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Vino Vault Wine Cryptex

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex is the portable treasure chamber that turns your unimaginative go-away-gifts into gold at the end of the rainbow.

Vino Vault Wine Cryptex - Vino Vault Wine Cryptex
Vino Vault Wine Cryptex
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What is this?

Very poor quality

written by lars, 02/12/14

Poor quality of the plastics. "Code wheels" is loose and hanging at an angle. Difficult to spin on. But the appearance is fine.

Great product!

written by Henrik, 22/12/14

Super fast delivery and great instructions that come with this purchase, super good, fun gift, can definitely recommend this product to others :)

Atmosphere Creative gift idea

written by Pert Mason, 13/03/15

Vino Vault is a container for a bottle of wine, of a certain size! To open the container, move around with some rings with letters, in such a way that a predetermined word with 5 letters are aligned n... Read more

Good going-away gift

written by Dionysos hustru, 16/06/15

A bit pricey, but nice gift that gives rise to calls Coolstuffs customer may fail They do not respond to emails

decent enough

written by Ch, 12/10/15

Fun to give a little more beyond just a wine bottle but the quality of the product seems very bad, it was difficult to push the letters and they were queer


written by Folke, 14/01/16

Glad you could make your own password to this. There can be more personal or directed to a company or a special project or opportunity. Then you can arrange a guessing game and the one who cracks the ... Read more

Very fine product

written by Brian, 04/05/16

I had bought this as a gift. It is easy to code and so one can even make the puzzle to it. The quality could be a bit better but still really nice. Would probably have given 4½ star, but would rather ... Read more

Irritant size

written by Philip, 19/12/16

Funny thing, but very annoying when many of the bottles you want to lock in is too large, although the size 750ml fit.

Fun in theory, realistic reality

written by Jim, 17/08/17

Saw this product and thought it could be a fun gift. Bought it and a few different types of wine bottles when I had read before in a review that all wine bottles did not fit. Very well, the most commo... Read more

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