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Star Wars Jedi Housecoat

This housecoat is perfect for the Star Wars nerd who wants to have a cosy time as a Jedi knight! This robe is not just for mornings. It is great for any time or place, such as after a bath, at a board meeting and on movie nights in a sofa galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Jedi Housecoat - Star Wars Jedi Housecoat
Star Wars Jedi Housecoat
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written by Maria, 12/12/16

Soft, long, warm and comfortable. However, slightly greater than the promised M-XL, which in our case was only an advantage. Would recommend!

Way to big!

written by Mathias, 12/12/16

I am a man of fairly average size (85 kg 170 cm) ... and when this arrived I just thought, why is it designed that there may be two of me inside? I am convinced that one should be 200kg + for this is ... Read more


written by Michael K., 27/01/17

The fairing is really soft - and it becomes a bit like a Jedi. But as others have written is quite large - even in the sleeves, so those will I probably made a little about. But really nice soft - and... Read more

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