Spin Chill Portable Drink Chiller

Place your unopened, room-temperature drink in the Spin Chill, press the button and then watch how it begins to rotate at a terrific speed and then lower it into ice or water. Ice cold drinks in one minute!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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What is this?

A funny thing

written by Alis Albertsen, 03/07/14

Radiator beer fine in cubes rather quickly

There you go

written by M, 27/07/14

Drove my jar at room temperature 4 ° C water, it was 15 degrees after a little more than 2 minutes. The heat can have heats the water when the water cools the jar.

The beer is in 60 sec. Cold

written by Status.K, 11/08/14

The device is the hammer. The beer is ice cold in 60 seconds. Must Have for all need the Cold beer.


written by Michael, 17/11/14

Got in 3 minutes cooled a beer from about 18 degrees to about 6-8 degrees. Used ice cubes and water with a little salt. The beer was perfect and foamed not. Spinchillen comes without box, so it might ... Read more

does not work

written by ihme ja kumma, 07/01/15

The product does indeed worked as promised. Although the double time rolled in ice water cans, the contents of the can was hot. Or lukewarm. The same thing to run when you leave them in ice water cans... Read more

Rather flop instead of cold beer

written by Fellio, 15/06/15

Even in ice water the beer takes several minutes until cold actual in cold water does not have a chance to cool the beer ... When open the beer sprayed in all directions ... Rather enttäsucht of this ... Read more

spin Chill

written by Heiko, 20/07/15

Cool part. Works perfectly. High-quality manufactured. Does one not that this works.

spin Chill

written by robbel, 07/09/15

Horny invention. Finally quickly fizzle ne cold can. Ingenious invention. Kam also well received by my friends.

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