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Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves

Introducing the Blanket 2.0 - Snug Rug Deluxe. The blanket with built-in sleeves that lets you do whatever you want without it sliding down!

Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Cream
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Blue
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Green
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Snug Rug Blanket with Sleeves - Blue
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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289 reviews

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What is this?

good carpet

written by Lykke, 03/05/13

I also use it as normal. carpet and rug is super nice and soft, and is a good size. A really good carpet when you freeze a little about the night on the couch.

Damn fine communion gift

written by Tehor006, 16/05/13

I gave it to my brother as a confirmation present and since then it has been used for each breakfast on weekends.

Red laughed everywhere

written by Julie, 25/07/13

In theory, this would have been a fantastic throws, but even after washing and a round of dryer lint it so much clothes is not looked after use. There are red fluff everywhere, and the black shorts is... Read more

Cozy & Warm

written by JonkJocke, 16/08/13

It is a cozy and large blanket with sleeves and a pocket. If one puts on the blanket like a jacket pocket so sitting on the back where you can not reach, so I guess you should have it on "bakofra... Read more

Very beautiful ceiling!

written by fritt64, 02/09/13

It is a very nice fluffy blanket! We have given it our mother a birthday and she was very happy about it. Only recommendable!

For electrical .....

written by BBJ, 19/09/13

It is fine enough but much electric .... Also a little odd that it should be open behind .... I thought there was a kind of fastener when it is closed it is not easy alone that blanket on the back ...... Read more

Delicious plaid!

written by Charlotte, 24/09/13

A very soft blanket that fits well for a hot day indoors! Bought it as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, and I wish I had bought it myself! It is incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch. Besides,... Read more

incredibly cool

written by Thomas, 07/10/13

Incredibly cool and convenient when to sit outside in the fall weather. The girl I gave it to loved it. Nothing is to sit with your arms out of the blanket and read a book, or simply do it in your liv... Read more

Extremely soft and warm, great for the cold season!

written by Kai, 10/10/13

The ceiling is really super soft and calls again "phew" reactions with friends out. I use it to lie on cold evenings relaxing on bed or couch and read or watch TV. At first it is a little un... Read more

lovely service - everything as it should be

written by Munib, 28/10/13

I received the wrong package, which was missing one snug rye - contacted them and got the missing sent immediately .. Was at home the next day .. ^^


written by Hübbe, 04/11/13

I bought a Snug Rug birthday present for my wife frozen. It was very appreciated. Additionally fun with the unusual gift

"Snug Rug"

written by Örjan A., 21/11/13

A brilliant gift to my wife frozen. When she creeps up on the couch and looking at teven.När she pulled inn arms fillten then sommnar she was so good. (Wash fillten before using the fillten shed)

although carpet

written by helle christiansen, 30/11/13

we are so happy for our Snug Rug carpet and everyone wants to sit with especially when we need to socialize and watch TV fortunately it is so large that 2 song's can put in it it's so super so... Read more

No view

written by Annika, 05/12/13

This will be a Christmas gift so unfortunately I can not say much about themselves felt. looks fine in the package.

Snug Rug.

written by Ine, 08/12/13

Very comfortable and spacious blanket. Fits very nicely to kveldskos front of the TV or read a good book.

Wonderful must in every home

written by Zorki, 08/12/13

Gave one to my other half oe close to becoming overlooked the sofa, she e already satisfied wrapped in snuggen. The only chance to be quick e o steal it when she wants to share it: P


written by Johanne, 12/12/13

Very happy with the product! Nice color, good and soft and very quick delivery! Recommend this highly! : D

Delicious blanket.

written by Andreas, 13/12/13

The carpet is very beautiful and soft. It's a nice feeling to roll in, and there is no static or "dry" feeling even though it's fleece. Nor do something with crass send uldfornemmels... Read more

Quick delivery!

written by Rolf H., 18/12/13

Went to the purchase of 3 pieces "Snug rye blanket with sleeves." The package with blankets arrived after only 4 days. The quality of blankets were good and they fell in good taste among gir... Read more


written by Jo, 20/12/13

The blanket gave my wife very much. She is as she has wished for .Warm and cuddly

Do not agree with all the other

written by Gustav, 22/12/13

Do not agree to them lint like into, but it's absolutely perfect and lint nothing at all! Super simply, highly recommended!

Releasing cotton wads

written by Jakob Johansson, 23/12/13

When I tried the product as it was cozy, but to my surprise when I took of me so I had cotton balls all over me as it had released


written by Köhler, 23/12/13

I decided after reading other reviews to order these blanket with sleeves. The ordering process was impeccable. The delivery came packed very quickly and neatly. The supplied ceiling corresponded all ... Read more

popular Christmas

written by bard, 25/12/13

Bought one for each of my teenage daughters. Was very well received. Seniors also Coolstuff for fast delivery. Recommended.

good Christmas gift

written by Mattias, 26/12/13

Good Christmas gift to give to the frozen people to warm themselves with. Also to give as a birthday present, this is a good idea.

Cozy and warm!

written by Therése, 29/12/13

This is very cozy with its soft fleece. It is helpful with my pocket on the chest where for example mobile fit. It gets really hot inside the blanket so it was perfect as a Christmas present for my bo... Read more

Very pleased

written by Lena, 30/12/13

Fast delivery! Ordered 2 presents, the order was delivered in two days. (Ordered the evening) You had a link so that you could track the status of each order there. Very pleased!

This is the best!

written by Siri, 30/12/13

Got this as a gift for yourself, and bought a to give away. It is perfect! It is big enough to pack all the way into, and far enough that cold toes sticking utom! Delicious!


written by Sam, 01/01/14

Bought it for my partner who is always frozen in the evenings and scolds me want open window. The quality is good and there is a cozy blanket, my partner is satisfied. However, it had to be washed bef... Read more

Super delicious blanket!

written by Lunderi, 02/01/14

I'm very happy with my Snug Rug, it is often used! Perfect when you sit to read, gamer pc or relaxing with a cup of tea on the sofa while watching the film. Strongly recommended for all snuggle lu... Read more


written by RH, 06/01/14

Not necessarily recommendable've given it away. But is not really useful function. just looks goofy.

Too big and fluff

written by camen, 06/01/14

When I get up I pride every time on you ceiling, because it is simply too large viiel. Likewise, I have washed several times already, but still fluff.

Perfect delivery -great goods -1a

written by Ilka wi, 06/01/14

One can strongly encourage you further, because of the order to delivery and including the product itself, all is super long not had such a cooperation happy again Ilka wi

Super comfortable!

written by Johan, 07/01/14

Really nice, but as already mentioned, so wash it first. Bought one for my boyfriend for Christmas, the first was the 4st pierced so I emailed coolstuff who was super nice and sent a new direct so we ... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Rázor, 07/01/14

I bought two pieces of rug snug as a Christmas present for my partner and mother. both were very pleased, the product is just as they promise. color area was great, the fabric was cozy. highly recomme... Read more

mmmmmmm ~

written by Rarity, 08/01/14

This product is clearly one of the best I've purchased on cool stuff! Do not take the day since I got it, here today! Can 110% anbefaldes! : D

Blanket with arms

written by Mamma, 13/01/14

I kjoepte product to my mother, and she is radiant satisfied with the blanket. Did I ma the say that it is good. Ordering and delivery seems I went great in this Christmas controversy. Recommended pa ... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Agge Jo, 13/01/14

A delightful snuggle product for beautiful TV evening on the couch! You can do "anything you want" without the cozy blanket fall off!

Prima blanket with style factor

written by Tommyboy, 24/01/14

Ceiling there are many in various. Sizes and colors. But this is especially: It is soft, the length is reasonable, so that the feet do not stick out and you have something that others do not have. The... Read more

Love it

written by Marte, 30/01/14

The carpet is nice and soft. I feel the carpet is more practical with sleeves. It is slightly larger than regular blankets, which makes it even better. Strongly recommended!

Really good buy!

written by GreaseMonkey, 06/02/14

Bought this Snug Rug as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend because she usually sit wrapped in a blanket when we / she peeks at television and film. She loved it and she uses it all the time. I have al... Read more

Electrically but cuddly

written by Vex, 11/02/14

Great delivery, great quality - sleeves backwards instead of forwards would feel natural. It may be unexpectedly complicated to wrap completely. Also one is electrically charged by the permanent flow.... Read more

Snug not so much ..

written by Christian, 20/02/14

The size is really good, but the lint break at the slightest touch .. both before and after the wash .. really dissatisfied with the product.

Soft, delicious and with sleeves!

written by Thea, 27/02/14

My sister and I were in great doubt whether what we had to give my mother a birthday present, but then we found this amazing invention. It came as always super fast in a nice wrapper and mim mom is re... Read more

Original Snug Rug

written by Ida, 28/02/14

Super soft and delicious quality. Very large size so everyone can fit it. It is open as a bathrobe!

Great blanket!

written by Frida, 03/03/14

This product is perfect when you want it a little cozier on the sofa! BUT, wash it first! For the lint lot before the first wash.


written by Frau Israel, 21/04/14

Immediate delivery, as desired, a gift box. Content well, very happy at any time!

Super Blanket

written by Pitti, 04/06/14

If everything went great - fast delivery, good goods. Am pleased with everything. And most important - the ceiling is really nice.

the runner

written by K. Berger, 06/06/14

the blanket with sleeves is really the blockbuster, super fluffy to cuddle and super convenient.

Sex well

written by Cille, 10/06/14

I bought this gift associated with Mother's Day. From I ordered the package and I received it, I could follow its movements via the tracking number. I got. It made the whole experience much more e... Read more

everything was great

written by Julia Müller, 23/06/14

beautiful fluffy blanket, as I had imagined. The sleeves are forward very far, but you can indeed strike so not as much air moves in.

Super Happy girlfriend

written by Linus, 28/06/14

Bought for his girlfriend when she freezes easily. I think I have never bought such a popular gift at some point, it is used every day and she cuddles the whole time. The problem is that I do not have... Read more

great gift

written by Stephan, 16/07/14

I got the blanket purchased as gift. it was well received. the color is very nice and the ceiling very cuddly and big enough. before you use them the first time, you should wash them, so that one is n... Read more

Snug Rug

written by Kenneth Lind Jensen, 15/09/14

The receiver was VERY happy about her Snug Rug. An ingenious product. Generally Cool Stuff a good place to shop. Unfortunately, I did not my package at the time I had been promised.

Snugg Rug became the best gift

written by CS, 19/09/14

The only time I see it now when the girl is completely contained in it. Was rated 22 stars out of a possible 5 out of her. Best gift for an easy frozen girlfriend. Highly recommended. Now she can both... Read more

Indispensable invention!

written by Mille , 20/09/14

If you need a gift, or you will just treat yourself? Then Snug Rug is the perfect choice. Incredibly delicious and soft quality, highly recommended for those chilly evenings or just for extra fun :-) ... Read more

Snug Rug FTW!

written by DNK, 13/10/14

Awesome! Now, ready for winter! Thanks to the Snug Rug, I will not spend another Finnish winter frozen !!


written by Danne, 13/10/14

O Very soft cuddly and very big! Perfect o o crawl under cuddle


written by Magnus <3 Amanda, 24/10/14

Very soft and warm blanket that you can tie themselves into when you think it is a bit småkallt. I think that it is reminiscent of a &quot;teddy blanket&quot; firm SnugRug have sleeves so it&#39;s eas... Read more

nearly perfect

written by Philipp, 10/11/14

The ceiling keeps basically picks up everything, what it promises. Very cuddly, soft, etc. However, there are 1 point deduction, because they spread a lot of lint around the couch ... The ceiling was ... Read more

Blanket for the couch

written by KTh, 10/11/14

Excellent blanket to hide in when lying on the sofa. The sleeves on blanket makes it in place while you can use your hands outside the blanket. Possibly a little high sometimes. Should be a &quot;juni... Read more

A must!

written by Salamandra, 11/11/14

Have been purchased for the 3rd time the ceiling. Once for me and 2x as a gift. Kam always great and is not just for cozy evenings on the couch perfect but much better if you long nights sitting at th... Read more

Very nice gadget

written by Chris, 18/11/14

A blanket with sleeves? Almost ideal for verfrorene womenfolk :-) Have the ceiling of my friend paid. Since then, the Cuddly part is constantly in use, and I have not permanently serve as heating

Quality unconvinced

written by Mausi, 20/11/14

Delivery was fast, but already when unpacking Blankie the fluff flew only through the air. Did they still time to sample &quot;dressed&quot; and looked after from total verfusselt from top to bottom. ... Read more

Birthday Gift Blanket with Sleeves

written by N.Rosin, 24/11/14

Hi, the blanket with sleeves in red was meant for our mother / mother birthday because she is an avid reader and like to look into a snuggly blanket to snuggle in TV. She&#39;s on the ceiling very hap... Read more

good and quick

written by Lucka, 04/12/14

The Blankie worthy of its name. You sit high enough and feels herb traktorra quietly. Wärmane it does of course. promptly and smoothly delivery.


written by Elli, 05/12/14

The ceiling has gefussselt unexpectedly much. Even after washing, it was just something besser.Schade, pity, pity!

Snug Rug

written by Berit andersson, 06/12/14

HELLO It was really nice and soft, but oh what the flocks o shed. Have washed and tumbled it, but it hardly helps ,, unfortunately, I do not feel really satisfied. the idea was that you would have the... Read more

clumsy but cozy

written by Emma, 11/12/14

The blanket was really warm and cuddly! However, I think it is a bit clumsy, his arms are long and slides down from the shoulders. Now I&#39;m quite short 1,54 long only but also my partner thought it... Read more

Timely delivery, everything was great

written by trazom, 11/12/14

The Blankie arrived on time, it was a gift and was very well received. The ceiling is warm and soft and also warm with the sleeves.

Living up to expectations

written by Sofie, 12/12/14

The product is a good gift idea that lives up to it the promise. Is happy! The product comes in a practical carpet-bags, which is easy to pack.


written by Jochen, 12/12/14

I bought a precaution for each child a blanket and that was schlau.Beide lay not at all the thing.

So lovely

written by Helena, 15/12/14

Warm, cozy and super convenient - now I no longer pack me out of the curtain to take a cup of tea / coffee / cola / snack bowl on the coffee table, there&#39;s sleeves in this fantastic hyggeplaid :-)... Read more

Original Snug Rug

written by Gurli Tensø, 15/12/14

Incredibly nice plaid with ærmer.Det is warm and soft. Available in several colors and is glorious to &quot;package&quot; into, especially now that winter with snow and sleet is coming. Highly recomme... Read more

Mysgo fluff machine

written by Cincen, 15/12/14

Very warm and cozy thing but has a tendency to leave lint all over the place, still after 2 weeks ... very large and comfortable but my partner thinks they are a bit too big then they almost swallow h... Read more


written by SandyB, 15/12/14

I gave away this blanket for Secret Santa is very good angekommen.Die ceiling had good quality, let&#39;s see how it is after washing !! I will then yes erahren.


written by Jim, 16/12/14

Thought this was a regular blanket with sleeves that were extra expensive but when I received the product and realized that it is thicker than a regular blanket, softer than regular blanket, much larg... Read more

Unfortunately, with some minor flaws

written by SNI71, 16/12/14

The ceiling hatt custody ordered because of the special prize 2x, even for me, even to give away. When unpacking it crackled extreme on the body, and &quot;stuck&quot; with a really big charge on the ... Read more

Soft and cozy

written by Anita B, 16/12/14

Giant cozy to curl up in, and perfect with sleeves. For those tea-evenings when it is a bit cold. However, I would recommend to wash it before using it the first time. I have it in beige, and had dark... Read more

Snug RUG

written by LightMessiha, 17/12/14

Bought it to the girl and became a mosterhit and even I have to Sheva that the right fairly comfortable to use

fluffy, but ....

written by BA, 19/12/14

Shipping and payment functions quickly and smoothly. The quality of the blanket but leaves something to be desired. With so many positive comments I was a little disappointed. 1. The Blankie fluff ver... Read more

good service

written by Tor-Erik, 20/12/14

The package came fast and it was given good messages about the package on the way to your destination! The only negative is that &quot;snug rug&quot; one free cloth very much, but otherwise perfectly!... Read more

birthday Gift

written by N, 22/12/14

Bought this as a birthday present for his girlfriend and can safely say that it appealed. Fast arrival of the goods, even though it was so close to Christmas were also a plus. Recommend Cool Stuff!


written by Brauni, 22/12/14

A quick gift for Christmas, rapid delivery, everything as also seen properly. An interview with the Hotline for inquiry, good service, thank you.


written by LVN, 22/12/14

It is however very electrically charged, and for the money, you can easily do it yourself without much trouble.

Everything perfect!

written by rose76, 23/12/14

The blanket is very well made, keeps you warm and is generally as expected. Rapid delivery, everything was great!


written by Gino, 25/12/14

The product arrived as described here. The Leiferung was very quick. I&#39;m very satisfied with the process of ordering. Keep it up.

fluffy pleasure

written by Jessi L., 25/12/14

This blanket I highly recommend! Super Fluffy and practical thanks to the sleeves! Just great!

Good service

written by mette, 25/12/14

After several trades with you, I have only positive to say, commodities have always responded to the expectations and the expedition always fast. Also your INFO is fine ... it probably will not be the... Read more


written by JKD, 25/12/14

Gave as a gift to his girlfriend, but uses it as well though (might have to buy one to eventually ...?) Really comfortable fabric. Large enough to fit most, I should think. The wrapping himself in a b... Read more


written by Mari, 26/12/14

Gave it away for Christmas but it was not a success. It&#39;s crazy static - provides shock when you take it. So not very comfortable to wrap themselves in!

best service

written by Susi, 26/12/14

wonderfully cuddly, good packaging, fast delivery, my friend is very happy and just sitting with the blanket on the sofa

great ceiling

written by bine, 27/12/14

The ceiling was a Christmas present and is now totally good. Very soft and cuddly. Would I buy again.


written by Jörg, 29/12/14

The Kuschedecke I bought for my wife, now it has the only and is thrilled :-) Everything worked great and was delivered promptly.


written by Maud, 29/12/14

The article was well received. He likes (although a lot of fluff, maybe should have been washed), was delivered quickly, OK.

Soft Blanket

written by Rosi, 29/12/14

Pleasantly soft blanket. Unfortunately, they fluff little. Otherwise, I am very keeps zufrieden.Sie warm.

Great Christmas gift for the colder hours

written by Vlady, 31/12/14

Christmas bought Hab my mother&#39;s blanket with sleeves. Has me but even liked it so much that I&#39;ll probably get myself a :) Very very soft and washed after once the pesky fuzz away. The shipmen... Read more

Nice and warm

written by TV, 31/12/14

Fleecehuopa is nice and warm up really well. Last year I bought the couple then went to the first wash a little already broken and the softness of the product were affected. As a new washing before th... Read more


written by Alex, 01/01/15

I got the blanket with sleeves of my girlfriend paid and she is totally happy with it. The fabric is soft and cuddly plush just beautiful.

super Ware

written by Stephan, 02/01/15

I&#39;m very satisfied with the order. The ordered goods has a very good quality and the price is reasonable. The two ceilings were very well received as Christmas gifts. Even with delivery I was very... Read more

So Cozy!

written by Liz, 02/01/15

The snug-rug is great! This is the second time I&#39;ve purchased it from this site. The product is large and THUS big enough for everyone, and even better it&#39;s perfect for cuddling up at home in ... Read more


written by Marie, 03/01/15

Bought a &quot;Snug Rug&quot; to my daughter as a Christmas present for just over a year ago and she uses it every night of the living room. Have yourself borrowed it when she was not at home and it i... Read more


written by kaisismus, 03/01/15

Product has been an instant hit as Weihnachtsgechenk. Good quality and good handling. Gladly again about this provider.


written by stine, 04/01/15

really nice carpet ... somewhat static electric. but it can be changed by a walk in freezer and / or a trip in the washing machine with a fabric softener. bødt lovely and delicious.

The carpet-free cloth very much.

written by T.R., 05/01/15

The carpet was nice and soft, but the lint something absolutely massive. We have fabric sofa and it becomes full of laughing it off, and that it comes at all clothes.

super ceiling

written by Simi, 06/01/15

the blanket is super warm, the processing is high and the ceiling does not smell, like cheaper versions of other stores. gladly again!

Very cuddly

written by cmk0211, 08/01/15

I bought the blanket for my daughter. She was very happy about it - and uses the blanket like to read at night in and watch TV. The ceiling is light and relatively thin, but still warm. I have been wa... Read more


written by sur, 10/01/15

The blanket is invalid detachment so much fluff, have washed and used skjölmedel soon being equally horrible.


written by TRG84, 16/01/15

My mom thinks it&#39;s lovely garden and it can keep warm. It&#39;s better than the alminlige blankets.

Blanket with sleeves Snug Rug

written by Aguter72, 24/01/15

Hello, delivery time on time. However, the ceiling has several holes leash in fur. Basically annoying. But as Christmas all the more. Obliging it to take back the blanket would or against a properly h... Read more

Beautiful Blanket

written by Dirk M., 04/02/15

Prima product, gift for my friend. Fabric is not so thick, so the ceiling is handy, for example, knitting or reading. My girlfriend would recommend in the arm portions elastics because the sleeves are... Read more

Digger this concept

written by Per Tomas, 23/02/15

Bought for Christmas because I bought something similar here even once. These were larger and had pockets, which I thought was really great! Very good rug! Lower grade because the lint something absol... Read more

Blanket with sleeves

written by EW, 30/03/15

Very good product. We recommend. Funny blanket with sleeves for cozy cuddle evenings. Have taken in beige, brown but also looks very good.

snug rug

written by jani janhunen , 08/04/15

It was just what I wanted when ordering the product. Billing manager klarna is familiar and safe very comfortable to continue to do business with you

Jungfruns gift

written by PP, 11/04/15

She was very happy for the gift, the VA with the car next week, when we went to Denmark / Germany. The luddade of the entire clothes so it eh not as poppis on your return!


written by Nootrop, 13/04/15

The ceiling is quite practical in itself, but they fluff despite washing in the washing machine still so much that it takes hours to the couch to get clean again. I unfortunately had a black jeans whe... Read more


written by Kirsten, 17/04/15

The blanket has very strong gefusselt. After they had moved out, had among the electrostatically charged Fussel the ceiling on the whole clothing.

Snug Rug fleecehuopa - very good gift a wink

written by Jarza, 18/05/15

the wife and I ordered the product he was really positively surprised by the gift. Snug Rug is in active use on cool evenings now continue in May and in the autumn / winter for sure on a daily basis. ... Read more

Very satisfied!

written by Peter, 11/06/15

Much larger and thicker blanket than I thought. Very appreciated gift. Fast delivery without any problem.

A dream

written by Martina Düster, 18/06/15

I got this blanket for Christmas and was totally thrilled. Until my family great ceiling discovered for himself. Now they have their own and I think to myself. Lightweight and toasty

Highest heating pleasure.

written by Saari, 22/06/15

In the pictures it looks for cozy out, and practical, to be true. But it&#39;s true. Although it had the practical sleeves as it is the softest blanket I ever had. If you are romantically laid it work... Read more

Poor quality

written by CoolGuy, 22/07/15

Have the ceiling get today that was intended as a gift. Even when 1 try on the ceiling fusselte extremely strong and I got my clothes once vacuum with the vacuum cleaner. Ceiling washed 1 x 30 ° and d... Read more


written by Odd, 27/07/15

Bought 2 snug rug in two different colors of which I asked to have a package was the wrong color. In addition it is they absolutely ok.

The boyfriend loved it

written by Rasmus, 27/07/15

I gave this to my boyfriend (girl) on her 16th birthday, and it was clearly the best gift! She would not drop the curtain again and use it now all the time

A new boyfriend on the couch

written by Tone, 19/08/15

This is the ultimate blanket having the sofa. This avoids getting cold on the arms, shoulders and neck despite having arms in a reading position, zapping position, surf-position or whatever you than d... Read more

Lovely product, fast delivery

written by maya, 31/08/15

Everything was as it should be, the product was fine, delivery flawless. The entire transaction was quick and seamless. Would like to shop there again


written by B, 22/09/15

Holds very warm. Cosy. Stuff bad inside processes: The threads are long inside. Otherwise, it came as a gift to good!

Soft, warm and well!

written by Veronika, 22/09/15

Very nice and soft carpet, like it very much. It is &quot;one size fits all&quot;, and since I&#39;m not the world&#39;s greatest person disappears I bit into it. The sleeves are quite large, so does ... Read more

fantasktisk soft

written by Rene, 23/09/15

It is wonderfully soft and cuddly great, great gift idea. Especially good to put in a sofa with winter

Fluffy and fluffed

written by Corinna, 28/09/15

The ceiling is beautifully soft but very many lint released from the material. This is a shame, since I bought the bright ceiling for a dark fabric sofa. However, I could still not be separated from t... Read more


written by Anni, 29/09/15

Although we washed it, there was lint EVERYWHERE. our clothes, couch, carpet, yes everything. The carpet is super soft, but even after the second time we&#39;ve had washed it, fluff it still. we find ... Read more

Poor delivery

written by Eddedede, 12/10/15

The idea of ​​a blanket with sleeves is class. It works perfectly as a gift for Single Women. But the delivery time was terrible. A day more and the gift had arrived exactly on the birthday. Works on ... Read more

fat carpet

written by Kasper, 19/10/15

The two blankets I ordered at Cool Stuff is just super soft and warm. Highly recommend others to buy them.

Blanket with Sleeves Deluxe

written by Patrick, 28/10/15

Very good price-performance ratio. Lint initially a little and at the seams, it has isolated a few threads. The material is super, sleeves and pocket available. Long enough to pack around the feet. Th... Read more

Snug rug a must in every home!

written by Johanna, 11/11/15

Got a recommendation from a colleague to buy a snug rug because it is so nice to get inside and get warm and better than a blanket / blanket on the couch. Said and done now, I have bought two, and dau... Read more

Super good!

written by ML, 23/11/15

Super bargain - short delivery time, and distinguished that one can have it delivered wrapped as a gift :) It&#39;s definitely become a favorite at home, the carpet is soft and perfect to wrap around,... Read more


written by Björn, 03/12/15

Best bargain! Really comfortable and cozy to wear and perfect to wear when watching film and holding her laptop.

Super Service Super ceiling

written by Lenimaheni, 03/12/15

I&#39;m really happy the ceiling and can only recommend. Also the service of Cool Stuff is excellent.

Comfortable evening guaranteed!

written by anika, 14/12/15

My best friend was thrilled from the ceiling. The ceiling is especially for people who so is pretty much always cold. Keeps super warm! I can only recommend. Unfortunately, the glue has when unpacking... Read more


written by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 14/12/15

Thank you all were good gelaufen.Es gifts. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read more

Total cozy

written by Bitten, 14/12/15

Have had the carpet in a few years and has repeatedly purchased it to others. Is used almost every day. The pocket on the stomach is broken and the light color quickly becomes dingy, but it has also b... Read more

Great blanket!

written by Thorfin, 14/12/15

Can only recommend this! Warm, large and fluffy! Got to buy an extra when it became fajting on the felt at home.

Snug rug a must in every home!

written by Johanna, 14/12/15

Snug rug is a must in every home. Wash 1-2 times before using it as fluff it does not. :-)


written by kosen, 14/12/15

Good to ha.Kjøpte as gifts for Christmas to have the cabin. highly recommended soft surface. Should be washed first time alone

Soft o-go

written by Calle, 14/12/15

A really soft o go blanket. Very nice in color. Highly recommended by my boyfriend who got it, then I do not have to use it :)


written by Thomas, 14/12/15

Fine but a little odd with sleeves and pocket if you want to take it right at the falls it down the back, would be smart with a small string as a bathrobe :)

Fine fine

written by Aagger, 15/12/15

It looks really smart - do not know what else to write, because it is a Christmas present, which for good reason is not given yet :)


written by Mickeyjule, 17/12/15

Everything worked great ... The product complies with the specification. The settlement was also properly. Any time!

Incredibly warm and cozy blanket!

written by Tony, 17/12/15

Bought one for my frozen girlfriend so she can get warm during those cold winter days and now I see her, never without it. She recommends it to all other frozen out there.

Unfortunately, fall sharply

written by Armania, 20/12/15

Bought this to the girl who was ecstatic that it was good. We cuddled on the couch late one evening when we were going to put us, we saw that the whole sofa was covered with cotton balls. We washed it... Read more

perfect gift for constantly freezing girlfriends

written by Diego Silver, 21/12/15

The ceiling is really fluffy and very very bequem.Und to in pink still very cute anzusehen.Meine girlfriend can finally cuddle on the couch and enjoy their tea without herkriechen under the ceiling !!... Read more

Very convenient

written by wuz, 21/12/15

The ceiling is really convenient. The material tends unfortunately to static, therefore only 4 out of 5 stars

Glory right for a relaxing evening on Kuschel de

written by Claudia, 23/12/15

The ceiling is gorgeous fluffy. Before 1 use I washed it. The ceiling kept her Originalflauschigkeit. Since it is quite long, can be wonderful or with her on the couch sitting- is thus also suitable :... Read more

100% satisfaction!

written by Anna, 24/12/15

The blanket has a great color (blue) and is really super soft and cuddly. Quality and workmanship are also properly. I&#39;m very satisfied!

Cozy and comfortable

written by Qw1zz, 25/12/15

A very nice and appreciated Christmas present for someone who likes to spin themselves blankets and throws.

Cozy blanket

written by Rickard, 25/12/15

Gave it away for Christmas to a blanket loving wife. Much appreciated. Beautiful blue color, soft and inviting to cozy TV evenings

In all criticism.

written by Adam, 27/12/15

Do not understand how people could give it more than 2 stars .. linting as hell, follow the advice to wash several times. After 4 washes and dry cycles as many as lint still. Total useless to cuddle i... Read more


written by Flo, 28/12/15

Unfortunately, I can like to make positive review on the blanket. The part leaves everywhere small lint - this has not stopped even after repeated laundering 2. It makes no fun to einzukuschen in this... Read more

Nice Stay

written by Ines, 28/12/15

Very nice warm. It slips in and feels comfortable could also imagine the ceiling in the summer when it is cooler at night to use outdoors.

Used every evening

written by Roger, 28/12/15

It was his daughter who got it for Christmas, and according to her it is Snugrugen really comfortable and used every night

Good if one is 3 meters long and has hot-back

written by Martin, 28/12/15

The sleeves and the pocket is just a gimmick that makes it more difficult to put on it. A typical blanket is enough almost always preferred. But it was quite cozy fabric, at least when it is new.

Soft blanket ever

written by Skevert, 28/12/15

An absolutely wonderful blanket :)) it&#39;s really great, perfect when, for example, sitting on the sofa or while sitting any other required stencil as a regular blanket just want to go to :). Highly... Read more


written by MrSnuggles, 28/12/15

Bought a snugrug to my boyfriend for Christmas. Has been a popular present used extensively. seamless blanket that lets you have your arms free to pick chips or hugging and yet it remains in the heat.... Read more

successful Christmas gift

written by FruKo, 29/12/15

Bought this as a Christmas present to the daughter in law and her opinion was that it could be the best blanket ever. :) Heated good a snowy and windy night when the wife&#39;s unit began.

A lovely plaid!

written by Anette, 29/12/15

A blanket I have become very fond of. Excellent soft and warm, and incredibly nice that it has arms. Wonderful to pack into :)

The Funny but good idea

written by Sjovidé, 30/12/15

I have a mother who often freezes and I bought a snug rye same, she was a little skeptical at first, due to some allergies and sensitive skin, but she can fucking like it: D Very good service from coo... Read more

Rub off on clothes

written by Snug Rug, 30/12/15

I have ordered a red, pink and cream colored Snug rug for my in-laws. The pink was surprisingly nice, the red was fine, the cream infected as the only clothing. In my opinion it is Snug Rug little exp... Read more

Delicious snuggle blanket

written by Anne, 30/12/15

A delicious blanket that keeps you comfortable and warm and arms free to what you may have wanted to! The only thing to complain about is that fluff something very, but after a wash that problem was s... Read more

Soft and well

written by NaitsInTheDark, 30/12/15

A warm and cozy blanket. The sleeves are very useful, but the pocket is completely unnecessary. Lint pretty much right on the basis of the package but have not washed it yet, so do not know what it do... Read more

very satisfied

written by emeyh, 31/12/15

I can and I want only good things both cool stuff, as well as of the purchased goods (blanket snug rug) write. The delivery time was fast, efficient, and the product is fully consistent with my expect... Read more

Ideally Gifts Bazaar

written by Schnecke, 31/12/15

It was the perfect gift and the surprise has succeeded. Order is perfect expired! When I look back a gift, I now know where I can find the right one.

Snug Rug Deluce

written by Jonna, 01/01/16

Just a wonderful, soft and warm :) Would recommend to anyone who catch cold easily, worth the price, and fast delivery.

Blanket with sleeves

written by susanne, 01/01/16

Very nice, soft blanket wrap is really can to reinkuscheln only recommend. Geniese the evenings in her

Went well

written by Bernd, 01/01/16

Fast, good service and during the festive season. Good goods at a fair price. Our daughter is happy with her blanket.


written by Knobi, 02/01/16

Ceiling cozy, warm, but unfortunately they moult very strong. The size is good and the delivery was good.

Since a warm feeling!

written by Bodensee-Maus, 02/01/16

Cute ceiling (they have ordered in pink), very cozy and very comfortable and warm! It offers plenty of space on the sofa. Herrlich !!!

Defective product

written by David, 04/01/16

Bought this snug rug as a Christmas present for my wife. Appreciated gift, no doubt, but sadly it was a big hole in it, and even sadder enough, two weeks later, I have still not received any response ... Read more

Giant dissatisfied

written by Suncica, 04/01/16

Bad bad I ordered a red I was black I&#39;m not satisfied at all but the one who received it wanted to keep the

Snug Rug

written by Hellen, 04/01/16

Very good! Big and rich, soft and cuddly! Corresponds clear expectations! The supplied bag is great to store it in.


written by Mackan, 04/01/16

Cosy and practical blanket, something great for an 11 year old but the kids have a tendency to become bigger so it fits well enough in time.

Very satisfied!

written by Jay, 04/01/16

Definitely recommended, the product very well liked by my mother who got it for Christmas. Fast delivery and nice features. Very professional company with great customer service.

Very uppskaddad gift.

written by Madeleine, 05/01/16

Love said in passing that he wanted a blanket with sleeves for Christmas, and I knew that this product was here. He got the red that is &quot;true to color&quot;, very soft and comfortable, and the ra... Read more

Top blanket

written by Henrik, 05/01/16

All this at home fighting for it. Very warm and cozy. The lint unfortunately off a lot before you washed it first time.

best Christmas gift

written by JFK, 05/01/16

The wife got it for Christmas, which is the best Christmas present I&#39;ve given her so far :-). The kids will also have one each

Good goods, fast delivery

written by Schlözil, 05/01/16

I am well satisfied with the ordered goods from me! I ordered just before Christmas and, as advertised, get the blanket in time for Christmas Eve. Thank very much again!


written by City, 05/01/16

We tried &quot;blanket&quot; but the luddade like hell so we sent it back. Would rather not put any star rating. I do not recommend it to anyone.


written by Heyden89, 05/01/16

The Snug-Rug blanket with sleeves is one of the best inventions and this was not the first, which I bought. I am equally excited about the functionality and the quality and it can only recommend. The ... Read more

releasing fluff

written by Sven, 05/01/16

Looked good and good, but let a lot of lint even after a wash. Unfortunately, I&#39;m dissatisfied with your purchase


written by Simon, 05/01/16

A laundry is okay but had to wash it four times and the results were okay but still fluff but not as much.

Very great gift

written by Headstrike, 06/01/16

The ceiling is well worth it. Really highly recommended. The fabric feels good and is neither slippery nor you sweat in the ceiling. The ceiling is also very well made.


written by Sandra, 06/01/16

Love this! Experience not to fall - we have not washed it before use. Super to wear when it gets chilly!

Very satisfied!

written by cajatan, 06/01/16

Ware was flawless, the product has been delivered pünklichst! The blanket is exactly as described :-)


written by Caspian, 08/01/16

I liked everything with product Snug rug Deluxe apart from the pictures it looked to be comprehensive while in reality it was open at the back. Other than that it was an absolutely perfect Christmas g... Read more


written by Julien , 09/01/16

Blanket was a gift, which arrived super. Can each of cozy joy objects has recommended such a ceiling, since this does not slip even when getting up from the shoulders.

funny invention, lint irtoo terribly.

written by Olli, 12/01/16

A working solution! Material a bit of bad ku ku clothes full of lint below was minutes. Really electricity coverage as well.


written by cali, 13/01/16

The blanket is really great, unfortunately they moult. Did they even washed and dried first, but a bit they fluff still. Otherwise she&#39;s great.

Free cloth violently

written by Jørgen , 17/01/16

Basically a great product, but it lint something absolutely incredible! Even after having been washed twice continues to loc. The first time it was washed, it was also a hole at one sleeve.