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Racing Grannies

Wind up the grannies and place them at the starting line, then watch them swap their crocheting and cake making for a furious race till the sweat runs dry!

Racing Grannies - Racing Grannies
Racing Grannies
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Running grannies

written by Sissel Andreassen, 30/10/17

Amazing fun old ladies. The retirement pensioners at work greatly appreciated the "olds" A great gift idea if you work with someone who will finish their career career. Recommended.

Unfortunately not good

written by Susanna, 02/11/17

Unfortunately, these gums did not work as they should. They did not come forward at all but just stayed in the same place. One foot on the rolling tower broke down when they were moving so we could no... Read more


written by Wolfgang, 01/03/18

I thought it was funnier. The grandmothers need a certain base, otherwise nothing works. Yes, it's a gag, but a very short one. Especially if the ground does not fit.

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