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Shot Glass Roulette

Play a casino and you will always lose to the house, no matter how rich you are. With our Shot Glass Roulette game, everyone is a winner as long as there is something left in the liquor cabinet.

Shot Glass Roulette - Shot Glass Roulette
Shot Glass Roulette
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written by Manu, 08/10/15

This game is just right for a successful party in good company with friends and Verwanden.

thank you

written by Manu, 17/11/15

My order is a quite good and fun game for a sociable and enjoyable evening

profsig website and delivery!

written by Steff58, 06/12/15

Nice with websites that work and that transport also works flawlessly! Then there is time for other things! Tired of other companies that complicate everything. Professionally !! Hey! stefan


written by vincella, 01/02/16

We are a fun round ... the drinking game was the tüpfchelchen on the i ... I bought it as a gift and it has hit the mark black ... abdominal pain with laughter and a hangover the other day were the fo... Read more

cool gift

written by Kristin, 16/12/16

Bought this as a gift to a family member. Quickly was it here, and everything about it seems to have survived the journey. Stood to expectations both in terms of size, performance and quality so far. ... Read more

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