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Sorbet Maker from KitchPro®

Make your own delicious sorbet. Cold, wholesome and sweet. Put your favourite frozen berries and fruit into the machine and it turns it into delicious sorbet. The ideal dessert for people with lactose intolerance and anybody who loves tangy flavours.

Sorbet Maker from KitchPro® - Sorbet Maker from KitchPro® (EU Plug)
Sorbet Maker from KitchPro® (EU Plug)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

Sorbet Maker from KitchPro® - EU to UK Plug Adapter
EU to UK Plug Adapter
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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What is this?

Love it

written by Karolina, 27/09/16

Have used it every day since I bought it. Take my 'favorite and mixes with small ice cubes with Turkish yogurt. Suits me fine that does not want sugar in my glass. : D


written by Meortsgreb, 07/06/17

Unexpectedly good to make the sorbet on frozen fruit only (be sure to let frozen fruit thaw a while before just). Mango will be magically good. Easy to clean after use.

Small and slow ...

written by Anita, 24/06/17

One has to use enormous powers to get out the sorbet. Many parts that are difficult to clean! Another machine that is going to be hidden in a closet. Only used once and it was so hard to make the sorb... Read more

Fun device that works

written by Elizabeth, 13/07/17

Quick delivery. The sorbet machine looks like in the picture and works as described. We are pleased!


written by Moa, 23/08/17

Really good results! The 11 year old got it in the gift and has made several different kinds of sorbet / nicecream. We have tried fruit / berries or fruit / nutella. Nice shape on the glass. Easy to p... Read more

Really delicious!!

written by Wassernixe, 12/09/17

The sorbet machine I had seen on TV and ordered because of the positive assessment. The delivery came quickly and well packed. On the first try, I let the frozen fruit thaw for only 5 minutes. As a re... Read more

ice cream maker

written by schlumpf, 14/09/17

the sorbet machine is easy to clean makes great creamy ice cream great the shipping very fast nice contact mfg

Small and easy

written by Millia, 26/12/17

Easy-to-use machine. Is also extremely easy to clean. Have already used it several times. Well worth buying.

Sorbet Machine

written by Emily , 04/01/18

How easy and convenient! Easy to assemble and to disassemble. Become perfect sorbet glass. Have tested different fruits and berries but it should be thawed a bit before it does not stock in the machin... Read more

Super delicious

written by Helle B., 04/07/18

The sorbet machine seems to work really well. Really delicious to enjoy a strawberry sorbet with pure fruit on a warm summer day, with a good conscience. A good idea to leave the fruits for 20 minutes... Read more

Is it bad?

written by Roger, 09/07/18

It worked perfectly in type 2 minutes late then ended ... the screw? To move after something sounded "klunk" in it, but the little thing it managed to do was beep.

cool and easy

written by Happywoman, 12/07/18

During a TV test for ice cream machines, I became aware of the KitchPro sorbet machine. Simple handling, price and ice results convinced the testers. Since most ice cream machines are rather expensive... Read more

Sorbet to fall in love

written by Nette, 13/07/18

Dear people, the little machine is super great. If you're not as fond of sugar as me, that does not do that much on your hips and stuff. Who likes to eat sorbet will love this little machine. It i... Read more

Works perfectly

written by Mats, 17/07/18

Works as it says. Not so difficult to clean up or put together. Creating surprisingly good ice cream too. Would not buy if you are looking for something professional or advanced. But can be recommende... Read more

Okay but not phenomenal

written by Peter, 18/07/18

Have just used it once, with only strawberries, got really good but sorrow I would not have called it. The question is if the result in a mixer had not been right.

sorbet machine

written by DK, 24/07/18

Very good, easy to handle machine. Our expectations are fulfilled to our satisfaction.

Best gift!

written by Molly, 07/08/18

... for myself to enjoy it! Works great, gets delicious and much nicer than if you mix in the mill and sprint. A bit wasteful that you can not get everything when some of you stay in the mill when you... Read more

Works flawlessly

written by Mary, 09/08/18

Super the machine my son got her for his birthday he tried it right away! Everything worked well.

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