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Travalo Refillable Perfume Atomizer

A small bottle with a simple refilling system. Just fill the travalo with your favourite perfume and spray when the need arises.

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Very good

written by SL, 02/08/13

Very pleased!!! Do not bring large glass bottle to training without it fits easily in your bag.

Travalo Perfume Fill

written by Ase, 21/08/13

Travalo Perfume Fill practicable. Can have my favorite perfume in your purse without taking up too much space, and is especially handsome when I travel by plane because of the size / amount of liquid.... Read more


written by Amanda, 21/11/13

Small, slim and stylish. Perfect in your handbag, or to take on the trip. Easy to refill the perfume bottle with spray function.


written by Marina, 03/01/14

How good anywhere! . . .

handy thing!

written by Malin, 24/02/14

Small enough to be taken on the trip or to keep in your handbag. Very easy to fill with favorite perfume and easy to use. feels like it can withstand a little careless handling with.

very happy

written by Xtine716, 04/03/14

Nice travel perfumes fill! Handsome to have this in the bag. Easy to take with you anywhere and all the girls will surely be delighted to get this :)

I love it!

written by Rikke, 26/05/14

It's great to have her favorite perfume everywhere with no extra bulk / weigh purse or toilet bag.


written by Lincoln333, 18/06/14

Works very smoothly and fits easily even if you only have a small bag or perhaps only pockets on the jacket or pants. : D Have not tested that have different kinds of perfume in yet because I have not... Read more

One gets what one betaler for

written by Freya, 03/07/14

Do not buy it. I fyllte perfume, it came in a handbag and customers one day senere might jeg forging my bag out. Der perfume was all over it. Travalo'en holde simply had perfume itself. Øv! Dårlig... Read more

Perfume is always in your pocket

written by Mikko, 28/11/14

Very convenient for the perfume bottle for trips. Hajuvettähän not need much with them, so needless to large bottles, for example, air bag to pack. This handy bottle may be included in the carry-on ba... Read more

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