Upside Down Planter

Hang plants upside down with this cool planter the keep the soil from spilling out. Guaranteed to liven up your living room!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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works fine

written by Navn, 11/07/13

These works just fine and not yet received signs that this out soil / water. Some water may drip out if an over watering very but otherwise these absolutely fine. Looks like strawberry plants thrive w... Read more

Not quite satisfied ..

written by Silje, 28/07/13

This pot sprinkle part. It should have followed with a wire so that could have lowered the pot further down from the ceiling.

Hanging flower pot

written by Mammamia, 11/11/13

Suitable certainly nice to bloom with just a jab, but to spice plant did it badly. Squeezed stalks when I was putting on the lid. An incredibly fun potato, just need to find right plant!

Stylish eyecatcher as it grows in

written by Jannejentå, 01/12/13

I have received many positive comments on this pot. The sprinkled some soil at the very beginning, but it quickly moved on, so I will not complain about it. I've had it for almost two years now, a... Read more

Kanon idea ... poor execution ...

written by Erik Hansen, 02/01/14

The idea is bold ... really good actually. But the designer has not thought too much after he got the idea. There are missing some very small details that it would be absolutely perfect. So if there i... Read more

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