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Powerball Gyro Ball

The tool to exercise your wrist, arm, fingers and shoulders. It's also lots of fun and totally addictive.

Powerball Gyro Ball - Powerball Display
Powerball Display
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Powerball Gyro Ball - Powerball Basic
Powerball Basic
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Powerball Gyro Ball - Powerball Max
Powerball Max
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What is this?

Fun and good training tool

written by Hampus, 19/04/13

Powerball is the ideal training tool for those who have tennis elbow, pain in the arm of the other problems, or like me, I think it's just fun to keep the ball rolling. But one must be careful in ... Read more


written by 13Isolde, 26/04/13

The Powerball is a cool gadget, and something else. It's fun because the routierende movement, at the beginning ensures laugh. I am sure that one can strengthen his muscle strength so.

POWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

written by Pedro den almektige, 31/05/13

exciting ball. insanely annoying sound when you get high speed on it. But otherwise fun. It is tiring and diaper sore in wrists and marked a little bit in the forearm. Runs much bike and helps the wri... Read more

Unexpectedly good!

written by Enzynix, 24/06/13

Thought it would have just tachometer but where I took the wrong, had lots of fun features such as record holder and the "countdown" so you can compete with friends to see who can do the mos... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Valleygirl, 29/06/13

First ordered one brother's, but when he packed it up so I was jealous and had to order one for myself too! Quickly delivered and properly cool gizmo! Being sore of wrapping this thing indeed! rec... Read more


written by Ankina, 30/06/13

OBS !! Addictive that few things are - is it here, I bought it for my son - now he 'ball' in hand everywhere (like a fool). Records are added and should bräckas - not many moments that now is ... Read more


written by Kasper, 17/07/13

Super fast delivery and good info along the way. I act like this again. Good and clear website.

difficult to start

written by helene, 31/07/13

It took me a few days to get the right knycket to "start" power ball but once I got me was the good. Super Annoying but fun workout for your wrists.

according to expectation

written by oxus72, 14/08/13

Fast delivery, a power ball that feels genuine, as it is marketed, and spins without scraping noises, etc.

kompaktestTrainingsgeraet / Rehabilitatinsgeraet

written by Michael, 20/08/13

Powerball I ordered after I learned that the training with this my mouse arm (similar as Tenniarm) can cure. The ball acts well finished. It takes a little practice to get it going, but once you get t... Read more


written by Öset, 29/08/13

Fun training with the digital counter so this becomes even more fun and competitive instinct teeth into.

Super fun workout

written by Christine, 05/09/13

The ball works as expected, fun and effective training for operation of both wrists. It's hard to get the ball started at first, but you just keep trying and then you suddenly notice that now you ... Read more


written by Mats, 28/10/13

Excellent and nöjsamt exercise equipment for a finger, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, to some extent also for the upper arm and shoulder and the muscles around it. I tried 5-6 times before I got started... Read more

Genial small matter

written by Stian Dobbel, 19/11/13

Amazingly effective when sitting instance and watching TV, etc. A little tricky to get start until one gets used. Very easy to use! Taking shortly before one knows that Powerball actually works! Highl... Read more


written by Anette, 19/11/13

It meets my expectations - but a Danish guidance would have made it a little easier for others who do not read English / Spanish.

Great fun and geeky toys and fast delivery of goods

written by Aino, 28/11/13

The counter is worth every penny. Much more fun than when they were promoting the end and could not compete on speed :-)

As expected

written by Inge, 09/12/13

Good quality powerball. User guide for putting it in time, then simply use the wrist to spin up the gyro in motion. Fun of training :-)


written by monica, 25/12/13

It's a good toy and very funy. Thanks a lot!


written by Teukka, 25/01/14

A very effective training tool. When the ball rotates for about 10 minutes so the hand muscles are like'd been to the gym. The ball really feel the resistance. Pyörittämistekniikan realization goe... Read more

it works

written by Jim, 20/02/14

The working properly and you can definitely expect sore and stiff finger, forearms and upper arms at the beginning. Gets a little hooked, one can say ...

very happy

written by xtine716, 04/03/14

My husband got this as a gift, was really happy !! :) Really great! Nice workout while sitting and watching TV in the living room. He was very happy there. Highly recommended. The product is good qual... Read more

Good workout

written by Digitalme, 23/04/14

It takes a few minutes to get the knack of these, but a fantastic training tool. Now in a short time created enough wrist strength att an old injury does not provide challenges further.

must have

written by Martin, 28/04/14

I suffer from sore shoulders and arms when I sit long at the office. After I got a powerball, which I use 2-3 times a day, then it's gone. I do not use the built-in counter, but enjoy using powerb... Read more


written by pedirop, 17/06/14

Works well and with a little skill can probably create a Trainigseffekt. Particularly amusing evening with friends was when we sat down the Powerball in turn in action while taking pictures. Very ente... Read more

great thing

written by cool Baby, 27/06/14

the ball is really great and also brings what, I got him away Birthday, hit the spot! A really great product!

Very good!

written by Linnéa, 19/12/14

I'm happy and it was better than I expected! It is easy to use once you learned what they did quickly.


written by oddegutt, 22/12/14

Very good for exercising your wrists! Good for small muscles of the forearms! Could be a few grams heavier, only minus!

Review Powerball

written by Elke Z, 29/12/14

when I found the Powerball with you and the description had read, I was excited, but I'm not purchased the Powerball for me, but as a gift for Christmas, I thought that it is something different a... Read more


written by EHR, 31/12/14

Thanks for promte and very fast delivery. The ball has made on Christmas Eve and then for much entertainment and fitness

Strength ball

written by Hölsky, 31/12/14

Just top-level device. First, it was difficult to learn the right pyörittämistekniikkaa, but yes, it is there one evening but can be found in the experiments. Very addictive and fun. I do not know whe... Read more

Works well

written by Per, 12/01/15

Works well requires little technology to launch the cannon is good youtube clip to help with training tips.

Estimated gift

written by Supernöjd kund, 15/01/15

Big brother has a problem with the shoulder after surgery and this was a great workout for him. Very fun and appreciated and widely used. Fast delivery and great service. Will definitely buy again

The product is as expected, but poor delivery

written by Laurits, 23/02/15

Powerball'en works flawlessly, and arrived in mint condition in fine packaging and with 2 starter cords. Powerball'en has been used extensively and is a fun exercise / rehabilitation toys :) U... Read more

Good gift!

written by Sam, 07/03/15

Wanted to brighten a friend's life and bought a Poweball with both display and light. It became very popular. Fun, challenging and useful at the same time. We and a few others also had a contest t... Read more

Satisfied customer

written by Leif, 09/03/15

A fun piece "toy". When prisoners technique, there are good training opportunities in a Powerball. After a short training brands quickly how muscles are affected - especially in the forearm.... Read more


written by Sabina, 10/05/15

Superbra exercise for forearms, wrists and grip in your fingers! I am satisfied and can really recommend this!


written by Elisabeth, 10/07/15

Love it! Fun Practicing with this, will probably upgrade to the screen with eventually. recommended


written by Lena, 17/08/15

After having had a sore wrist for a while, I decided to test denna.Tog just a few days of exercise a few minutes each time so the pain was gone !!! And besides, it is incredibly fun!


written by Olle, 24/08/15

Works better than expected. Easy to get started with. In principle, the problem of my tennis elbow away.

The top Grej !!!

written by ClasseK, 19/10/15

My kid's birthday and wanted one because I did not want to let him inherit min;) It was hot during my visitation weekend and he took it home where it can get terra his mother;) The order was fast ... Read more

Very pleased! Addictive!

written by Kristian Persson, 04/11/15

This is the second time I buy a gyro ball, and I am as happy now as then !. This product is highly addictive and fun to use. This is evident quickly that the muscles are strengthened after a few times... Read more


written by Vari, 02/12/15

The physiotherapist recommended that the arms and wrist pain, and I bought this. For short exercises several times a day, eg during coffee breaks hand strain at work has slowed down and Tan rounding, ... Read more


written by Carlie, 26/12/15

Very fun to use, and to view other use! Haha. Very tiring after a while. Feels muscles.

Super fun workout

written by Sonny, 29/12/15

after nearly 10 years with the old Powerball virkeden not more, so there had to order a new one. Power Ballen is a fun workout especially the wrist and forearm, but it is also a piece of art toys. I h... Read more

Morosam ...

written by kjælenavn, 04/01/16

and addictive, while it lasts, goods, wares, merchandise, goods, wares, merchandise, goods, wares, merchandise, goods, wares, merchandise, goods, wares, merchandise, goods, items.


written by Isak, 05/01/16

Quick delivery and excellent quality


written by Familie Braun, 06/01/16

Love Cool Stuff team, our children needed a little about the pivot to find out but then she had a lot of fun with it. Greetings Family Brown

small training device

written by Nadja, 14/03/16

Have the Powerball ordered for my partner - he uses it and it probably all seems to be good :)


written by Tore, 15/03/16

I find it hard to get the powerball to work, otherwise it is enough bra...................................................................................................................


written by Ps82, 18/04/16

Very satisfied with my purchase of the powerball. Maybe a little clearer instructions on how to use, but swelling when you learned to work the himmla good,

Time to "combine business with pleasure" !!!

written by Ninni, 13/06/16

Very good exercise, do not even seek out a gym. Easy to carry in your bag when you 'will be gone for a few days "and did not want to be without her arm and wrist workouts. Powerball should be... Read more

exercise Ball

written by Jonas, 31/08/16

A fun exercise ball to while away some time. The exercise safely in the bottom frames also it is quite difficult to use. Fulfills its purpose! :)

Ingenious exerciser

written by Chris, 13/09/16

ideally suited to building muscle in the entire arm, super strenuous. With counter and LED you have additional fun!

manual in sveska

written by Peter, 03/02/17

Why should any information be made on enelska etc. We live in Sweden, on all email is not proficient in English. So, I belong to that category. Will you bussiga to send a manual in Swedish to me. Than... Read more

Highly recommended !!

written by Sophia, 29/03/17

My friend is very excited. This is a good idea as a gift for Sortbegeisterte. All Top, Thanks

great gift

written by Alex, 07/04/17

Is not the first nor the last time I order items and gifts Have always received good service and quick delivery both at home and at the many stores they work with. Well done Cool Stuff !... Read more

Really nice but must be careful with the string

written by Grasshopper, 08/06/17

Really nice item but you must be careful with the string provided that is necessary to use the item. When the tip is broken, it will be difficult to continue using the hand trainer .... unless you are... Read more

Good product, fast delivery Powerball

written by Mackan, 19/07/17

Satisfied with both the product and the delivery, good service. I've had pain in my wrist and this was really tough so I guess it's a good workout for after just a few seconds, you're comp... Read more

Does not work

written by Pelle, 27/03/18

This ball spins only about an axis and is therefore not a gyro. Therefore, does not work for the purpose.

Turn button does not work after 3 weeks

written by Bo Arler, 30/07/18

After 3 weeks, the button does not turn on anymore and it is not because we have used it very much, can not recommend this product.

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