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Snowball Maker

Emerge victorious from every winter snowball fight! With Snowball Maker and nimble fingers you can squeeze up to 60 snowballs a minute. That's you!

Snowball Maker - Snowball Maker
Snowball Maker
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I am the King of Snow

written by Björn, 16/12/13

Cool things that I think can thus make any opponent finished fairly quickly. If for once the snow comes

Really cool!

written by Fredrik, 25/12/13

Unfortunately, the snow melted away urgently, but I managed anyway to try it. Of course, there must surely be WET SNOW uteoch I whipped up around 20 snowballs at no time at all.

snowball Fight

written by Frida, 08/01/14

A really fun stuff to give away. Or keep yourself :) Made of sturdy plastic that can withstand use. Perfect to make snowballs to votives with, without getting wet gloves.

Snowball Maker

written by Anette, 20/02/15

Super-fast delivery, goods which I figured had seen them in France. So much so perfect that they could be bought by Cool Stuff, and even at a good price

perfect snowballs

written by Mamma til 4, 15/12/15

It was a "battle" about who was fortunate enough to have snowball Stock fjord that I bought several of this year. Super to create snølykter. Best with wet snow :-)

Fantastic cool snowball maker

written by Marianne, 23/12/15

Very cool. The kids just love this. When we're using it, coming second cottagers up to us and asks where we purchased it. Making snølykt are so beautiful with perfect snowballs.

Snowball Maker

written by KBJ, 11/11/16

Very pleased with the product, it was possible to make nice snowballs even if it was not Tosno. It seems sustainable, have not had as many snowballs yet.

funny thing

written by Bjørn, 22/12/16

Nice case, do not have to be cold on your hands, you fit wet snow :) Not always easy to find now, but will fine winter days with good advantage in producing snowballs.

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