was just as good as it sounds! Have tried to run completely without oil, but also oil and a knob of butter, sweet !! A great buy!

super popcorn

written by Annette., 04/01/15

super popcorn. It is really a good alternative to the chemical microwave popcorn, which is now thrown out here in the house. Easy to clean and easy to use (even for children)

Best popcorn EVER

written by Erika, 29/01/15

This popcorn bowl is worth every penny. Popcorn will be tastier than anything you can buy out there. I have a little liquid butter in the bottom and about 1 cup of kernels in 3.5 minutes in my microwa... Read more

How good anywhere

written by Åsa, 30/01/15

Very pleased! Simple to use. Slipper micropop forever. Can be folded up so it does not take as much space in the cabinet.

Popcorn in a healthier way!

written by Amanda, 30/01/15

It meets the description and make also some of the best popcorn I've tasted! Since you only need a tablespoon of oil to a game of popcorn, so they feel not as greasy as normal microwave popcorn is... Read more

Perfect and healthy popcorn!

written by Jacob, 09/02/15

As the title says, you can in the bowl make perfect and healthy popcorn - every time! Highly recommend! What works best for me is: 100g popcorn (second line in the bowl) ½ tbsp. Oil 2:30 in the micro-... Read more

Very good!

written by Rasmus, 09/02/15

This was appreciated very much at home! Reduces the amount of garbage in the waste paper and you can regulate how much fat and the type you want in. The bonus that comes with a small booklet with reci... Read more

Good popcorn

written by Ana, 05/03/15

It will be very good popcorn when you can choose how much salt and butter you want and it is super easy to use.


written by Jesper, 09/03/15

Really useless - popping 10-15% of the kernels pouring in. Gave it several tries with different amounts of kernels .. always a bad result.

Super toll !!

written by Tessia, 12/03/15

It's just super good. Popcorn is delicious and crisp every time. No need to buy fat, toxic and expensive popcorn in the microwave bags. And goodbye to the hassle of micro-kind plasikfolie. I cook ... Read more

Pan-popcorn are passé

written by Emma, 24/03/15

Works very well, but oil tends to be a little unevenly spread among the popcorn. In addition it perfect!

Popcorn Bowl

written by Engla75, 06/04/15

Love my microwave popcorn bowl. Easy to use and the popcorn is very good. Is great to use with no fat but with a little oil becomes even tastier popcorn.

Good popcorn, with some design error

written by Olof, 13/04/15

Popcorn is really good, quite accurately in three minutes, unlike its predecessor, it does not at all like the bowl when it is flaccid without equal. Handatget the cap also makes it difficult to get i... Read more

Popcorn without fat

written by Mia, 21/04/15

I weight guardians so for me this was absolutely fantastic easily, quickly and without fat course of 3 min. I can really recommend this product.


written by Jillan, 08/05/15

Super good. Tastes like micropop that you buy without taint. So amazingly good. In addition, the dish nice to just set up on the table when the popping is done. Easy to clean. Over all expectations. W... Read more

goaste popcorn

written by Stefan, 11/05/15

In this bowl do they tastiest popcorn available! Invited some friends and I were busy popping. I filled with butter up so it covered the bottom line measure, 1dl popcorn little salt and 4-5min microwa... Read more

Kanon good but dry popcorn

written by Mr. Awesome, 27/05/15

If you plan popcorn as a movie so forget it! However, it is a real alternative if you want any healthier than the palmin-micro drønnerter you can get. They are a super alternative and tastes good. A p... Read more

Popcorn bowl

written by Addi, 05/06/15

I did not think the dish would be as good as it was described. But it is very good and so incredibly easy to use. Even an advantage that oil is not necessary to be in the bowl to pop. Otherwise very h... Read more

Using it almost too often!

written by Linn, 18/06/15

Love and popping popcorn only in this way now. No mess and greasy pans to wash up, but only to serve the dish to pop in. The extra good with a small dollop of butter for flavor.

Easy and quick to make popcorn without fat

written by Lena, 06/07/15

I want to make a small serving of popcorn with as little fat as possible before the options have been popcorn machine with a little oil or Weight Watchers microwave-popcorn that gives 3 liters. This m... Read more

Best bargain!

written by Cathrin, 13/07/15

Did not think in my wildest imagination that the dish would appartments so good. But that's it! Just pour in some grains, butter (for it is good to boot!) And some spice into micron wait until it ... Read more

Not micro popcorn in micro :-)

written by Crazyeyes, 27/07/15

Finally, YOU popping "not micro" popcorn in the micro, choose how much fat or salt to be used. It can thus be healthier, but with as little mess as with standard micropop.

Popcorn <3

written by Mikaela , 29/07/15

I thought I had tasted and knew what a good popcorn was but nothing I've ever tasted is like popcorn to get through this bowl! So very simple and not scary from påspopcornen. I love butter then po... Read more

Popcorn bowl

written by Madeleine , 10/08/15

It is quick to cook popcorn, and they are ready to serve the dish. It's easy and fun to make popcorn.


written by Anna, 11/08/15

This was really as good as I hoped! :-) To be able to give my children popped popcorn without a lot of additives feels really great. A little tricky was it to figure out how long I would pop but after... Read more

The top

written by Evalena, 22/08/15

Very easy to make perfect popcorn, but a little difficult to set the correct time and the effect on the microwave in the beginning. Burned some rounds. Exercise.

Easy to micropopa

written by Marianne, 27/08/15

The dish takes up little space when you can squish it, easy to wash. Works great popping popcorn in the microwave! Calorie-efficient and good to munch on popcorn while watching a movie. Quick and easy... Read more

Easy to micropopa

written by Marianne, 27/08/15

The dish takes up little space when you can squish it, easy to wash. Works great popping popcorn in the microwave! Calorie-efficient and good to munch on popcorn while watching a movie. Quick and easy... Read more


written by Ziggan63, 28/08/15

All three of the family loves this dish! Super easy to use and popcorn will be super good, any time we take a little olive oil in popningen :-).

Microwave popcorn bowl L'ekue '

written by Mia, 03/09/15

Super good, large full-popped popcorn. As Biopoppcorn. Simple to use and easy to clean. Easy to store when you can compress it to half its size.

Microwave Popcorn Bowl

written by Cina, 07/09/15

So pleased with our new bowl. Wonderfully good popcorn with oil or butter. And so easy to do. Would highly recommend this dish.


written by Jenny, 08/09/15

I am more than satisfied with this popcorn bowl! Much tastier than conventional microwave popcorn and super easy to make! Moreover, it is just to put in the bowl and the lid in the dishwasher afterwar... Read more

Works well

written by Emily, 14/09/15

Very pleased with this product. Nice to be able to run it in the microwave and not burn them on the stove :-)

Simple and convenient solution for personal popcorn

written by Jenny, 15/09/15

Great and easy product to make popcorn at home, with the amount of fat you want and with optional seasoning and flexible quantity. Awesome!

Super poppare !!

written by Gunnar, 20/09/15

Have you popped in the pan and burnt at some times one becomes insane. Found a hot air, what good I thought. But no, half remained o popped for they flew out of the machine. I just got this product an... Read more

Kalasgoda popcorn!

written by Jonahtan, 21/09/15

Tastes just like kastrullpoppilipopp! Nice to know what's on the popcorn instead of trans fat microwave popcorn!

Micro Bowl of popcorn

written by Lolloratcha, 23/09/15

What utter good product !! Tastes as good as if they are made in the pot and you sleeper pans that are curved at the bottom.

much appreciated

written by Mast, 27/09/15

I bought this product as a gift for my popcorn-loving girlfriend and she uses it almost every day. It took a few times before we found the right balance between the number of grains and oil. But now t... Read more

Really good

written by Elli, 02/10/15

This works great! Fast, simple, easy to wash and easy to store the IOM can be folded. I always make popcorn without oil or butter now. Yum!

Jaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!

written by Sussibus67, 05/10/15

Best bargain ever ,,,, so smooth, does not take place in the Cabinet, is 2 minutes to fix, love love love it

Gold worth of popcorn lovers

written by Cilly, 14/10/15

This was an amazing thing, finally can make much cheaper and healthier popcorn - in the microwave! It takes about as long as a bag of mikropop too, so time is no excuse. Also included some exciting re... Read more

Love it

written by Micki, 19/10/15

I ordered the popcorn bowl to avoid pre-seasoned microwave popcorn that have used palm oil. The bowl allows me to spice popkornen as I want, and seeds that are not popped, you can just lay back in it ... Read more

Works as advertised

written by Sejm, 22/10/15

A bowl of popcorn in the microwave simply. Works great and I do not buy microwave popcorn with palm oil now. Easy to handle and does not take up much space in the cabinet.

Love it

written by Oscar, 22/10/15

Really easy to pop corn, a little rapeseed oil and its done! Ready in 3 minutes in the microwave and my good popcorn

High förväningar, some popcorn

written by Besviken popcorn älskare, 22/10/15

Can not understand why this expensive rubber pod has received such good reviews. It does not work at all. Have tried different variety of seeds, with and without oil, but nothing seems to work as it s... Read more


written by Fsh, 30/10/15

Works great in the microwave. A little butter and salt .............................................. ..................................................

Perfect fat-free popcorn.

written by Isabella, 01/11/15

The dish is perfect for popcorn without fat, and it's easy to make a large portion. I also try a airpopper, but this one is easier to use.

Very good

written by Viveka, 02/11/15

Great to be able to make popcorn on the homemade way, but use the microwave! Works perfectly!! Do the self-select the type of fat and how much and are afraid micropop bags. Hard to cook popcorn in a p... Read more

Micropopkornskål that works well.

written by Michael, 15/11/15

I have tested it a few times and find that it works well. Had another similar move earlier in hard plastic, but it had the marks of the hot popcorn kernels, so it was not good. This seems to withstand... Read more

Good but not the best

written by Fredrik, 18/11/15

I bought this because it looked easy and smooth out. It's actually better than I expected with some drawbacks. I am a big consumer of popcorn and have used OBH Nordica product for this purpose. Ad... Read more

The world's best invention!

written by Kikki, 19/11/15

The world's best invention !!! In any case, if you are popcorn lovers like me

Simple and good

written by Vicki, 01/12/15

Very smooth popcorn bowl! Easy to use and nice to look at :) perfect that you can choose how much popcorn, oil and salt you want, or perhaps even another season :) Have used it 4-5 times so far and ha... Read more

Very good and efficient

written by Rázor, 05/12/15

I can highly recommend this product, tastes exactly like pot popped and also very useful perfect for me as happy to think about what I eat. you can do many good kind of popcorn, for example chilli pop... Read more


written by Bejje, 28/12/15

Works great and is real good results if you make full bowl .. At small amount of popcorn you can not run at full power then it will be easily burned ... 80% of the microwave solves the problem, howeve... Read more


written by Anna, 28/12/15

So easy to pop, it goes fast and the popcorn is super good! Good to be able to choose for yourself how much butter / oil you want.

Microwave popcorn bowl

written by Pia, 28/12/15

Popping very good! Low-fat and good for miljön.Fin color and manageable material.Vi are very satisfied. Recommend it gladly.


written by Anders, 29/12/15

It works great, no problems with burnt popcorn. Tastes much better than microwave popcorn, we think.


written by Måna, 30/12/15

Really really pleased with this simple dish! In 3 minutes in the microwave, I get perfect popcorn! Super duper happy with this :-) Have never eaten so much popcorn since I got home this :-)

Seems as described!

written by Stig, 31/12/15

Fills bottom with some popcorn. Have salt .. User 2.5 minutes (no more) on micro oven and then it is finished. Gets a little bland, but feels much healthier anyway :-)


written by Marcus, 02/01/16

Run popcorn to the lower ring and have coconut oil and salt on (2 min and 750 watts).

delicious popcorn

written by Karina, 04/01/16

Should find an alternative to popcorn in fluorinated packaging. Annoying, to make them in pan. Ordinary bowl in microwave did not work super well. Tasted popcorn made in Lékué Popcorn Micro Bowl with ... Read more

Beyond expectation!

written by Tessie, 04/01/16

I bought it as a Christmas present for my boyfriend, who is crazy popcorn. Neither he nor really thought it would work, but it exceeded expectations greatly! Popcorn is yummy and keeps good even the d... Read more

micro Popcorn

written by Martina, 04/01/16

Superbra, the popcorn is just like "micropopcprn" but without all the additives and extra fat! Will never buy micropop.


written by Lelou, 05/01/16

We love the popcorn, and this solution is BPA free, easy to store and super easy to use !! Love it!


written by Mia, 07/01/16

I'm overwhelmed, Coolstuffs popcorn bowl is of the highest grade 5/5 o Smooth light cup fine to serve out. Did not think it would work so well, top


written by Anne, 15/01/16

Super gizmo! Works great - and takes virtually no space in your closet. The giant electric pocornmaskinen is given away. :)

Beyond expectation

written by Annika, 15/01/16

Found this via advertising on Facebook. Have a little daughter who is crazy for popcorn and I thought she would eat something other than micropop. Read the reviews and thought most were fake. Thought ... Read more

Works very well !!

written by Helen, 18/01/16

Easy to use and no nasty after-taste or strange odor that I noticed in other bowls. The only negative is that the dish becomes very hot, but it warned that the order too, so it's ok.

Meets all expectations

written by Agnska , 25/01/16

This product I would strongly recommend instead micropop. Tastier and healthier popcorn promised.

Popcorn !!

written by Lene, 25/01/16

Finally, I make popcorn that is not chock full of fat and salt. It is fast to use and does not take great space saving.

Works great!

written by Feffe, 04/02/16

Is easily suspicious of silkon, but this product seems cannon. However, on the small side for a family.

Popcorn easily and quickly.

written by svenerik, 08/03/16

Micro Bowl replaces the saucepan. Best results, 70 grams, 800 watts for 5 minutes. Continue with 900 watts for 30 seconds until it stops popping. Perfect performance, inexpensive, you decide additives... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Linda, 11/03/16

Very pleased! Popping popcorn just fine! Afterwards it has so much oil / butter and salt as you want. Very good popcorn! I feel that the popcorn does not burn as easily in the microwave dish as in the... Read more

completely satisfied

written by Veiga, 16/03/16

Very happy with the product. It met my expectations completely. Very easy to use o does not take as much space in the kitchen cabinet.

A quality microwave dish that delivers good popcorn every time!

written by Philip Poppe, 02/05/16

Bought this for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift that loves popcorn everywhere else just like me and I almost regret that I did not keep it so good popcorn as it gets. We have now used it for a few m... Read more


written by PSH, 14/06/16

Earlier, I had another micropoppare with hard bowl, but I managed to burn out one day when I did not check that the rotation of the tray in the microwave was going. The hot popcorn burned holes in the... Read more

Much tastier and cheaper

written by Mikey , 22/09/16

Much tastier and cheaper than micro-popkorn the bag, to tea to talk about how much cheaper it gets.

popcorn bowl for the microwave

written by cherii, 30/09/16

Super satisfied with the product, fast, good popcorn, no poison in micropoppåsarna. Easy handling and in that the popcorn is so fine and good, we totally skipped the scary chips and snacks.


written by BareMåhadet, 01/11/16

Dangerous stuff. Have created me popcorn every night since I got the bowl :-) Easy to use. Excellent Good popcorn.

Easy to flavor popcorn, but smell forever in the cupboard.

written by Håkan, 17/11/16

It is smooth and easy to use. The accompanying recipes attracts to flavor popcorn that I had never done before. However, I fear that it emits dangerous, as it attracts the popcorn smell, which also em... Read more

Perfect popcorn

written by Wow!, 27/02/17

You can choose if you want to pop without fat or with oil or butter. If we additionally buy popcorn salt, it becomes completely perfect biopopcorn. This result we have been looking for for years!


written by Titti, 22/03/17

I am happy with the product and I am satisfied with the delivery, everything went quickly and painlessly. Being arrived quickly.

Incredibly straightforward matter!

written by Torunn, 29/03/17

Genial popcorn-issue. Takes little space in the closet and weighs almost nothing. Bearing superliftige popcorn. I think the stock large enough portion for one or two adults, it is well about as much a... Read more

Fantastic invention !!

written by , 31/03/17

Very simple and easy way to make popcorn on. Healthier alternative to micro popcorn bags


written by Irjos, 11/09/17

This product for popcorn in micron did not work at all. They were burned despite the heat with different heat, sticking together. No product I recommend. In addition, animals.

A must for popcorn lover

written by Xlela, 27/12/17

A great gadget to own. It's simple, smooth and easy to use & easy to clean, simply put it in the dishwasher or alternatively you can manually clean it. Many plus ++++++++++ If I would like som... Read more

Micropopcorn in a great way

written by Elisabeth, 28/02/18

A top product! Now you can cook your micropopcorn in a new way. Highly recommended! Have been used diligently since I got home it.

Good popcorn

written by Klas, 24/03/18

It goes fast and easy if you follow the book that accompanies the Popcorn, being good with different taste suggestions


written by Björn, 11/06/18

So easy and still, it will be so good every time! Far beyond expectation! Easy to clean in the machine and take no place in the cabinet.


written by Patrik, 31/08/18

Works really well. Perfect popcorn after 3 minutes in micron. Has a machine dish. Extra words to reach 100 characters. More wordbajs "for good measure". Thought that the introductory sentenc... Read more

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