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VisioFocus Fever Thermometer

The VisioFocus fever thermometer allows you to take temperatures by simply pointing it toward the forehead! This non-contact thermometer projects the temperature onto the forehead in less than a second - the hospital’s favourite thermometer is now available for home use! VisioFocus can also be used to take the temperature of bath water and foodstuffs!

This product has been discontinued and can no longer be ordered

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Good thing

written by Jessica, 29/06/17

Very good to check the temples of their children with. Very good to have if you notice that the child is not feeling well

Easy-to-use thermometer

written by Lotta, 06/01/18

Very easy to use. Just aim at the forehead and measure off. Good instruction manual, easy to get started. Much easier than an ears / mouth thermometer when the children are cheeky.


written by feber, 17/01/18

A very good product. Easy to use. Easy to take the temptation of a sleeping, fervent child. Diffar a part in temperature depending on the distance to the boiler. Difficult sometimes to know that it wi... Read more

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