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Rubik's Speed Cube

Solve the rubik's speed cube faster and more professionally than ever! With minimal friction and adjustable tension, this is the pro version of the Rubik's Cube you've been waiting for!

Rubik's Speed Cube - Rubik's Speed Cube
Rubik's Speed Cube
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10 reviews

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What is this?


written by David, 20/07/15

Do you already a real Rubik's Cube, maybe even one with pieces of plastic instead of stickers, but wish you could turn on faster just like the pros? BUY THIS KUB. YOU WILL NOT REGRET YOU. I have m... Read more

Nice cube

written by Fredrik, 20/09/15

The cube is very easy to turn after an initial lubrication. There are two possible modes to deliver even easier twists. It was quite fiddly to lubricate and assemble the cube afterwards. Lubricants sy... Read more


written by Johan, 08/01/16

Easy to use cube, but a bit too loose and fail to tighten it. This example was not fully dismantled because one of my pieces was impossible to remove. Otherwise, as usual spirited delivery of CS.


written by Mustafa, 29/01/16

Perfect website. Quick lev. I recommend it. You feel that it is safe even with the payment.

Worth the money!

written by VideHexan, 09/02/16

Very fast and well-oiled cube! All in the family fight about it, happy in spite of the price, that was the usual slur

Spreed cube quality?

written by Glenn, 10/02/16

The product was funny, and fast. However, the sons went relatively quickly that within one and a half weeks. Will have to see if it was a Monday, for example, or if I get a new of coolstuff ... Glenn

Talk about speed

written by Tobbe, 20/12/16

The cube is perfect, it is not lubricated on delivery, it comes with lubricant. Really good quality, fun with a speedkub who actually comes from Rubik.

and the same here - silly with coercive fields

written by Haha det bliver ved med tvangsfe, 15/03/17

Have given 5 stars orcs not to deepen this is just to fill out up to 100 characters, perhaps in giving an option atman can escape for years writing deepened nonsense if one is not interested in it - k... Read more

Fast and fine

written by Keld Rasmussen, 31/03/17

It's really good product and I use it many times a day - for pure relaxation. It also keeps the brain going - is about to learn it better to know - however loose it more than once since purchase


written by db, 05/09/17

Very good cube with great mechanics. The cube is recommended for those who try to solve the cube and make several different patterns (patterns).

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