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Phone Camera Lens

Macro & wide-angle lens to take pictures of small and large objects. Fisheye is that nice perspective you get when you look through the peep hole in your apartment door.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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12 reviews

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What is this?

Good for the price

written by Line , 08/10/13

I've just even invested in an SLR, and my father did not talk about anything but that of course he also should have such a! I fell over this product and could not really stand for it! Actually it ... Read more


written by fornøyd, 10/02/14

this I was very pleased with. I have iphone 5 and the magnet sits fine fixed on the phone, and has space under the hood so the magnet can be on all the time. It gets incredibly nice pictures, and I&#3... Read more

A great help for little money

written by kokeilija, 09/10/14

True deft execution only when the camera enough for a high-quality lens. The installation was done very quick thanks to the adhesive. Mounting instructions varmaaan would be necessary for others.

For the price fully okay

written by Koenigsente, 23/12/14

Hi, it was not expected that one obtains a Hiend lens, but it works and is quite nice as a gimmick.

Funnily additive for Smartphone's

written by Ri, 01/02/15

Ideal if you "get on all's image" wants and for other photo-experiments. I can not say anything because I've used the images on screen only about the technical quality of the lens. S... Read more

Tiptop thumbs up!

written by Anneadel, 15/06/15

Bought this for my brother, who is fond of taking pictures. He liked it very much, the images will be very good! Suitable certainly fine for Samsung Galaxy s5 :)

Top Lenses

written by Julia, 04/01/16

Provides excellent results for both macro and wide angle. Good to know is that you get to go really Jäla close for macro, but it gets really good results. Clearly affordable! (Will buy another one - t... Read more

Not attached to any.

written by Koklaaja, 19/01/16

Not fit for Samsung S5 model, the lens must have a seemingly small & round. Help would also be nice, with a few small parts, which did not really know where to belong. Too bad you did not fit, see... Read more

fine product

written by Michelle, 24/02/16

It was a top-notch product, unfortunately had to just send it back as it does not bar it I thought it was. But fine if you want to take different pictures

Lens for Cell Phone

written by Lottofee, 10/06/16

So my husband has respectively made the same photo once with and once without a lens. He came to the conclusion that it was with his cell phone sharper so if you zoom with lens.

macro lens for mobile

written by peju, 13/09/16

Superb and stunning macro lens that delivers sharp detail with really good magnification. Interact well with mobile camera auto focus and zoom settings. In my case, Xperia M5 5x zoom lens + macro lens... Read more

a mobile phone accessory

written by Päivi, 29/06/17

A very effective lens for example. macro photography. The camera can now depict the flower or the sisal legs (if left so close). The lens of the supplementary lens is only glued around the camera'... Read more

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