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Block out snoring and other disturbances. Listen to music without annoying your bed partner. SleepPhones – pleasant headphones for your bed.

SleepPhones - Wireless Black XS
Wireless Black XS
10 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
SleepPhones - Wireless Black Medium
Wireless Black Medium
23 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
SleepPhones - Wireless Black XL
Wireless Black XL
2 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
SleepPhones - Original Black XS
Original Black XS
86 pcs in stock Currently out of stock
SleepPhones - Original Black Medium
Original Black Medium
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
SleepPhones - Original Black XL
Original Black XL
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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123 reviews

123 reviews in other languages

What is this?

Beyond expectation

written by wajder, 04/07/14

Directly I saw these "Sleep Phones" I thought, these I just have to have. How many times have not been on the journey and lying, and interfered in pals who snored? Well too many times. So I ... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Hellis, 14/07/14

The sound is good, but hard to keep the band in place. Some well stretchable. Otherwise satisfied short supply. summery greetings


written by Eva, 14/07/14

Is thrilled now you can listen without disturbing very good sound is not aware of them when lying on the side only positive

Sleep Phones

written by NinniK, 17/07/14

Comfortable headphones for use in bed. However, do not eliminate outside sounds off as well as earphones, and headset must be pretty ear that the reception is good enough. The cable is suitable for lo... Read more

clearly satisfied

written by Tobbe, 18/07/14

I always listen to a podcast episode when I lie in bed and going to sleep, saw this as an excellent opportunity to avoid disturbing your partner. Measured my head and got the measure 60cm, I have for ... Read more


written by Ljudboksälskaren, 21/07/14

Now, I have used my Sleep Phones two weeks and I love them! They are perfect to use when I lie at night and listen to my audiobooks on the iPad! My putting is always earlier than me and therefore I ca... Read more


written by KM, 20/08/14

Surprisingly comfortable to fall asleep to, creating some laughter when one assumes the headband before going to sleep but this works. A bit annoying as there is the need to recharge often but very co... Read more


written by Jag, 11/09/14

Ok sounds, but definitely not isolate outside noise such as snoring or other noise. Works contrast nicely to sleep with, really comfortable.

Good customer service and good product

written by Insomnia , 13/10/14

Ordered sleephonse because I have trouble sleeping and like to listen to sleep meditation when I lay me and because I can not sleep with anything in your ears. Got first a product that began to crackl... Read more


written by Anette, 21/10/14

Love my SleepPhones. The headband is comfortable to wear and I can listen to music or audio book until I fall asleep without disturbing cohabitant. The lead is not troublesome.

Use them every night!

written by Susanne, 23/10/14

After sleeping with regular headphones for years, it feels very satisfying to just be able to put themselves on the side without rubbing the ear. The fleece is very cozy and I have long hair to avoid ... Read more

Falling asleep to music

written by wabe, 21/11/14

It's nice to be able to fall asleep to music without disturbing the partner with my music. The headset press only very weak, if one is on the ear. The cable length is, however, a bit tight, the ra... Read more

Noticing that it is easier to fall asleep

written by Alexander K, 04/12/14

Good shit. Sitting little loose, was the border between the S and M and chose M. In this case, the smaller one because it affects how well the sound is heard. Excellent drawing eyes as sleep mask too!... Read more

Okay, after all.

written by Nielsen, 09/12/14

The sound is amazingly good. And comfort is good. The 3 stars is because the only sound that prevent other sound to enter. So the external sound is simply mixed with what you choose to hear. Bluetooth... Read more

Fairly good

written by White noise, 09/12/14

For someone who sleeps with 'white noise' in the headphones all night is this like that. The slides of the speakers in the band are moving a bit and it will be a little uncomfortable on the ea... Read more

Comfortable and convenient

written by Hanne, 12/12/14

It works well and is comfortable to wear. Highest volume is a bit low, but one does well not more to use when sleeping :)


written by Mia, 14/12/14

Love my SleepPhones! They are very comfortable to sleep with, excellent wearing comfort and sound is good to have speakers wrapped up in fleece. The cord is long, which is fine. Bought size medium, bu... Read more

I can not have them alone ...!

written by Busbollen, 17/12/14

Best gadget a really long time! I ordered them to myself for Christmas, but the son la seized them directly. Now I have ordered a new pair for myself! I tipped also on Facebook and four of my friends ... Read more

Estimated gift

written by Jennifer, 23/12/14

Ordered home Sleep Phones as my fiancé often peeks at films or Youtube clips on the evening before he can sleep. We both have the problem of having narrow ear canals, and be on hand with headphones is... Read more

Good, but ...

written by JKD, 25/12/14

My better half got this for Christmas, and he is satisfied: Comfortable to wear, and good sound. He can also pull it down over his eyes. It does exactly what it should be for the user. I located next ... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Marie, 29/12/14

The old man who got them up over your ears delighted! Good sound and good fit. He 60cm around, and M on his, which is perfect.

Sleep Phones

written by Marty , 29/12/14

It works very well; comfortable and good sound. However, releasing the headphones off some sound (is not quite frequent).

according to expectations

written by SweetScreams, 29/12/14

Bought the headphones to my hubby who love to listen to youtube before he falls asleep. They sound a little gaudy but not much from the outside and he sleeps clearly good with them. We are happy!

Christmas present for mom

written by Nejlikan, 31/12/14

My mom got them for Christmas. She spent happy when she every night listening to the audiobook when to sleep. She has many times now told how happy she is.

Sleepy Phones

written by Sleepy, 02/01/15

We experienced the headband is very comfortable, and we felt it was an advantage that there was Bluetooth, so you do not have to tangle with a cord at night. Can recommend it heartily.

Tips Gift!

written by Carina, 04/01/15

I have now presented the wireless version at Christmas and they came to super! They are super processed, so that the speakers leave no unpleasant sensation on the ear cups and transferred a great soun... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Helen, 07/01/15

Bought M size but would have chosen S instead, even though I have the size 57 and it stood it would be equivalent to M. It works well both lie in bed and listen, but even when I, for example, walking.... Read more

clock Fair

written by Nicklas L, 07/01/15

Amazing Christmas present for audiobook crazy lady! She can comfortably listen to audio books before she falls asleep and I did not hear a sound! Can not get any better.

Absolutely gorgeous !!!

written by Matilda, 07/01/15

Absolutely gorgeous headphones used every night. A must for anyone who is accustomed to falling asleep to audio books or pods.

nice present

written by Amelie, 08/01/15

Super quality, pleasant music listening and arrived as a gift for teens Very good! Highly recommended.


written by Ita, 08/01/15

I have a little trouble sleeping and often wake up at night when I take an audiobook to help relax and sleep. I have had the common "plugs" in the ears, but may hurt them when I am lying on ... Read more

For large

written by Jen, 12/01/15

Ordered strl M acc. dimensions, but they were somewhat large and slid down. Less was not so it was sadly returned

Exclude snoring, not very good sound

written by Runar, 24/01/15

Having spent my Sleepphones little over two weeks, and the works superbly to block out the brutal snoring from the next room. they are comfortable to wear while sleeping, and the cord is not really to... Read more


written by Krokodilen, 03/02/15

Are you satisfied with the version with a cord that I later ordered bluetooth version for not having to worry about for something to happen with the cord when I fell asleep with the headphones on, bec... Read more


written by Joel, 24/02/15

Do not know why but feel pain in one ear of it. And it must be very quiet otherwise the gap in the non-manageable.

Sleep Wireless Phones

written by Mats, 16/03/15

Good sound, and it's comfortable to lie with the side of his head on the pillow, which was exactly what I wanted from this product. A big plus to not have any cord.


written by Tony, 15/04/15

Absolutely perfect lie and listen to music and avoid having the sound from the partner's snoring. The sound is quite ok. Best gadget for a long time.


written by Maria85, 04/05/15

An absolutely wonderful contraption to sleep and not to hear snoring :)

Blutooth causes trouble

written by Jacob, 07/05/15

Should be better description of the product what kind of mobile phones as it works to. Thought everyone with blutooth would work for? Bought for my girlfriend on her birthday, did not work for her new... Read more

The headband mistake construction

written by Marianne Grosbøl-Rais, 14/05/15

The product consists of a headband, 2 flat speakers and a blue tooth device with 3 buttons. The headband is 2-layer so that the electronics may lie between the layers. The headband is narrow in front ... Read more

Cord length ??

written by Sleepyhead, 18/06/15

The sentence for me the product was to avoid using the headset in bed troublesome, expected a longer cord than 1m (?) Has moved up the bed halfway into the room for it to reach the extension to the PC... Read more

Super good! Good help when sleeping!

written by anja, 29/06/15

Sleep Phone with Bluetooth is super good! I combine the Sleep Phone with my phone. First, I put the phone a an auto-off time, then I can listen to music and quickly go to sleep. Only the hair ring siz... Read more

Very good

written by Lars, 15/07/15

Easy to find what you're looking for, easy to order, also with the invoice. Deserves praise for the very fast delivery!


written by Underlig, 01/09/15

Agreeable. Cord not particularly in the way. Use every night. Maybe some warm fleece in the summer heat?

Very satisfied!

written by Schlaflos, 01/09/15

Very satisfied. I prefer to sleep audiobooks and wirelessly via Bluetooth eliminates in bed the problem with the cable when turning in bed.

Very satisfied

written by Red, 02/09/15

Excellent product and easy to sleep in! One of my Best Investments in a longtime. I am very happy with my purchase

Sleep Phones

written by Nissis, 07/09/15

Very good when to sleep, you will not be entangled cables that are uncomfortable when one turns on itself, and your partner do not have to listen to what I want to hear (if you use the speakerphone fe... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Nissis, 07/09/15

Very good when to sleep, you will not be entangled cables that are uncomfortable when one turns on itself, and your partner do not have to listen to what I want to hear (if you use the speakerphone fe... Read more

Just okay

written by Treldorado , 10/09/15

It works well, but it is leaking a little sound to disturb the wife who will sleep. Okay when I sleep alone.

Sleep Phones Bluetooth

written by bjorkman27, 11/09/15

Worked at times, but after a few nights so la ear speaker on one side altogether. Quite so bad actually.

Good as the UN

written by fredrik, 14/09/15

Bought these preemptively when I during a vacation would sleep in the same room as one can snore pretty good sometimes. Battery life and sound and quite ok, I bought a medium and I have 60cm around th... Read more

Just Fantastic

written by Linda, 22/10/15

It is like the title says, very comfortable, and I fall asleep easier if I have music on. The headphones are easy to adjust and the cover did the laundry well. The product is recommended for those who... Read more

Good buy!

written by Papa Bear, 15/11/15

Bought them with bluetooth and it's really good sound in and it feels nothing when lying on the side. For those of you who did not get it work on the iPhone so you must keep the key around 10 sec ... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by behåbe, 07/12/15

Difficult to rate this is a Christmas gift. The product is therefore not adopted. However, it's on your wish list, so I reckon that it will be good.

best Christmas present

written by Maria, 25/12/15

I can not sleep without listening to the book. And to have regular pluggin headphones with a cord is inconvenient o ailment. These were comfortable to wear, good sound, anyway for books / movies. Now ... Read more


written by Kjetil, 28/12/15

These are great, use them to listen to the audiobook and watch films without disturbing her boyfriend in bed. Provides good sound and is not klumete and annoying in / around your ears. Just to recomme... Read more


written by Veronica, 31/12/15

Always listen to audio books when I go to bed. This product sits comfortably on the head. Could be a different material, since it is quite warm

Yes but no

written by JW, 04/01/16

Was really nice, sat good and okay sound. However, I did probably an odd one as one speaker stopped work out day 2. But wait for a new pair which I hope works better.


written by Micke, 04/01/16

It works really well and is soft and comfortable to sleep with, but battery life is enough, unfortunately, not so long.


written by Peace, 08/01/16

Really superb good sound and very comfortable to wear when I lie to hear Bowie at night .andbefales reccommended.

Highly recommended

written by Mallemaräng, 18/01/16

So happy with my Sleephones wireless, works fine with my Android smartphone. Took size M, is 59 cm around the head, so I was in two minds between size M and XL. M fits very well and will certainly str... Read more

Highly recommended

written by Mallemaräng, 18/01/16

So happy with my Sleephones wireless, works fine with my Android smartphone. Took size M, is 59 cm around the head, so I was in two minds between size M and XL. M fits very well and will certainly str... Read more

Highly recommended

written by Mallemaräng, 18/01/16

So happy with my Sleephones wireless, works fine with my Android smartphone. Took size M, is 59 cm around the head, so I was in two minds between size M and XL. M fits very well and will certainly str... Read more

Highly recommended

written by Mallemaräng, 20/01/16

So happy with my Sleephones wireless, works fine with my Android smartphone. Took size M, is 59 cm around the head, so I was in two minds between size M and XL. M fits very well and will certainly str... Read more

Bluetooth is not to be recommended

written by GB, 21/01/16

Inconvenient to have the battery positioned in the pan. Moreover, it is felt that it must be constantly recharged. Save money and take it with wire.

good lurking

written by Daniel, 25/01/16

+ Perfectly OK to wear. Do not disturb in any way. + Light and handy + Works super for Mac, flat and telephone without problems. + Long-life battery - Little struligt to load, must winkle out the Blue... Read more

Sooooo happy!

written by Nadja, 07/02/16

Am so happy with them! The sound is just fine, it's not inside the ear, but feels more like surround sound. They are comfortable and you can either have the headband on the forehead or pulling the... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Micke, 08/03/16

After taking so ended one headset to operate, will now only audio on one side. Can not hear stereo effect.

My review

written by kn, 06/04/16

I think it's a good solution when, as I have narrow ear. the downside is the speakers do not correctly. Swedish manual would have been a plus.

good headphones

written by IG, 11/04/16

They are comfortable to wear and the sound is really good. The only thing is that you get right to the small speaker a bit so they are right at your ears. Recommended!

good stuff

written by Evelyn, 20/04/16

A perfectly ok gadget, which works just as promised. Medium is sufficient even for a relatively large head: p.

Very good to wear

written by Bente, 06/05/16

Sleep phones are very comfortable and soft, it is easy to wear them when lying. The sound is a bit weaker because it must go through the headband but it is not a big problem. One can take out the earb... Read more

sleep well

written by RaSten, 07/07/16

I usually listen to the radio nedtankade when I go to sleep. If I do not fall asleep, I have finished listening instead and have not lost time to be sleepless. Previously, I used the usual in-ear head... Read more


written by EA, 23/08/16

They work fine. Amazingly good sound - when you just get them adjusted in place :) But do not be delicate with her hair. Bangs are slightly flattened, but ok when he lies in his bed :) :)

Cushy headphones with good sound

written by C, 24/08/16

First bought a pair for my husband for Christmas and he loves his lurar.Så now I had to buy a pair for myself. Both pairs are with bluetooth. Easy to pair with a mobile phone, have smartphones. Cushy ... Read more

So worth it!

written by LuuH, 16/09/16

Have always had the problem of falling asleep to music / movie with a partner who demand absolute silence to sleep and tested various headphones / in-ears with the result that the ears have taken some... Read more

Comfortable but tedious

written by M, 13/10/16

They are beautiful, but very warm, and it is a project each time they are used to adjust the speakers so you actually hear in both ears. I have the version with cord and it is in the middle of the for... Read more

Best purchase this year

written by Elisabeth, 01/11/16

I struggle very having either headphones or earplugs so this ingenious invention fitted perfectly for me. Now when it starts to get cold it is also perfect to use out and about. I'm very happy :)

expensive junk

written by jocke, 07/12/16

the band is pretty good at the skull. the band is not as big as you think. it is not such as to have these eyes. headphones deliver sound at a steady low quality. In the middle of the forehead inside ... Read more

A must!

written by Birgitta, 12/12/16

Super Handy for the son who has trouble sleeping because of tinnitus. Soft and lightweight so it's fine to sleep with them on. Great sound!


written by Tarri, 12/12/16

Comfortable. Good sound, his partner heard nothing of my listening. Bought wire, no problem at all. Will buying a Christmas gift for my boyfriend who usually go on fishing trips and share a room with ... Read more

Last year's Christmas gift to her partner

written by Jill Johansson, 22/12/16

Bought Sleep Headphones (wireless) for my boyfriend last Christmas, and he has used them ever since! He has trouble sleeping and would like to listen to something when he tries to fall asleep, but ord... Read more


written by Andrew01, 27/01/17

There are no high-end headphones, but for my purpose (a sleep aid) fully satisfactory. Expectations for the product are met. thoroughly recommended for this purpose. Other conditions such as jogging, ... Read more

TOP product

written by Andy62, 27/03/17

I am very happy with the Sleep Phones. Delivery very punctual. Comfort excellent. Maybe because you can continue to develop and make the inliegenden headphones slightly wider, because they do occasion... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Emm , 31/03/17

Very good product. A bit pricey, but works very well! Recommended! Had the other without Bluetooth before, and this is much better (IAF iPhone 7 that do not have outlet needed) perfect for my boyfrien... Read more

Super good

written by Johanna , 17/04/17

Love the headphones, now bothers me is not my boyfriend in the evenings anymore. The only thing that bothers is that the headphones are loose inside the band, but at the same time it may well be good ... Read more

Awesome ! BUT!

written by Putte, 24/04/17

It said they had measures on the border between two sizes, so you should take it less. Forget to take it higher. I could have changed but can not go wrong. When these races then it will be a few new b... Read more

Best naps

written by Jade, 19/05/17

Love the headphones. Bought one to two for my dog ​​bet the first one. Can not sleep without them. Awesome!


written by JN, 01/07/17

Very good "headphones" to sleep with for those who have minor sleep problems and are disturbed by lower levels of sound. Does not shut out loud sounds like snoring etc. Very comfortable slee... Read more


written by Per, 14/07/17

Worked perfectly right away. Comfortable with good sound and good battery life. Highly recommended to anyone who does not want to be disturbed or disturb their partner. Very good and drop the cord.

Pleasant and good sound

written by Gwill, 20/07/17

I have previously purchased up to several cheap knock-off variants from China. They used to last for three to four weeks before the sound disappeared, so even though they cost $ 35 including postage, ... Read more

headphones + eyelashes

written by Putte :), 07/08/17

Nice to avoid big headphones. my 2 pairs, first I bought for small size. Are you close to two sizes then take it big. Also works as eyelids for those who are light sensitive to sleep.

Sweatband Headphones

written by Kauno, 12/09/17

The headsets stay alright while sleeping, but they do not quite touch the ears. The battery drains quite quickly. Otherwise, it's just purposeful, and a better option than replacing the heavyweigh... Read more

Optimal to fall asleep!

written by Ann, 18/09/17

Prima headphones listen to audiobooks in bed. No more pressure when falling asleep accidentally. Of course, the sound does not compare with any noise-canceling over-ear headphones, but it serves its p... Read more


written by Jasmine , 11/10/17

Superb good sound and so nice to lie on the side of the bed and listen to the audiobook without fools scratching your ears or falling out! That it was late to buy wireless made it all the more top !! ... Read more

Best purchase this year

written by Elalonna, 25/10/17

I love my sleepphones! How I've been able to be without these for so many years is unthinkable to me today. I hate when it's quiet. Music, audio books and podcasts, I've always started. Wh... Read more

Headband with headphones

written by eko, 31/10/17

I have tested SleepPhones both with "cord" o now last without cord (Bluetooth). The idea itself is great but ... the cord went off after half a year o now that I have a Bluetooth solution, I... Read more

Terribly bad delivery.

written by Rv, 21/12/17

Ordered the items on the 14th and took Express Delivery, I get home my order tomorrow. 9 days. Terribly bad.

The wife became happy

written by Åke, 24/12/17

Fast delivery and the wife overjoyed! Comfortable and with good sound. Perfect for audio books and sleepers.

Can not be without!

written by Camilla, 27/12/17

Got these on Christmas presents several years ago. In the sun. Can not be without, using on a hotel trip o home every night! I have had the product for about 1 year before the battery seems to end o n... Read more


written by CT, 03/01/18

Have tried a pair of cord. Bought last the wireless and they are really worth the money to not sleep with the cord and do not have the phone in bed. It may be charged during the night. The sound is go... Read more

SleepPhones Good Buy!

written by RK, 10/01/18

I do not usually buy computer gadgets but SleepPhones offered a whole new way to listen. Works great. The headphones are easily adjusted. Sitting well Recommended!

Keep what they promise

written by Frida, 16/01/18

Bought strm M for cohabitation and they seem to work fine. He has the habit of listening to podcasts in bed and these are clearly better for the ears than in-ears. It remains to be seen if they hold.

Top Product!

written by Mickiz, 16/01/18

I work with headphones on my head for a large part of the day and need to rest my ears from time to time, something that has become complicated when I also want to listen to a book or music when I sle... Read more

Nice light article

written by snuggets, 31/01/18

The SleepPhones headset is very light and comfortable to wear on the head, does not interfere with sleep. The volume is sufficient.


written by Harald, 06/02/18

Prompt delivery, super quality. Any time!!! My snoring partner is no longer a problem.

Sleep phones

written by Yaagdhor, 19/02/18

Do their job, but in comparison to other phones are quiet and the tape slips over my eyes during sleep.

Pleasant but ..

written by Magnus, 09/04/18

They feel super good to wear, but the sound is mediocre. They do not play very much, which is really good when they are made for sleep. However, I would also be able to use them for nothing but just s... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Violetta , 16/04/18

I sleep significantly better now in the evenings, will be exciting and see if I can sleep much better when I have worked night, because then I sleep only unfortunately 2h, I slept iaf any good when i ... Read more

Sleep Phones

written by Violetta , 25/04/18

I'm working shift, and I've often had sleep problems, and when I work night, I sleep no more than 2h, so now I sleep well, this is one of the best purchases I have made when I sleep even sleep... Read more

At last I do not have to hear the neighbors

written by Kickan_kitty , 25/04/18

Is so terribly happy I found these, finally sovro! Very comfortable to wear and very comfortable sound for sleep.

Superb but hot

written by Cicci, 21/05/18

Very satisfied with the product except I think they are hot. Took one size less according to others recommendation, good decision. Have an Iphone 7, no problem to park.

Sleep Phones

written by Allan Gravesen, 28/06/18

As blind and spatial, I'm very fond of sleepPhones, as I can lie on the page while using them. I connect them to an audio player called Victor Stream II, used by blind and weak people. SleepPhones... Read more


written by Currilindis, 06/07/18

It's really good, smooth. Pain on your ears when lying on the side. The best I buy. Do not disturb anyone without having a cord and no sound. Worth every penny

And now it's quiet ...

written by Cecilia, 05/08/18

Firstly, too hot material. Secondly, now there is no sound anymore, loaded but it is quiet. Ill dissatisfied

Mixed impression

written by Gwill, 06/08/18

In one year, I've worn out two pairs of the original model with cable. This is for normal night use. The cable can not stand as much as I expected and wears very badly at the ends. I have repaired... Read more

Sleepphones original

written by Stina , 11/08/18

Bought these to avoid lying in bed and hearing the sounds of the neighbors in the evening when I'm going to sleep. They are great to fall asleep, wishing for a slightly higher volume sometimes whe... Read more


written by Mia, 16/08/18

Wonderful headphones. Soft and good sound. Adjustable so they always lay the right MIT ear. Very pleased!


written by Mia, 16/08/18

Wonderful headphones. Soft and good sound. Adjustable so they always lay the right MIT ear. Very pleased!

Smart and convenient!

written by Cissi, 27/08/18

Good thing! Comfortable both lying on the side and walking outside. Bought the smallest size after reading other people's reviews and it was a good choice even though I have a pretty big head.

Sleep Phones

written by Gitte, 17/09/18

Easy to order, fast delivery. The "headphones" are absolutely wonderful, soft and beautiful and perfect to have both in bed and on the walk. However, the sound could be a bit better.


written by Nöjd, 01/10/18

Got the perfect headphone size. Great to have the day, too, when it's getting cooler.

Works well with Android phone

written by jmw, 10/10/18

Works well with Android phone but is slightly hot. The top to listen without having plastics plugged in the ears.

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