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USB Plasma Ball

Plasma ball, electric ball, power ball, death ball - we have many names for the things we love. You know what we're talking about - that glass globe where the lightning moves. Now powered by your computer's USB port!

USB Plasma Ball - USB Plasma Ball
USB Plasma Ball
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What is this?

Oh my God! The lights are!

written by Studenten, 03/06/13

I need to get me a present for my little brother who turned 9 years old and needed something special, he has entrusted everything lot of games already and eating sweets does he do, because this ball w... Read more


written by SandMan, 30/08/13

Adequate size works as it should - great for when I need to have a little break from work :-)

everything OK

written by none, 01/11/13

Product as described, everything ok. So how does the large plasma balls except it is smaller. Practically, the separate on / off switch on the housing.

Super cool!

written by Elise, 04/12/13

Loved it. It was small, but it must be expected of USB toys. Pleasing to look at throughout the night <3

Do it properly

written by Bengt Bedrup, 20/12/13

It is not as impressive as the full-sized balls to play with at Experimentarium and the like, but you can not expect given the price. Looks good in dark rooms. The piper / wines a bit if you put large... Read more


written by CJ, 03/01/14

Cozy ball that fits perfectly in your computer. Can also run on batteries but are not long, unfortunately.

Magic Plasma Ball

written by rockingsparrow, 02/06/14

Be cautious when unpacking - is indeed a glass ball! Much larger than I had imagined :-). On PC a real looker, very beautiful!


written by Jeanette Ankerstjerne Walmar, 22/10/14

It is expected, so no complaints here. It is small, so there is room for it anywhere.

plasma ball

written by Roland, 29/12/14

Everything was perfect. Fast and uncomplicated delivery. Product met expectations. mfG Roland


written by Moni, 05/01/15

Great toy. Works fine with the USB port, so you have no need of power supply batteries.


written by Sasch, 05/01/15

... Beams a definitely back in the 80s - retro pur! Recommended!

USB Plasma Ball

written by Northpaal, 12/10/15

A very fun and interesting article, which was appreciated by both the birthday children and adults in the party. Funny thing!

Nice and funny

written by Sussi, 10/12/15

Easy to just insert the USB port, and it's gone. Fun for all ages. Good delivery and customer service.


written by Naz, 05/05/16

Cool little thing that does exactly what it should. Battery operation and the size was what was most important to me and it meets both points


written by Victoria , 07/06/16

Fun fun, never tire! Gave the gift and the recipient loves it. Not expensive, absolutely worth every penny!

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