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Piggy Wiggy Microwave Bacon Tray

Put the bacon in the Piggy Wiggy, close it and run in the microwave as many minutes as you have the bacon slices. Out comes crispy bacon. It's magic.

Piggy Wiggy Microwave Bacon Tray - Piggy Wiggy Microwave Bacon Tray
Piggy Wiggy Microwave Bacon Tray
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Perfect crispy bacon

written by Nilla, 06/05/13

Very good product that delivers what it promises, crispy bacon on about 1 minute per disc. Not great if you are a large family and do not work so well on roast pork - but it was not as promised either... Read more

Simply indispensable

written by Gitte Nielsen, 21/05/13

For many years I have had a square / grooved plate in porcelain to make bacon in the microwave. It has since worked flawlessly - but has two errors. It is excessive in relation to the plastic and ther... Read more

Easy to use - not so easy to clean

written by TinaVH, 23/05/13

The product is really sweet with pigs head in the lid and it is easy and convenient to use, but if you have fried bacon at 2 laps, then there is some elbow grease to get the product completely.

Lousy quality of the disc.

written by Pål, 10/06/13

I've just gotten used product once and then cracked plate bacon is on. As I see this, this is a design flaw, will therefore return the product.

Bacon in micro'n

written by Bente Brunell, 13/06/13

This is absolutely brilliant! What I think is important is that you follow the instructions, ie thorough wash before driving barrel with water in micro'n 5 min. a few times before the first use wi... Read more

Piggy wiggy micro bacon

written by Laila, 29/06/13

Great! This kind of product I wanted for long. Works just like it says in the information, just to recharge with bacon and into the microwave, take a few minutes, of course! No os. Perfect!

Absolutely superb!

written by pson, 04/07/13

Perfectly crunchy slices and you avoid the fat that collects in the bottom. The result was well above expectations.

Piggy Wiggy Micro Bacon

written by Tokidami, 08/07/13

Bake fast, very good, but crazy undercooked nappy little off, shrinks more than the frying pan. Otherwise good.


written by Håvard, 19/07/13

Truly a treat I can recommend heartily. Bacon is as you wish, without spillage of any kind! The product reveals cheap bacon in the most brutal, by injected brine is below the finished crispy bacon !! ... Read more

Super easy

written by SL, 27/08/13

Piggy Wiggy is a super product. It is easy to make crisp becon in. And most best of all - it's lovely easy to clean!

Ease of Use

written by Lena, 11/10/13

Works great to fry 4-5 slices of bacon in. Highly recommended. Can be a bit warm when you take it out of the microwave.

Fantastic product!

written by Susanne, 22/11/13

The product keeps absolutely what it promises! Bought this for Father's Day present for my girlfriend and it fell really in taste! We are both very pleased with bacon "roast shoulder". w... Read more

Very fine

written by KAH, 06/12/13

Works really well. Easy to clean! Bacon must have a little longer than described, but it is lovely crisp :)

oosig cooking

written by Carina, 25/12/13

Very good bacon faceoffs, no OS or slippery floors I think it will be when frying fat grejer.Bra gift for the bacon lover.

Super Easy and fast

written by Jkpgmamman, 30/12/13

Cannon was a disappointment, especially at breakfast when to fix up a lot of different grejer- then throw only the bacon in the microwave and it takes care of itself!

Piggy Wiggy Micro Bacon - Terrific!

written by Superveg, 03/01/14

This work, bearing good and crispy bacon in a short time. Slightly uncertain durability over time, but overall good "value for money".


written by CJ, 03/01/14

Now you can easily make their own bacon without using the frying pan. Much easier and better than when attempted in other ways :)

good bacon

written by Steffen, 07/01/14

A Christmas present for my son. He describes Piggy Wiggy as approved, which is said to be approved :-)

Close ...

written by Lars, 20/01/14

But no cigar. Bacon gets better in frying pan, but not bad idenne thingy either. Requires some trial and error

Close ...

written by Lars, 20/01/14

But no cigar. Bacon gets better in frying pan, but not bad idenne thingy either. Requires some trial and error

does the job

written by Åge, 23/01/14

This does the job. :) Easy to use and easy to clean. Important to check how strong microwave one has!

Crispy fried bacon!

written by Morten Møller, 28/01/14

Who said you could not do something brittle in a microwave? This claim is hereby denied emphatically. So should your taste buds sit with a pent-up hunger for umami, but be hidden based on the fear of ... Read more


written by Marie, 18/02/14

Great product, have children who love bacon and now they can fix themselves, but to the entire kitchen gets spattered with bacon fat: 0), the mother does not like it!

Super satisfied!

written by Marias, 28/02/14

Absolutely perfect. No bacon-os in the house. Easy to clean, just throw in the dishwasher. Great bacon every time! Highly recommend this! Just be careful when you remove it from the microwave as it ge... Read more

Very good

written by Jostein, 03/03/14

Keeps its promises. Perfect bacon every time

Fast delivery

written by Gerda, 04/03/14

Piggy Wiggy micro bacon loves the you do not have all sprayed on the stove and tile is easy to clean in the dishwasher. Can therefore highly recommended.

Delicious bacon!

written by Gry, 10/04/14

Sublime! Seemed just like the advertisement said, and tasted great! Have used it many ganger.Kommer not to fry bacon on "old" way more.

Fine for small portions

written by DesCant, 17/04/14

A nice helpful little things that work just fine. You can make up to 4 pieces of bacon at a time, and you can get them just so crisp you yourself want it, when you have tried some different times in h... Read more

smelling plastic

written by Miss Piggy, 13/05/14

The plastic in the product smells very bad when it becomes uppvärmnd. Does not really hälsosamt.Hoppas it goes away after more washes, otherwise it will be enough unused.


written by S. H. Kveseth, 28/05/14

PW Micro Bacon seemed very good for expectations. The bacon was crispy and nice. Can printed annbefales.

Works properly

written by idun , 29/08/14

Bought this because I think it's so boring to stand while frying bacon so my youngest daughter will have it. very brittle. When I use this beholdren, release I spill on record (used furnace before... Read more

bacon friend

written by KAsTE, 17/11/14

Functional game. Save greasy kitchen. Bacon friend's spouse this is certainly a use;)


written by akozen, 18/12/14

My Micro on 700w is a bit old, I drove 5 minutes down. Crispy bacon for my salad just like that. ÄLSKART !!


written by A, 19/12/14

The product not yet delivered. Major problems getting delivery!

Bacon on 1-2-3

written by Sebastian, 22/12/14

I bought Piggy Wiggy Micro Bacon, and have not regretted anything. It works great! As it stood when I bought it so the steaks back depending on the microwave, so I had to try my little feet before I g... Read more

Best twinge

written by TB, 23/12/14

Waow !!!! Bacon every morning. Super gadget, crisp and without splashing & os. Thought it was an unnecessary gadget how wrong I was :) Just to buy the home :)

Very good product and cheap!

written by Mare, 30/12/14

The item was really a surprise to the positive, can withstand otherwise not bacon smell that you feel when you fry it in the pan.

Living up to the towering expectations

written by christian, 02/01/15

Fat free popcorn? True, there are still too many carbohydrates, then there are also proteins and vitamins are preserved - overall it is healthier than eating a half bun, and it tastes like candy ... E... Read more

sovereign bacon

written by Christian, 02/01/15

Is very satisfied with the product it delivers, is easy to clean and does not take up much. After buying it, it dawned on me that a few paper towels on a plate, and slightly above, would do the same a... Read more

Quick delivery

written by Bobil, 05/01/15

Fast delivery of the goods. The last came when it should, ie about 3 days after ordering. Fast and good delivery.

crispy bacon

written by gs, 05/01/15

Piggy Wiggy makes the most delicious crispy bacon. It is easy to wash off. I highly recommend this to bacon frying in microwave oven. That way you also to get fat splashing out throughout microwaved.

The guys loved it

written by N, 14/01/15

I bought it as a gift to my father and younger brother, and is mildly fallen on fertile ground! 4 minutes it takes to make bacon, but in return it will not heeeelt crispy. But happy they are for :)

Micro Bacon

written by Håkan, 15/01/15

The function is not much to say about. Do their job. The negative is that it happily sticks a little at the bottom, and even though the box is properly washed with hot water and detergent so looks and... Read more

piggy Wiggy

written by Else, 19/01/15

A super product. Easy to use, no roast-us in the kitchen, but I seem to 1 min. per. bacon slice is a bit steep (900 W microwave) - slices were very crisp. The next 4 slices, approximately 2.5 min. in ... Read more


written by micke, 26/01/15

How have I coped me all these years and been scrubbing the stove when fried bacon, those days are gone with Piggy Wiggy avoids both it and odors. Best Buy!

A little skeptical at first

written by Marika, 29/01/15

But my goodness so good it was. The bacon was incredible lived and not as greasy as it usually does. However, it smelled very very hot plastic, but hopefully it will disappear after a few rounds. Quic... Read more


written by Frida, 24/02/15

The bacon in the microwave, toppenide o it works well but unfortunately you get to wash just a year after they had it in the microwave. Stuck very hard (no bacon) float !!

surprisingly good result

written by Lisa, 08/04/15

Despite my skepticism for cooking bacon in micro, I bought this product because I thought it would be really digg dropping to fry bacon in the frying pan or oven. The bacon was crispy as promised, and... Read more


written by Jonas, 18/05/15

Works well! A little over one to wash with all the fat that is but is not so very do about ........

Piggy Wiggy Micro Bacon

written by Stefan i skärgården, 23/05/15

Works great but for our Swedish bacon (thin slices) should reduce the time in the microwave. Tip! Save the lard and popcorn in it when it has accumulated enough. Yummy! I can heartily recommend "... Read more

Bad service! Great product!?

written by Ghazal , 24/05/15

Bought my bacon fixer and tested it once! Thought the bacon became great! But when I was washing dishes shape I discovered cracks in the plastic on the back and inside? Emailed customer service - no a... Read more

piggy Wiggy

written by Kirsten Korndal, 09/06/15

It's just super my bacon is nice crunchy 4 slices for 4 minutes in the microwave and wupti lovely crispy bacon highly recommended

Fun and good product

written by Soran, 02/07/15

Bought Piggy Wiggy as a fun feature for my son's student party when he must leave home. He is very excited! Has tested the product and says that it works great!

works fine

written by Hege, 06/07/15

Piggy Wiggy Micro Bacon does what it should and the times we have used it have bacon was perfectly acceptable. Obviously it's not as pan-fried, but the kids are happy and then I'm happy.

Super Easy to frying bacon

written by ØBL, 08/07/15

Responded to the expectation. Simple, clean and smart way of frying bacon. Good that it has finally come a smart "tools" for frying bacon.

No splash :)

written by Lena, 09/07/15

Used to fry bacon in the oven for best results, which led to some amazing fouling. With PiggyWiggy is equally good bacon and no spills. The Piggy dishwasher safe. It takes some time to figure out how ... Read more

Bacon controls!

written by Ham selv, 24/08/15

The product is basically the same as intended and makes it super easy to make bacon in the microwave. The only drawback is that the bacon may tend to hang a little. But collects grease up and is as ex... Read more

Do not follow the instructions!

written by Gwill, 02/09/15

Smoke Alarm my disliked instructions about four minutes to four bacon strips. The result could be used to jot cave paintings, but not much else. Try your hand cautiously!

It works.

written by M, 23/09/15

Was not convinced when I bought this, But I was after first use. One gets the bacon as you want it. Bought two more. Gift for bacon lovers.

Piggy Wiggy makes it possible

written by DigiFreak, 10/11/15

If you like eating Bacon and made the talk in the microwave with self-built structures will love the Piggy Wiggy. Iam Bacon made previously on a grate and underlaid kitchen towel in the MW, but the PW... Read more


written by JE, 04/12/15

Works just fine! Take a minute per disc with a pinch of salt, all depends on the effect on your Micro. A half minute per disc was perfect in minutes.

Piggy wikky

written by Labbe, 04/12/15

Can not speak English so well. I would appreciate it if you could translate the description in Swedish. You just need to bring the most important. I can not give points until I try.

Piggy wiggy

written by aos, 07/12/15

toppers invention and it stood to expectations, very easy to get brittle bacon to both eggs and cauliflower soup!


written by Bribban, 18/12/15

A very good and easy way to fix bacon on. Will be used at home and in the caravan to the works and is easy to clean.

Very pleased!!

written by Malena, 22/12/15

I love bacon and it's really great to be able to treat themselves to a few slices of bacon quickly in the morning even on a weekday. While the bacon is cooked so it can be cumbersome to another fo... Read more

microwave Bacon

written by Nic-nac, 25/12/15

24.12. anytime recommend evaluated given away, and the next morning as "very good" ... product

Perfect for a LCHF are

written by Lina, 07/01/16

I fry (fried) often bacon for breakfast in the kitchen in the apartment (open plan). As a result, the whole den of 55 sqm and smelled a smell of bacon all day until it was time for me to fry my bacon ... Read more

The top

written by MED, 04/02/16

Bought one to the summer house. Something you can not do without. While recommending five records I run an entire package of bacon and it works well. You just come in time for its micro.

roasted pig

written by JS, 14/03/16

Our experience with the instructions and cooking time was something going in the woods. Bacon pieces were bone dry. We tried us looked forward to set the cooking time / power down gradually until we r... Read more

lovely invention

written by Anne-Lise Christensen, 07/04/16

Have bought a Piggy Wiggy micro bacon fad and it is certainly a good invention for your bacon is lovely crisp in this micro bacon dish. And it is without splashing on the stove. Gladly recommend to fr... Read more

Does what it should but seem to break easily

written by Affe, 26/08/16

It does what it should. Quickly smooth and easy to make bacon in the microwave, without frying. The big minus is that it seems to withstand heat poorly. The base cracked the first time it was used in ... Read more

Works, but the result is seen better.

written by Fatman, 04/10/16

Have used it a few times to make bacon, but bacon pieces hangs always hold and it is difficult to clean because they burn on. Heat distribution is not even in my microwave, so I end up as regl with cr... Read more


written by Individual, 18/12/16

Works perfect for my use. Can it get both smoothly and crispy. One finds at least that there is plenty of water in bacon ...

work fine

written by Darken, 19/12/16

Have now tried it a few times and have found exactly how long I have to give the bacon to get them the way I want them. Now I do not know whether the lid was slightly askew to start with, or whether i... Read more


written by Marianne, 19/12/16

Do not know how it works because it was a 50-year gift so I have not tested myself. But I'll ask my brother at the time

Piggy Wiggy

written by Lollo, 03/03/17

Kanonbra thing for those who like bacon. No splashing all over the cooker and it will actually crunchy though it runs in the microwave.


written by Örjan, 13/04/17

A little difficult to clean, otherwise it works great! If neither of adding. Others for what I generally like the product.


written by Marika, 18/04/17

So pleased it will be nice crispy bacon product really keep its promises and nice to avoid frying odors.


written by Dan L, 19/04/17

It is difficult to get the right crispness. And must not be stupid and run the lid in the dishwasher, then it becomes wavy and hard to get in place. They should have the cover stronger, "piggy in... Read more


written by Porky, 14/05/17

Perfect for a person, because it only takes four slices of bacon, one is more takes it a bit too long. The result is going to be cool and good, so be careful about the time

Piggy Wiggy

written by kurgun, 28/07/17

Great good thing, do not get stekos and splash of giant bacon in 2-3 minutes I can really recommend this product ...

Two knocks up for extra pork bacon pan!

written by Daniel_81, 01/06/18

Ojojoj how smooth it was to bake the microbacon in contrast to doing the usual way. This was both more convenient and more ... fun to make bacon slices on. You can experiment with both the time and th... Read more

Perfect bacon

written by PB, 19/06/18

Superb good product, perfect bacon! Highly recommended. The only downside is that there would be a bigger to more bacon at a time :)

Surprisingly good!

written by Emmeli , 03/10/18

The fried bacon was just the one! Gave it my boyfriend for birthday and we were a little skeptical but it's super! Nice to avoid bacon that burns and splashes fat everywhere.


written by Anna, 08/10/18

It worked quite well just tried it once, the bacon became crunchy but not really in the middle can probably depend on micron it may take a few times before you get it right over time and the crunch

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