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VW Campervan Wash Bag

"Hum hum" says the Volkswagen van. "Ritch ratch" says the Volkswagen wash bag!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Super horny toiletry bag!

written by Josie, 24/04/13

Not only that, there is the hot retro toiletry bag in different colors and also in my favorite color, it is also extremely practical. Small inner pockets, stitched or secured with a zipper, hold the s... Read more


written by Isolde, 17/06/13

Absolutely wonderful "nostalgia" gadget. Large and spacious as neccesär, but can of course also be used for much more. Fit so well in my "VW bus" !!!

really retro

written by Åge Monrad, 17/06/13

First, the idea is very retro and very funny, and partly it is well furnished with 2 pockets on one side with rubber bands and a large zipper pocket on the other side. Both the inside. There is in add... Read more


written by Wynja, 12/09/13

Superbra service !! SO fast delivery. However, it was a gift, so can not rescensera the quality of the product is.

Good quality

written by Maria, 03/12/13

Funny toilet bag in fine quality. Holds a lot and is a material that is easy to wash off. Good little details in the decoration.

Very good!

written by E, 01/01/14

Very nice and genuine! Much appreciated by those who received it for Christmas! Like the VW brand since is real.


written by Frir, 07/01/14

Toppenfin toiletry bag! Large and spacious, the only thing that is a -litet- minus is that the color is a little pale, but on the other hand feels a bit more retro as:]

fun toilet bag

written by Camilla, 07/03/14

A nice toiletry bag. Good size. Good handle. Good suspension device. Nice colors. Fun toilet bag.


written by AnitaP, 07/03/14

I have long flirted with this toiletry bag, but they were far too expensive to me. When they were on offer hab. I slammed and no regrets! A blue and a red. So now my husband and I each his own. There ... Read more

Toilette to a VW-lovers

written by Hippolina, 07/03/14

A truly wonderful bag with enough room for a weekend packing. Good quality and beautiful print. A great gift for a WV-lovers.


written by Ida, 25/03/14

Very nice o brazen, open wide "cap" which makes it easy to find everything that is in the toilet bag. Super great gift for Dad :)

Volkswagen cosmetics bag

written by Monica Hindren-Pohjolainen, 03/06/14

Wonderful cosmetic bag. Will be used first-aid lääkelaukkuna the boat when it opened off. It holds a lot! Wonderful hippivolkkari :)


written by Luftgitarr, 23/06/14

The coolest necesären ever to hold all o some ... everyone should own one of these !!! Stylish design, easy to pack / carry ... available in blue an red ...


written by Tine, 21/08/14

It is wildly bold. Good room and with small rooms :) Only small minus is plastic which is set around the handle, it smells horrid plastic / phalater

misleading pictures

written by Sandra , 29/10/14

The images of the "white" and blue vanity case is unfortunately quite misleading as it does not as white as the picture, it is more yellow / brown and looks like a bag that has received smok... Read more

purchase of toiletry

written by Susanne Colding, 06/11/14

JGE has købttoiltetaske I've seen a picture of the home and the product complies fully up to my expectations.

very good!

written by Monick, 17/12/14

The VW toiletry bag looks great and has a very good quality! A super gift idea for the VW Bulli fan! Order, Payment, Delivery everything easily and quickly!


written by Dede, 17/12/14

Looks absolutely great. If a Christmas present for my niece who commutes between Berlin and Ulm. The VW bus then hope finally always there. Just genius !!!!

very beautiful

written by sabune, 05/01/15

The looks exactly like the picture! For bullish fans an absolute must and a beautiful picture in the bathroom!


written by Johnu, 07/10/15

To my surprise, the bag was bigger than what I expected. It could accommodate a two-week trip abroad cosmetic sun other needs. I love this bag. :)


written by Lena, 29/12/15

The man really enjoyed it when he has taken a Volkswagen bus in her youth. "It was nerve" It became a favorite Christmas gift.

Bring color on vacation or on a business trip

written by dieTine, 12/01/16

The bag is recommended with small drawbacks. The workmanship is good. The fabric is strong and will also provide transportation in case of any problems. Due to the high volume of the bag for pilots is... Read more


written by Anne, 18/01/16

Really cool makeup bag that you are happy to show when you go away. Good quality and the many bays that you can put stuff in.

VW Kulturbeutel

written by Stefan, 03/02/16

Super wash bag, the handling and shipping with Cool Stuff was great.

A stylish and good makeup bag!

written by Philip Poppe, 02/05/16

Yes is very pleased with the product. It is stylish and has a fun design that is like a Volkswagen bus which opens the roof of the bus to put down things in the toilet bag. I have all my necessities i... Read more

not worth the money

written by M, 16/05/16

Untidy, it can fall out of things at the opening because it's Velcro between the two zippers and a gap on each side.


written by Amelia, 26/05/16

Nicely done but a little weak in the material so it gladly lagged assembled part. Could have had the same handle as the cooler bag so it had become top rankings.

cool .... cool ... coooooool

written by nina, 09/03/17

As bubble dreamer, it was already just amazing ... was impressed that it had such good place ... would have liked another smaller version to have Oppi with cosmetic things. Love it!

cosmetics Bag

written by Anneli Jääskä, 20/07/17

The cosmetics bag is a deck fun, that's useful! I bought it at the Wolkkar-run golf course and filled the bag with the golf balls!

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