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Fridge Magnets from Spralla®

Unburden your poor overloaded fridge magnets with these exclusive strong magnets. The magnets are sunk into a neat and grip-friendly aluminium casing. Sold in packs of 2 and two different sizes.

Fridge Magnets from Spralla® - Small (2-pack)
Small (2-pack)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
Fridge Magnets from Spralla® - Large (2-pack)
Large (2-pack)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Really good fridge magnets

written by MLSS, 10/05/13

This is a product that really delivers what it promises, you can have as many children's drawings or important pieces any time during and keeps everything in place! I'm super happy and would r... Read more


written by Hanne, 20/05/13

The magnets are powerful and works really good on the wall I've painted with magnetic paint. Both the smallest and the slightly larger magnets are great !!

Strong magnets!

written by Håkan, 10/06/13

Strong magnets. Both the large and small! Actually, all of which buttons should be after all ... Have been looking for strong magnets that also look great. These I highly recommend! Two large magnets ... Read more

Not so amazingly strong

written by Sarar, 08/11/13

Bought the magnets to my magnetic board where only the strong magnets work, but unfortunately not all of these magnets are extra strong as it says in the description. They certainly excellent works on... Read more

fridge magnets

written by A.Grande, 03/12/13

Very powerful magnets. Keep plenty of sheets and sits very well. Nice shape so you can hang something over them too.


written by Karina, 06/12/13

It is good and strong magnets. It is a good size. I am happy with the magnets. Recommendable.

fast trade

written by Bjarte, 27/12/13

Fast and good trading. Strong and good fridge magnets, which keep well. Recommend this product highly enough :-)


written by Alexander, 02/01/14

strong, stylish magnets just what I needed. was a bit afraid that they would be small, but they were just the right size.

Amazing Magnets

written by Carina Jensen, 03/01/14

These magnets are nothing short of amazing. Connect with things falling from the bulletin board because liiige need some of the other that has crept in during :-)


written by Trollet, 12/02/14

Finally two large magnets that keep the calendar in place! I bought two large (3 cm in diameter) and feels perfect for the task. They are clearly stronger than the so-called "super strong magnets... Read more


written by Tina, 21/03/14

Strong magnets that managed many papers at once! Ideal for families with many things to put up on the fridge.

very good

written by Lena, 01/05/14

good strong magnets pages fast but not so fast that I can not get them back. can hold a lot more than my tidligger magnets

Small, agile and strong!

written by Ekblom, 18/06/14

Bought two small. Sucks it through all the paper collections I have in the fridge so the product keeps it promised!


written by Tony, 19/06/14

These were very powerful in terms of size. Very nice to have the refrigerator, especially if you have heavy stuff to hang.

Not especially strong.

written by Elin, 27/11/14

Bought 2 times "buttons two small" but unfortunately got only two, instead of four. No big deal, picking errors happen so easily, and of course I get what I ordered and paid for when I conta... Read more

Great product!

written by Elin, 12/12/14

Incredibly smart product! Now I finally hung up all of the sheets, letters and bills on the fridge, without risking that something falls down. The magnets are incredibly strong, even the little ones! ... Read more

Good magnets.

written by suviliini89, 26/12/14

A pretty and simple-looking, very strong magnets. Stays bigger stack of paper on the refrigerator door.

Not so much shit

written by MDL, 27/12/14

They work well in contrast to the very decorative plastic refrigerator magnets with dogs and kitties on. Good size and magnetic capacity and to grab on. There had to have been 4-5 pieces in a package ... Read more

It allows them to be

written by Ladeby, 06/01/15

Finally, you can get the paper or photos to be left on the fridge. A magnet holds easily up an annual calendar with 12 sheets of A4.


written by AnnaS, 31/03/15

Cannon Magnets. My sister also wanted so I bought her too. Giant Strong and keeps mååånga paper =))

Strong UN

written by MP, 17/04/15

cruelly strong magnets that hold up most of the fridge! asdasdsadasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasd

strong magnets

written by Peter Høgfeldt, 31/08/15

Refrigerator magnets works exactly as intended. They are very strong and can hold on to many / thick papers.

Super Strong

written by Ruth , 02/01/16

Really super strong. Keeps all the paperwork in place. Easy to grip and to release. Use magnets on the refrigerator and in the office.

Good magnets

written by BYGD, 04/01/16

What was I expected (good powerful). Did not like there was more to say, how much should you write that they were good

Full pressure Magnet

written by Peter, 16/12/16

I use my refrigerator coming-of-mind board why it often gets much paper there. These magnets are really really good and strong. Have a stack of 10 papers in a lodge and it is a risk that slip or fall.... Read more

Small and in bulk

written by Joachim, 31/10/17

Remember to remember that I ordered them but when I packed up, they were apparently not there. Was killing everything when I remembered that I ordered them. They lay in a small paper of the same type ... Read more

Clean design, good function

written by GFGO, 09/01/18

In addition to the heading, adds that shipping and delivery worked excellent - came before Christmas as promised despite last minute purchase.

small, powerful and convenient magnet

written by Pojankloppi, 19/02/18

I like the second small magnet with me, the other one is in the refrigerator door, so you do not have to put any sticky notes anymore. Despite its small size, the magnet is quite powerful and looks ve... Read more

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