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Sneaker Slippers

A classic basketball shoe meets a cosy slipper and make beautiful music together! Sneaker Slippers are fun slippers for all sneaker lovers - put them on and enjoy your warm feet!

Sneaker Slippers - Sneaker Slippers Red 38-41
Sneaker Slippers Red 38-41
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Sneaker Slippers - Sneaker Slippers Red 42-45
Sneaker Slippers Red 42-45
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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All Stars slippers

written by John Overgaard Jensen, 02/10/17

Fede All Stars look slippers - lovely warm and rap .... own children between 16-19 years are very envious - but only a couple in our house - mys :-)

Super comfortable!

written by Sigge, 06/10/17

Really beautiful slippers that heat the entire foot. Funny but not tedious and finally a pair of cheeky slippers that are in normal adult sizes (I have 45). Warmly recommend these to anyone who wants ... Read more

Stylish and cool

written by Micke78, 16/10/17

And the great beauty of the whole. Hard to find sneakers sneakers to have indoors. Soft and quiet in addition.

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