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Let your car roar like a sports car! Just plug SoundRacer in the cigarette lighter and your car will sound like a sports car from the speakers when you accelerate, change gear or idle etc!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

sound racer

written by kaha, 29/04/13

Hello, for "large" kids, we are men now times, I find the gadget awesome. I drive a audi 80 1.9 tdi, but with the sound racer he sounds like a chevy v8. one would have the sound only can lea... Read more

Car is like a ferrari now ....

written by Ibo, 21/05/13

Hi I bought such a V8 .... And the sound is like a real Ferrari V8, I was completely happy with it .. You just have to have good facilities so it is very super ... I recommend it try and see and was h... Read more

Car is like a ferrari now ....

written by Ibo, 21/05/13

Hi I bought such a V8 .... And the sound is like a real Ferrari V8, I was completely happy with it .. You just have to have good facilities so it is very super ... I recommend it try and see and was h... Read more

For ne short round all right

written by Mechanic82, 03/06/13

If you even want to turn a small round with V8 Sound of SoundRacer is quite funny but in life it does not hold at least for me the sound and then varies between the throttle and idle.

Funny laugh fest but crackles from o to

written by Håkan, 10/06/13

This was worth the money for all the laughter I heard from those who had traveled with the car. "50km / h feels like 110!" You put in SoundRacer plug into the cigarette lighter socket, set t... Read more

Works but is too expensive

written by Fransis, 19/06/13

It works but it is too costly as gadget it falls out once in a while but otherwise fine enough, little noise at fm transmitter but fine at the aux connector


written by Janne, 10/07/13

Sound Racer is a fun product that easily brings a smile! However, be aware that it does not work like clockwork on all cars. On my car has automatic (Volkswagen 2011), it works like that. On friends&#... Read more

Haha blast

written by Mattias, 16/08/13

Tried this in my V70-05a and S40-04a Phase 2. And worked very well in both cars. Extras well in s40n with subwoofer, etc: D

Sound Racer

written by Tintti, 17/09/13

BMW 530da (e39) does not function correctly, and VW 1.9TDi NB (2005) Sound Racer loss of rpm's for a bit.

Nice idea

written by Harald, 10/10/13

Actually a fun gimmick, but annoying that sometimes the idle speed 'got stuck'. ... But was possibly on the wagon with a V6 with automatic transmission. Overall, however, a funny thing but cou... Read more

Spot on!

written by Krille, 17/12/13

Best gift for my brother who recently acquired driver's license and car. He dug the hard, good sound and you can dream away a bit.

The best gift ever!

written by Tuula, 09/01/14

I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He said this was the best gift ever! The sound is good and the device is working properly anyway our car. Now it's always fun when driving. This makes u... Read more


written by Benny Hill, 06/02/14

The only disadvantage that difficult to drive the waters and in the eyes of kuset pants. Definitely a must for people with ambitions do not meet soliditeettiä, ie not afford to V8.

V8 Cobra for all

written by lassdas, 17/02/14

The "Sound Racer" - in my version Cobra V8 - does exactly what it should: the "real" sound of a "thick" V8 Motor's play. Who has a 3.5mm jack input on the car radio, ... Read more

Fast delivery & Funny Stuff

written by Göran, 14/04/14

It worked great, everything from bestälning sure I got it in the mailbox. Moreover, it was a fun gadget to have in your car, always fooling anyone. Good with AUX input because I do not have it in your... Read more

Top part !!!!

written by Tom, 02/06/14

Good Morning !!!! Just as I imagined. Enjoy an affordable price !!!! Any time !!!!

Works fine.

written by Tony, 19/06/14

This was easy to install and worked right away. It does not work optimally, sometimes hanging it does when the speed changes. It has also hung up a few times. But all in all it works fine and it is so... Read more

Highly variable.

written by Tony, 01/07/14

I witnessed at first that it was working fine. But gradually it has begun to live his own life, that it may not always follow the speed of the car, but traps and controls when it sees fit. This happen... Read more

Cute fun with the practical added

written by Timo, 24/07/14

Have the SoundRacer V8 brought me because I thought the idea was funny and my radio no MP3's can play. The SoundRacer sounds with a corresponding music system quite well. However, it noted that it... Read more


written by Gorm, 01/09/14

Have tried Sound racer I bought 4 different biler.Veldig unstable speed, flying suddenly high up even when the engine of the car runs at low speed. Once the car has high speed it happens all too often... Read more

Nothing exciting sound

written by Ola Olsson, 20/12/14

Tested it recently and there were good and bad things with it. There is nothing particularly exciting sounds. Sounded more like that played Mulle Meck. It is probably better sound with a brand new car... Read more


written by snusdosa, 05/01/15

Haha .. Have then allrig laughed so much before, laugh so Tarana ran! Yes, it made her sound so good.

What else does it ...

written by 6sto, 09/03/15

... Low-powered car a person needs? Nothing! This has the 1.6 diesel saundit it deserves. The downside is that there is no sound from without kaiutinviritelmiä.

Sound Racer

written by -juha-, 24/04/15

The idea behind all well and good, but at least Honda Accord model year 2006 vehicle unit can not recognize the speed. Did not help, although increased in accordance with the instructions in a cross f... Read more

sound racer v8

written by robby, 14/01/16

Nice gadget - I have installed JBL speakers and a good radio, but it is the sound disappointing. Maybe interesting for novice drivers with small cars, to have the illusion of a large carriage. Otherwi... Read more

V8 diesel four

written by Lasse, 08/03/16

Installed it on my wife's diesel Corsa without her knowing about it. Early in the morning she went to work. Two minutes after she called and said that there must be some- thing wrong with the car.... Read more

Men's toys

written by LUI, 16/03/16

If you have found a sender-free frequency, makes it reasonably Spaß.Leider is the speed control is not very stable, sometimes suspends, probably depends on the pulses of the generator on. Sound is wel... Read more

SoundRacer V8

written by DDog5000, 05/04/16

So in advance, thank you very much that there is something ever offered !! The SoundRacer's really cool, fun, and sounds quite good. Is perhaps not for everyone but itself is a great idea. I only ... Read more

Ikk for automatic

written by Isabella, 22/06/16

Does not it in a aygo automatic. : ss

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