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SNES USB Controller

A nice copy of the classic SNES controller, but in USB version! Perfect if you accidentally came across the computer version of your old favourite games, or if you wanted to get an old feeling of your newer games!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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As close as you can get

written by Kami, 30/12/13

The look is really nothing wrong, looks just like a European controller, which is fun because most can be bought online looks like the US (other colors). It is good in the hand and it feels just like ... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Henrik, 31/12/13

Very good SNES copy, keys feel good, almost identical to the original. Extra plus was gummed start and select buttons, as well as the L and R buttons were not hard, "knäppiga" as other cheap... Read more

Does not work!

written by E, 06/01/14

Works not to set to my SNES Emulator, or my Super Mario Pack .. When I should set the example "Left" I get on the start button, everything ends up a mess. Sadly, when I really looked forward... Read more

SNES control

written by Oscar Norberg, 15/01/14

Hi there, I would not recommend anyone to buy this control whatsoever. It is extremely sensitive, which means that it sometimes does not work as it should. If, for example, press down on the D-pad, it... Read more

retro feel

written by LazyD, 15/01/14

Got this to play the old retro games with the same feeling as before, and this control feels actually work very well. However, the low sensitivity of the pad, when pushed to the left, press it down ev... Read more

Very good

written by Nykteristen, 24/01/14

+ Very good SNES copy, keys feel good, almost identical to the original .. + works properly and as soon as you plug it in - weight and no sign


written by Holi, 27/01/14

It is a little lighter and the buttons are not quite as good sense in the original, the pad is pretty much stiffer, too, but in all honesty the best USB gamepad for retro games I have used so far, can... Read more

iMac + Retro SNES USB Kontrol

written by Christer, 13/02/14

bought this for my iMac chance in the hope that it would work and it works well just it. Fourth visit clearly worth the money. feels like orginala SNES box.


written by Marius, 13/02/14

: D It's a RETRO SNES USB CONTROL! HELLO! FANTASTIC! VERY GOOD! YES! Very authentic, smells properly gammal nintendo. Good things to have in addition to the dozen or emulator on PC. :)

Super satisfied!

written by Nöjd 20 åring, 04/03/14

Really pleased with the check! Works perfectly and it is the best purchase I have ever made. Have ordered another so that you can run with others.


written by Nicolai, 04/03/14

Extremely good quality! Even the smell of it gives a sense of nostalgia. Would be nice to instructional manual nævte that it would be a good idea to DL a software for it, or have an official, there is... Read more


written by LH, 12/05/14

Works better than the original - no inertia that I experience with my old console. Can also be programmed for nes


written by Nisse, 13/05/14

Fine control of the model from a legendary console, I also grew up with! Beauty to play with and feels genuine, albeit a bit plastigare than I remember the original. Just what I've liked me :)

Passable but not perfect

written by Ole, 24/06/14

This is an inexpensive, Chinese reproduction so one should not expect it to be quite like the original controller. Physically it quite identical, feels maybe a little rougher and buttons are harder. I... Read more

super SNES control usb

written by pär, 25/07/14

amazing works perfectly just plug in o change the settings in the emulator as e dt just honk o run: D. I was so pleased were set emulator 3 times as it took the email control that apply. but after the... Read more


written by Elias, 19/10/14

The control works fine except that the up / down is activated very easy when you just press the sides. So not just as the original, which you gave it to.

Really good and affordable handset

written by Emil, 29/12/14

The control is really good. The buttons have a good response, something more "plastic" than the classic control and allows a little more, but as soon as you enter the game you forget about i... Read more

Proper sense

written by Kriss, 05/01/15

The same feeling as the original. Slightly cheaper plastic - it feels right, but look a little more like a Chinese copy. The buttons are right quickly polished with use.

Super satisfied!

written by Tobbe, 05/01/15

Very pleased with this control, feels authentic except that it is a bit easier than the original controller from Nintendo. Start and Select buttons are rubberized. The buttons have the right colors! T... Read more

Works, a little plasticky

written by MM, 06/01/15

The product works exactly as it says in the description. It is however just a little plasticky. Would wish that the USB cable was a little longer.

The best and the coolest thing I've ever bought

written by Bence , 13/01/15

I advise this control deepest and not let Ole scare you since I have a even now bought a few days ago and buttons are far from harsh them is as simple and touching to control that even small children ... Read more

good service

written by Rosa, 22/01/15

The goods arrived on time, everything was in order with the product. I ordered the product and got it a few days after bestiling


written by twaiin, 16/03/15

Quite happy with the product! were simply plug it into your computer and use a "legal" (haha) emulator that I found online. Only thing that was a little negative was that the buttons were no... Read more

Thumbs up!

written by Olympias, 24/03/15

Great fun to play with, the same feeling as before! Super satisfied with both the control and the quick delivery! We will buy more checks! Super satisfied!


written by Titify, 03/06/15

Works great and gives the nostalgic feel. The only thing is that the control button argue sometimes. Pressing up or down then drag it to the sides sometimes have "died" a few times because o... Read more

Almost Best ..

written by M W, 01/07/15

They work really well, but is not of the same quality as the originals from Nintendo. The check button (joystick) can be a bit imprecise but otherwise nothing to complain about.

grim box

written by Helvi, 16/07/15

Absolutely perfect box. Lirade previously with a ps4dosa. What was a pure nightmare to play with Mario. Find no fault with the box. Everything works as it should

Wicked good controls

written by Jeff, 30/07/15

This is tight. I get to play my games without the keyboards, know what I am saying? Just plug that shit in and let it do its business. I'm triangulate cop a N64 controls next.

local control

written by moth, 04/08/15

Fully functional and good SNES controller a copy of the emulator (why not other games - I tried), I could not find anything reprehensible in comparison to the original, maybe even better obeyed. There... Read more

Steering crosses functioning extremely poorly

written by Kristoffer, 10/08/15

The controls feel plastiga and bad, which is also true. Checks records very many taps on the pad that is not done. For example. if you press right, right-up-up-down-down-down-down is recorded, making ... Read more

Super control that meets your requirements

written by André, 24/08/15

This control is incredibly good. Very easy to use. Plug and Play. I have a real SNES control and can compare this approximates. Fantastic control at a low price.

works just fine. very convenient

written by Ole Marcus, 21/09/15

plug and play as it says on the box. very easy to use only thing that was wrong was that a, b, x, y buttons were upside down on one of the two controls I bought. This will not be a problem since you &... Read more

Ok controller.

written by Andreas, 17/05/16

I'm not sure about the construction of the controller feels just like the real thing. Some of the buttons feels very loose, but otherwise it works as I would expect.

Cheap and bad

written by Kenneth, 12/08/17

Carries the character of being a cheap production. The buttons "hang". Feels easy and of poor quality. Steer away.


written by Kenneth, 21/08/17

This disappointed me. The buttons are jammed and do not bounce back. Applies specifically to the "b" button and the up / down / side buttons. Maybe it helps Coolstuff send me a new one and t... Read more

SNES USB Controller

written by Oli, 12/07/18

Simply perfect for NES and SNES games via emulation !!! I really like to load these old games, which I also own in the original ROM into an emulator, add sound and graphics filters so the actual pixel... Read more

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