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Vooni® TV Lighting

Set up the background lighting for your TV in an instant with Vooni TV Lighting! Your accessorised TV is easier on your eyes. The contrast between the screen and the room is reduced and furthermore the light in your living room becomes much more pleasant! Vooni TV Lighting is simple to install and connect to the TV’s USB outlet!

Vooni® TV Lighting - 3m Light Strip Black
3m Light Strip Black
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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28 reviews

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What is this?

Too little adhesive for durable mounting

written by Karin, 13/10/17

Strong double-sided tape is required for the lighting to remain. The absence of adhesive on the back of the list causes it to roll down. Incidentally, the product is superb with USB, which makes the l... Read more

Nice product BUT

written by Eduardo, 27/10/17

The lights were really beyond expectations, just got the lighting I wanted behind the TV. The glue really did not last, it was unloading after 12 ish hours .. which I tried to put the tbx again but fe... Read more

In practice useless

written by Henrik, 29/10/17

The light itself is good, the product should have. However, the glue on the back is one of the worst I have experienced. Both the original order and the replacement resolved after 10-12 hours, then yo... Read more

Works well though.

written by Musse, 30/10/17

The product came in time and the packaging was good. The loop works great but it is no longer on the tv. Believe that the paste is not strong enough. Was forced to glue the loop with idiot glue to hol... Read more

Very pleased

written by Ola, 30/10/17

Very pleased with this LED loop! Lights up really well behind the tv. All I have to complain about was that the double-sided tape on the loop was pretty bad. It got rid of after just an hour. But it w... Read more

Fine light, however, bad paste

written by Hanna, 31/10/17

Bought for Sambons birthday, he was very happy and it's fine. however, the paste was not good, so you may have some double-sided tape or the like to prevent it from loosening.

Good light

written by Josefin, 11/11/17

Very satisfied. However, you must go and tighten the loop a little on a regular basis. The tape releases a little.

Just nonsense

written by Kjersti, 13/11/17

Do not bend properly so that the wire becomes a bulk in every corner. The whole stasis fell off during the first day. 179 kroner out of the window.

Listed for 10 minutes

written by Betim, 13/11/17

Listed for 10 minutes, then it stopped working. So I threw the whole shit in the garbage unfortunately. Too bad contact on USB.

Vooni TV lighting

written by Peter, 01/12/17

Canon good idea, but unfortunately, bought one of 2m to have a 55 inch TV for it would not be too bright as some wrote about, good light easy to put there, but is it stuck? No really not despite clean... Read more

Works well

written by Malin, 21/12/17

The glue on the loop works well, though it seems very weak. Functioned in USB connector on tv. Also satisfied with my purchase

Does not work at all

written by Tomas, 23/12/17

Glapper in the cord.

As everyone else says ..

written by Erik, 29/12/17

The tape was set for about a day. Now it's loose on all sides. The light is good, however, would argue that it is a bit too strong, illuminates the whole room with cold light.

Cheap light strip

written by Rune, 13/01/18

Cheap and good TV lighting with USB connector! A bit bad hooked on a TV that has a ribbed back, but with a few small extra pieces of paper it works well. Recommended

Thumbs up

written by PNI, 15/01/18

I think this product is good, it delivers pleasant light and is a nice light source.

Simple and works flawlessly

written by Tommy, 31/01/18

Works excellent, lightly shines well without pulling too much ampere. My Sony Bravia switches off with other cheap led loops I tried. The adhesive on this batch was as bad as promised by half the pric... Read more

Vooni slinga

written by Martin, 01/03/18

Have now put your ledge behind the tv, cleaned with degreasing before. Seems to keep a good quality. I tried to fix to a corner as I was not happy with the assembly, but I realized right away that I h... Read more


written by KimR, 02/03/18

Extremely handy backlight, with ease of use. When caught in a TV's usb you do not have to bother yourself separately. It was also cheap when the adhesive tape was somewhat poor in this batch, but ... Read more

tv lighting

written by mike, 08/03/18

works well apart from just sticky but you knew it was a bit of bright light but good for that price easily via USB turns off when you turn off the tv

TV background light

written by Lonnie, 09/03/18

Super background light. Easy to install. Provides good light. Never again discuss with the children if we need light on or off.

TV lighting makes the evenings even more relaxed.

written by Tilo, 12/03/18

Vooni's TV lighting is absolutely fantastic, easy to put on and has the exact right brightness. Can heartily recommend. I only regret having ordered the short version of 2 meters when it reached 3... Read more

3M tape

written by Kunde, 10/09/18

Because of defective tape, there was the 'white' LED for under 4 instead of just 16 euros. The adhesive strips are absolutely fine, the problem is only the rigid bar itself. Even the best pres... Read more

Super nice light for the TV

written by Dizzy, 12/09/18

This light is amazing, giving a nice soft light behind the two, which makes you do not need a lamp on, that will mirror the TV


written by Limpan, 15/09/18

Bought the old one who did not attach so well, though knew about it! Very good light, but I would like someone who has a breaker when our TV "checks" usbport every 20 seconds, which makes it... Read more

Tv Led

written by Patrik, 17/09/18

Gives a very straightforward shine behind the tv. However, it is not too good but enough not to fall off. There is a risk that the adhesive will not follow when you remove the protective tape

Not sticking.

written by Jh, 19/09/18

I pushed the background of the TV well but the led tape stayed there for about an hour until it started hanging. I do not recommend.

Non-functioning product

written by Nils pettersson , 25/09/18

I bought these when they were on sale. Ordered 4 pcs and put them up immediately. The light was good, bright and bright! But the glue was loose immediately and can not use them. Terribly disappointed

Very satisfying

written by Ivan, 11/10/18

Have just received this product and are extremely satisfied. A beautiful and very comfortable backlight that I can only recommend to others. The lighting is a soft white light, which I personally pref... Read more

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