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Double flushing, matches or toilet spray smelling of lavender? There are many tricks to hiding reeking poo smells after a visit to the toilet, but not of them are very good, until now. Poo-Pourri is the solution!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

Bye, bye, shit smell!

written by BSF, 31/03/14

Works Super, can hardly believe it's true. The only reason it does not get five stars is the price.

Fungerar perfect

written by Linda, 19/05/14

The advise rush starkt att have wide toaletten :) We in familjen passionate oerhört nöjda the iaf !! och att comes använda the future!

Very good

written by Ulrike Hemrich, 06/06/14

Hi have the "Original of pooling Pourri" in America learned know. It really works. But I find the price performance Verhälnis is too expensive for a small Flasch 20.- Euro !!! It's no pe... Read more


written by Josefin, 23/06/14

A really good product! Works as promised and now the bathroom smells always good! Seems to last for a while as well, then it does not go very much at a time, so worth the price!


written by Evi140562, 13/08/14

Am fully satisfied. It really smells nothing. Only the price is a little high, otherwise would my permanent companion because I suffer from Lactoseintollleranz and not a pleasant smell.


written by Linda, 03/09/14

Can I go to the bathroom when I'm visiting abdre ..! Many girls who remain for several days on vacation to "not be nasty" should buy this to avoid getting constipated ..!

Pop Poo

written by Piipa, 31/12/14

A is so brilliant and works as it should. Leaving behind a pleasant scent. Although the price may be uncomfortable with it that do not need to be ashamed in public places in case of big trouble is wor... Read more

Away with odors!

written by Heidi, 01/01/15

Must admit that I was initially a bit skeptical about this product, but it works great! Leaves a light fragrance of lemon. In addition, the bottles very decorative, so this is definitely something tha... Read more

Works perfectly okay!

written by Zyx, 05/01/15

Suffice someone wrote with a couple, three spray before. Spreads a fresh, lemon-like scent that break down other odors. Something expensive anyway ..

It works

written by D, 05/01/15

A funny gift. Important at the handover is to show the right English video about ... time gladly again ordered cool stuff !!!

Shit satisfied!

written by Malin, 12/01/15


damn good! ho ho

written by dea, 13/01/15

Bought this for my and because it is sometimes a risk of poisoning after his toabesök. It works great! Smells very fresh lemon, quite strongly. It does what it should do quite easily!


written by ullis, 15/01/15

Really took away the smell that it would do much bra.Behövdes just a spray in the bathroom so it was as if we had done nothing at all.

Fantsatiskt good!

written by MG, 22/01/15

This product really works! I was so surprised that it was not half hid as some spraylaskor does, but it leaves no hidden track at all - just a scent of citrus! Great to have with the little bottle &qu... Read more


written by Tigerman, 12/03/15

Was hesitant about this actually would work, but it does. Recommended for anyone who cares about the rest of the household ...


written by Anonym, 15/04/15

Highly recommended! Works better than we dared hope, bought the great and lasted about half a year for a family of three.

surprisingly effective

written by Claus, 25/05/15

Four people, one toilet. This invention simply had to be tested. Is it God's gift to the people? No. But on a good chili-day it No shit close. Poo-Pourri is surprisingly effective and I can recomm... Read more

It works

written by Lena, 09/07/15

Surprisingly enough so it works only. Need to spray only a few times. Helps improve mood in the house in an understated way. ;)

Remember that the next man on the toilet know what you've done!

written by Sp , 13/08/15

Bought poo.pourri on chans.Trodde well not really think it would work, but bought it ändå.Den strong scent of citrus spreads inside the bathroom and it actually works! Would recommend! Suitable for th... Read more


written by ÅKe, 14/09/15

Works well! To shut out any odors to 100% is virtually impossible but this removes the smell to 95% in all cases and leaves a good fragrance addition.

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