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Prosecco Pong

Replace your beer with bubbly and play Prosecco Pong! This set provides you with 12 cupped plastic glasses and 3 pink ping-pong balls. Form into two teams, fill the glasses and compete to see who will manage to get the balls into the glass - if you hit your opponents’ glasses, they have to drink. The team first to empty the opponents’ glasses wins! Prosecco Pong is the perfect drinking game for a girls’ night out, bachelorette party and New Year’s Eve.

Prosecco Pong - Prosecco Pong
Prosecco Pong
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A wonderful idea

written by Fantsu, 14/03/18

Idea Prosecco pong is just wonderful, but the practicality is not yet in order. It had to be constantly afraid that the glasses would fall and the glasses would be really difficult to keep up. When th... Read more

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