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Plants in a Can

These plants come in a beautiful aluminium can which you can open up at any time, pour in a splash of water and let the wonder of nature begin.

Plants in a Can - Petunia
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Parsley
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Strawberry
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Pelargonia
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Oregano
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Plants in a Can - Sunflower
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock

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Tokbra and fun gift!

written by Emelie, 26/04/13

Fast delivery and the item was appreciated as a gift. My sister was flabbergasted, I can promise! :) Can not recommend this product!

Good host / hostess gift

written by Kolakiksen, 27/04/13

Thought it is a fun hostess gift, it is something that is a little different than "just a bunch" There are many flavors to choose from. However, it passed that there is a parsley that never ... Read more

Fun going-away gift!

written by Frogyn, 02/05/13

Perfect as a going-away gift! Need not be afraid that the flower kvaddas during the car to the intended person. GREAT FUN!


written by Sonia, 04/05/13

For the last Mother's Day, I ordered a flower for me, and the one for my mother and mother in law. My mother got geranium and it became three plants that she then repotted. Two blossomed in red an... Read more

funny thing

written by Rebecka, 14/05/13

I bought one of them has a friend who loves plants as a fun thing only, and it is growing and getting bigger every day will be fun to see how it turns out.

canning plants

written by hvidtop, 31/05/13

I bought flower canned. A little skeptical, but the flower has come up. So it will be interesting to see how it's going to look like. Fast and good service / delivery.

it grows

written by Daniel, 24/06/13

Have änsålänge only grown 3 cm but there are indoor änsålänge due to wind and wind on the 5th floor, but there seems to be something wrong.

Good gift!

written by Sara, 05/01/14

Funny thing! Do not give them away yet, but bought two as a perfect thing to have at home, such as the daughters to go to a party.

Good idea

written by Tuike, 25/02/14

I ordered my husband a couple of plants here online Valentine's Day gift. He was thrilled too, because she loves plants / flowers. Plants did not yet opened during the winter months now and ruvett... Read more

Did not grow

written by Stina , 10/03/14

Bought 3 pieces for Christmas, those who got them watered them according to the instructions but nothing happened, now 3 months after it has still not grown up anything, just to throw.

Perfect as a gift

written by Elin, 11/04/14

Not sure what you want to give someone a gift? Instead of a potted plant or a bouquet, so buy a canning plant. Gave one to a girl friend who loves to fuss with flowers and she was delighted. Should be... Read more

Canned Canned Vegetable

written by Monica Hindren-Pohjolainen, 03/06/14

A wonderful new thing to try! I bought a basil and Dahlia Jars. Interesting to see this beginning to grow plants when they are soaked :)

Funny thing to give away

written by Maggan, 27/10/14

Thinking of buying such a multi-fold to someone else's birthday med.Trevlig jar that it was packed in with.


written by Amelia, 22/01/15

I bought a love bean and a petunia simultaneously. Love Bean is almost 40 cm in height after only a few days. My petunia other hand, has shown no duvets on life yet. Is a little surprised at how much ... Read more

Petunia = LOVE

written by Josephine, 27/01/15

Total Love my new little plant, although it has not reached any yet. I go tense, waiting to see the first little bud, however, hihi.

FSK gift

written by Maria, 29/06/15

Estimated presented to the staff at her son's preschool! Great price and fun gift idea. They had not seen anything like it before :)

appreciated gift

written by niljo, 12/10/15

Was appreciated gift instead of flowers on the anniversary. A different kind of gift. Therefore recommended hot!

Preserved Plants

written by Olesen, 16/12/15

I have not tested them, as it must be a play gift for Christmas -) But I'm sure it will be a hit.

Very beautiful

written by CageJohn, 27/12/15

Cool thing and everyone is looking forward, unfortunately, only at a few on. whether this is due to the care or the product, I sadly can not say!

Nice with plants!

written by Annika, 21/03/16

Very fast shipping :) Nice with plants, just open the can and watering! It started coming up shot after 2-5 days, now it is only to be expected.

2/3 survived

written by Asli, 22/03/16

Ordered 3 plants, 2 of them (strawberries and Dahlia grows fine :) 3 is not life, unfortunately :( Have though previously also ordered a canning plant that grew big and beautiful, so just think I'... Read more

For those who know how to sow seeds

written by Sommar, 31/03/16

Bought canning plants in the belief that it would be easy, but easy is not it ... the small shoots coming up just wither ... do well wrong in some way, but there was not so much instruction either ...... Read more

Mighty good and easy to cultivate

written by Mikaela, 28/04/16

Very good and easy to grow, good packaging easy to carry on the window sill. Begins to grow within a few weeks, tense face to see the final result!

A cool flower

written by Siri, 12/06/16

An appropriate flower to give as gifts. Can be taken up when the gift recipient feel like it, instead of getting many (live) flowers at its 50th anniversary as an example. These flowers can also be se... Read more

Fun go-away gift

written by Sara, 07/08/17

Good gift to give away if you want to give flowers, but at the same time want to let the recipient choose himself when they want to let the plant start and bloom. Very useful, for example, when moving... Read more

Canned plant strawberry

written by Annso, 25/12/17

Bad because it was not included, but you have invoiced it and I have not received an answer about it. Everything else was good.


written by Daniel , 28/01/18

Canon easy to grow. Oregano grew in 5 days. Just open both ends with the plastic lid and water then wait 30 minutes then pour out excess water. And wait.

Come quickly

written by Erika, 05/06/18

Come quickly and look fun and nice. I bought them as gifts for my son's pre-school staff, so I have not tried to plant them, but the description is simple and it's still a fun gift if you want... Read more

Oreganon became a geranium

written by Frida, 13/06/18

Bought an oregano this winter and opened the canned this spring. Everything went well and a happy little plant came up. To my surprise, it turned out to be a geranium! Because I moved the plant from t... Read more

Estimated gift

written by Magda, 25/06/18

Bought the plants as a summer present for teachers in my son's school. There are about 25 teachers working there and I thought it was a little different, yet very funny gift. Everyone thought I br... Read more

normal and not sprouting

written by Susu, 03/07/18

The bags are good user manuals and are easy to use. However, I did not get 3 teaspoons to spit. They have been growing for 5 days now and nothing is coming. Annoyance.


written by Malin Henriksson, 06/07/18

Bought as a gift to my brother a little too fun together with other presents. He was very fascinated.

Preserved Plants

written by Marina, 22/08/18

I have ordered 3 cannabis plants - dahlia, geranium and petunia. The first two began to grow according to the instructions, however, petunia has not shown any signs of life :(

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