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Wallet Ninja

A piece of hardened steel the same size as a credit card. With 18 different tools. Back off, MacGyver.

Wallet Ninja - Wallet Ninja
Wallet Ninja
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23 reviews

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What is this?


written by Patrik, 24/11/14

Really smooth and good to have in your wallet. Fits like a glove in my EXENTRI. Mobile The place was perhaps not the most stable, but better than nothing if you are firmly in the wilderness, and want ... Read more

Not easily get in!

written by Vroni, 26/12/14

Without the ninja Mulitwerkzeug to get into the package, unfortunately, hardly into it, a shame I think it's that the label is English and the donee (my grandpa) unfortunately can not speak Englis... Read more

Good thing!

written by Lantz, 02/01/15

Many tools, some work well and some less good (brevöppnaren are like that) but overall a perfect gadget to have in your pocket. Highly recommended.

For the man "who has everything"

written by Adiemus, 05/01/15

Fun, easy and highly useful! PERFECT gift for that troublesome man who claims that he does not want anything, and who already has everything he wants. Sometimes you do not actually what is best for hi... Read more

Fun Stuff!

written by Kiruna, 15/01/15

A nice gadget for those all-time fixer :) It works in the form clamp and seems very sturdy though it is in a bit to screw up the screws rough patches!

Beard little man gizmo

written by Mia, 21/01/15

It's a funny little thing that should belong in every man's wallet. Super useful and handy size - a real man-geek tool.

Wallet on tools

written by Rosie, 02/02/15

Good, great to have to worry about finding tool Every time there is always tillhans.Rekommenderar this tool.

Absolutely amazing handy gadget

written by Skåne tjej, 11/02/15

Have all possible conceivable gadget that fits like a straight swap credit cards in your wallet - super gift for teenage guy or handy man :)

Multifunction Tool

written by Hannele Nylund, 20/04/15

A nice gift for boys-in-law. It is difficult to buy birthday gifts for adult men. Hopefully, this gift is welcomed and necessary for them.

Wallet Ninja Multi-Tool

written by Anse, 21/04/15

I ordered ko. the tool, the actual birthday gift "in addition to" 40-year-old multi-function man. It was very satisfied with the small size and versatility. Going back pocket of even the cot... Read more

Nice product

written by Niklas, 18/05/15

The product arrived quickly and well packaged. It is relatively massive and is not easy to turn -> stable. Units are given in inches and Cm and the Wallet Ninja has many tools (which can also be us... Read more

everyone helps

written by Jannik Davidsen, 21/05/15

A very fun little thing in the purse that help when you need it. Wallet Ninja is filled with various tools to help with various small problems such. When the screwdriver is gone. It is made of metal a... Read more

Needless to its reputation

written by Elmeri, 03/11/15

I do not yet "in action" had time to try, but otherwise very sturdy and corrosion acting oloinen tool. And indeed goes as unnoticed take it anywhere.

Product with hidden costs

written by Marketing ninja, 01/01/16

The product itself seems to be what it purports to be, it was a Christmas present and recipient seemed satisfied. Important to know is that Coolstuff not be satisfied with money in exchange for goods,... Read more

incredibly handy!

written by ramahel, 10/06/16

It holds your wallet, crossing detectors with no problem, so I need never be without! Have not tested all the features yet, and you may use a little strength, for example, can opener, but I'm in a... Read more

Go Ide

written by Isabella, 22/06/16

Bought one for my father as a gift, and he was super happy and everyone should see what it was fun gift and give. : D


written by Maria, 14/07/16

My husband has a previously used very frequently and bought now also to my father who appreciated it very much, gadget crazy as he is.

Fast delivery and great product!

written by Rheintourist, 06/10/16

Dis payment and the delivery was easily and quickly. The product is perfectly made for longer trips, bottle opener, can opener, etc. has thus always there and still plenty of room for other things in ... Read more

Fast delivery and great product!

written by Rheintourist, 06/10/16

Dis payment and the delivery was easily and quickly. The product is perfectly made for longer trips, bottle opener, can opener, etc. has thus always there and still plenty of room for other things in ... Read more

A must

written by Thomas, 27/05/17

Held this in your wallet for over 1 year now and have since used it at least once a week ago. Countless beers have been jacked, bolts and screws tightened and the wow factor is always priceless


written by Cissi, 04/06/17

It was a rolog gift for my boyfriend at his student. It was a fun item but will see how often it will be used when it is in the wallet and is not better at hand than that. But it was a fun buy. The ca... Read more

You missed the measure

written by Kurpitsa, 18/12/17

Other than that, but in the dimension on the side of ninja Wallet, there were only inch and no cents, even though the description specifically mentioned that both would be. I am disappointed, because ... Read more

Wallet Ninja Multi Tool

written by plussi, 10/03/18

Hello, the above-mentioned part is really of surprising stability and was the last to prove its suitability for daily use. Extremely hard and unbreakable! Highly recommended for wallet, bike, car etc.... Read more

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