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Sky Lanterns

We turn our gaze towards Thailand! Set your sky lanterns alight and watch them float into the sky - quiet, graceful, beautiful, environmentally friendly and dignified.

Sky Lanterns - Sky Lanterns 8-Pack
Sky Lanterns 8-Pack
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Fin delivery and quality

written by Morten Holm, 23/05/13

Simple product, minimalist. Easy to ignite. Only works optimally in windless conditions. I used mine in light winds - so they flew in a 30-40 degree angle and a single ended up in a wood but good view... Read more

Festive feature!

written by FruLange, 24/06/13

On the occasion of my wedding, I bought the delicate lanterns Khom Loy at Cool Stuff. They arrived on time, was VERY nice and gave our summer wedding a magical and fantastic dimention. If I'm ever... Read more

fine lanterns

written by Karen, 19/08/13

We ordered 2 packages Khom Loy 4 lantern in each and sent them up here over the weekend to the delight of both large and small. They worked very finely and fry finely aloft - they require calm weather... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Mette Tougaard, 13/09/13

Super easy to find what you want to book on cool stuff, fast delivery, no damage to the received :-)

Fight Fine!

written by Anne Gro, 03/12/13

Second time I buy these lamps from you. Fantastic great to see them rise into the sky. Been used on New Year's Eve, but also in other occasions.


written by Anonym, 09/12/13

It is absolutely magical sending up lanterns. Both adults and children will be thrilled to see the lantern rise up into the air. They go fight loud!

Khom Loy

written by Dorte , 06/01/14

We had New Year's Eve bought khom Loy lanterns which we had to send off together with our guests. It brought great happiness and all sent a lantern off with a New Year's wish. Lantern could be... Read more

Great mountains

written by HermineH, 06/01/14

We were at our cabin at Vassfaret in the New Year. When we took the opportunity to send up paper balloons when it was clear. It was incredibly nice and very entertaining for all ages. We wondered a bi... Read more

Civilized New Year Celebration

written by Djurvän, 06/01/14

Happy New Year !!! We have been in our family / family for many years, welcomed the new year with fireworks of various varieties. In recent years, with boxes and boxes, each year cost between 1.5 to 2... Read more

Super Difficult to ignite

written by Ann, 06/01/14

I have done many lanterns but now the manufacturer has changed the ignition box. So difficult to ignite ?? Took fourth safe .. With all. Before it was a wick with wax, but now only one package, hope i... Read more

Floating lanterns are a hit!

written by Johst, 09/01/14

We had the great pleasure of sending a fire in a rice paper into the air New Year's Eve! I had heard that they would be hard to fold out without destroying and almost impossible to ignite, but I e... Read more

Tysssstnad ....

written by Granbergskan, 13/01/14

Very good product. Even the older generation were impressed. Took a little time to get up the most, but we enjoyed fully. An excellent addition to popping rockets o firecrackers. Our dogs and horses g... Read more

cheap and good

written by Andreas, 24/02/14

bought a pack of 8 pieces. A cost a little over 17 crowns. Thought it's crap, but they work out really well. Risballongar for the best price


written by Vican, 24/02/14

Perfectly sized and easy to fold up. Was no problem to light. Mysbarometen went 0-100 in just a few moments when a lantern was lit and slowly flew away into the darkness.

Khom Loy

written by Michael G, 23/06/14

Ordered lanterns straight up to a number of public holidays. Immediately after this, I received the order. Easy and convenient. Super service. Michael G

Nice work!

written by Bo, 10/12/14

Fast well-packaged delivery. Fancy lanterns but why are they not in orange, the color of fire? Would definitely heighten the impression!


written by Flemming , 17/12/14

Super fast delivery, everything went according planen.kan highly recommended. The product lived up to expectations

Super service

written by thomas5com, 01/01/15

Fast delivery came a day after we had placed order super service the non Last time we ordered from cool stuff

great lamps

written by Mikko, 05/01/15

We and our guests loved to release these amazing lights up in heaven. All to create harmony and enjoyment påNyårsnatten

amazingly fine

written by Tobbe, 05/01/15

Very happy with these really. They work best when there is no wind, but little wind is manageable as long as you have a clear path around you without trees and everything it can attach itself to. It r... Read more

Finer and better than fireworks

written by Emma, 05/01/15

That said much finer, better, interrupts and more environmentally friendly than fireworks! For those animals is New Year's terrible, and certainly it gives a sense of celebration but I thought the... Read more


written by Johanna, 07/01/15

Khom Loy worked great. A little difficult to turn and get away but it is apparently so with these lamps. They were full, affordable, fast delivery and easy to pay with you.

Thumbs up

written by Kristin , 09/01/15

Wishing Lantern was quite ok for a low price. Next year perhaps there had been an idea and pursue some little nicer with better quality. Doing nothing to pay a little for it. BUT what I would point ou... Read more

Could not use

written by Kristoffer , 10/01/15

Hey, Full board stank of mold when we opened it. We tried anyway to turn on a light but did not get any of them. Too bad, as this was a gift in a julklappslek.

100% cozy without noise

written by Jenny G, 12/01/15

Second year in a row that we buy these rislyktor. No wires that damage the environment or risk killing livestock.

Flying sky lanterns

written by Lotta, 12/01/15

Lousy, did not work at all. American Black Duck o too heavy. Lifted barely. The only thing that was good was the fast service.

The top :)

written by Anneli , 30/03/15

Very pleased with both lights and super fast delivery. Will certainly order from coolstuff again

Super happy

written by HHG, 25/05/15

Fast delivery and best quality, they always keep their promises from the inside cool stuff Dk, it is not the last time I order

Easy and quick

written by Karsten, 15/06/15

Bought 8 Khom loy "Thai lanterns" and it is certainly not the last time I shop at cool stuff. Easy and simple website and fast delivery only big +++++ here

defective heat source

written by Susanne dam, 08/09/15

Lantern were to be used only in September .. It never managed to get proper fire in the heat source. So my son and daughter in law was never sent their love lights up for the wedding


written by Crasse, 31/12/15

What to say? What I was looking for and works as they should. For all sorts of occasions and celebrations or mourning.

SUPER New Year "gunpowder"

written by Tom , 02/01/16

We sent several of place, and unlike the usual rockets, so we could see our "rocket" for a very long time. We also did the Chinese, there was a thought them are not here anymore. :) User the... Read more

kohm Loy

written by W.B., 05/01/16

I was very pleased when I received the package with my flying lanterns. But - But I have not used them. They were meant for New Year's Eve instead of bang and bang, but I was unsure about it at al... Read more

Environmentally friendly !!!

written by Pochi, 08/01/16

Large eco-friendly, on good !!! We tested them on a windy day they worked, a little difficult to ignite but it went well in the end.

Nicer than fireworks

written by d4kris, 12/01/16

We have started sending these rather than the fireworks on New Year's, a lot nicer and more fun tradition than before. Requires little technology (patience) to get them to fly when it's cold a... Read more

Sky lantern lanterns

written by Cookie66, 13/01/16

Jättefina Thai lanterns. Crucial that they are of bamboo frame (and not the metal that can cause tremendous damage to the cows, for example.) Greater than I might have imagined. Takes a while to get t... Read more

Vackett and environmentally friendly

written by UK, 13/01/16

Not only that it was fast delivery. The eco-friendly lamps were easy to light and manage, and long burning. Synthesis time on New Year's sky.

Sky lantern environmentally friendly but hard way

written by Cybra, 17/01/16

One can at least send them with a clear conscience, but only managed seven of eight. New Year's Eve was very windy and it was extremely difficult to ignite them. It took a long time before the wax... Read more

Khom Loy

written by Randi, 11/05/16

I am very pleased and very fast service & delivery. Not the last time I will avail myself of cool stuff.

Khom Loy, New Year Rockets for dog owners!

written by Henrik K, 19/12/16

Very happy! Works great, going so high that you lose sight of it .... And not a only parts pets (dog, cat, rabbit) Blei intimidated. Goods in addition to 1,000 times longer than a New Year's rocke... Read more

Fine but difficult

written by Nyår, 05/01/17

The idea of ​​the Thai New Year lanterns are nice but unfortunately they are quite cumbersome to switch on and off. It requires a lot lighter or eldpjäs when the lower part of the lamp will be lit for... Read more


written by Flemming, 07/07/17

Everything worked and the product came within 24 hours magelessly. Post Danmark / Nord must get their finger out if they want to be here. CONGRATULATIONS

Khom Loy

written by Erik, 16/12/17

I have not used them yet, saving them to New Year's Eve, an alternative to fireworks, which does not scare animals and break down by nature.

American Black Duck

written by Lillis, 02/01/18

Very nice, but very hard to light and make it continue to burn and thin materials that break if you open it and it flares a bit in the wind as you walk. Not in windy weather

Khom Loy

written by Daniel, 14/01/18

Ordered 40 khom loy, unfortunately it looked like the carton as the delivery came in had been graffly battered, so one of the 5 packets was broken and could not be used as it was tearing through the f... Read more

Did not work

written by Lukas Grønbæk, 02/03/18

Hi ! It was planned that they would be used for a birthday. When I received the package, everyone was torn up by the mail. Can I get the money back? Mvh lukas

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