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World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear

Take a tasty bite of the ultimate gummy bear! Our Gigantic Gummy Bears are 88 times larger than regular gummy bears - guaranteed to be a favourite for every sweet tooth! Moreover, the bear comes on a practical stick - perfect as a snack! Choose from between a number of flavours.

World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cherry
Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cherry
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Super Giant Gummy Bear - Dewberry
Super Giant Gummy Bear - Dewberry
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cola
Super Giant Gummy Bear - Cola
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear - Super Giant Gummy Bear - Pineapple
Super Giant Gummy Bear - Pineapple
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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Jelly Bears

written by Anne, 13/05/13

I really think that this big gummy bear is really cool! It is sweet and one can eat it! Hahaha, it's really bold, you can also use it to garnish if that's what you want? The price may not be t... Read more

Great job

written by Jyrki Julenius, 23/05/13

Candy was good and the size and brilliant. I'll probably still subscribe to at least one giant teddy bear candy.


written by nathi, 16/06/13

arrived super !! and I have the shop recommended !! highly recommended ... fast delivery ... !!!

Awesome teddy bear!

written by Laursen94, 08/07/13

It is super cool! Gave the gift to my brother and he LOVED it! I do not know if it tastes good, he will hardly want to eat it because it is so nice :) (although not tasted so it smells really nice) It... Read more


written by Mie, 02/08/13

The order went well and gummi bear arrived safely. There was much information as you could understand, and it was easy and manageable! The one who got the teddy bear was WILD happy. But who does not d... Read more

Got what I ordered! :)

written by Kristian , 15/08/13

The only thing I have to say is that I got what I ordered, good was it too. :) I then chose the blue rubber bear, it tasted just like a normal rubber bears, only much, MUCH bigger! : D

delicious seamy

written by Kone01, 16/09/13

TOTAL cheers clammy too great and the kid loved it incredibly good product tastes good of jelly and good consistency

Horrible synthetic taste

written by Inge, 21/10/13

This tasted unfortunately terrible. It has cool design and can serve as a decorative object for a short period, but it is thus not for eating.

as expected

written by stine, 15/11/13

giant gummy bear, just as big as expected !!! it is not quite as round in the "feet" and back like an ordinary little gummy bear because it is pressed together a bit of his own vægt.-though ... Read more

Giant gummy bear for 18th birthday

written by hbendix, 16/11/13

We bought a giant gummy bear for our son's 18th birthday. It came in a few days. It was a great success! Everyone had to touch it and have a big bite! Game fun gift, we are still talking about. MV... Read more

Very satisfied

written by Emilie, 20/12/13

Bought it as a gift to my boyfriend and he was very happy and think it was a fun gift. Bought Cola flavor that was surprisingly good .. It is a little hard to take pieces, but tasted still good. Pity ... Read more

Winnie the whole Karkin

written by M.P.T, 24/12/13

Winnie Karkin size was a little disappointing. I was expecting the kind of size the doll sets, but this was slightly smaller. About the Paper Roll Economy class on behalf of the altitude. However, Win... Read more

Christmas gift

written by Havwig, 01/01/14

Bought this for Christmas and it was a success. Bought not the greatest, but bought it big enough .....

Funny thing for someone who loves candy

written by Camilla, 03/01/14

My husband loves vigummi! Thus, this is perfect for him. The flavors are straightforward and package funny :); purchases in road

A great gift

written by Minnanen, 09/01/14

The recipient was thrilled. It was perhaps a tad smaller than what I would have expected. The taste is pretty close to normal teddy bear candy. (At least COLA) The package was good and the gummy bear ... Read more


written by Benny, 10/02/14

What can you say? Yum! Slightly hard to bite into, but good and lasts a good while. Comes in a handy stick to hold.


written by Mischa, 01/05/14

On the whole I was very happy when it was finally angelifert :) to the "last" I have to mention: At this time, "DHL" un strike lyre the arrival and tracking have attracted many day... Read more

gummy bear

written by teddy, 16/06/14

The giant gummy bear was used as a gift for my neighbor. aaaaaaaaen birthday gift. And it was received with a big grin.

very good but ...

written by Jørgen Mannes, 11/08/14

Absolutely amazing mn may take some time before it comes: (...................................... ..........

Mega gummybear cola

written by Lene, 21/10/14

Was a bit disappointed by the size, expected bigger. But it was a proper gummybjørn. It tasted cola and was proper rubber. Bought it for my brother for his birthday and he Digga it.

Not so gigantic them to 99 kr

written by Magnus, 20/12/14

Large chocolate bars are brilliant. I bought them as gifts, and I realize that I did not buy the largest product they had, but I was still a little disappointed to provide 99 kr for 250g candy. They a... Read more

giant gummy bear

written by Brian, 23/12/14

Total delicious teddy bear as for the one who has everything .. It brought smiles and joy in the gift .. For someone who had never seen such a kind gift. Then warm recommended here .. To the one who h... Read more

gummy bear

written by vivi, 24/12/14

Really delicious and timely arrived. I have withdrawn since the gummy but was not as big as thought a star.

sweet tooth

written by <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<, 27/12/14

For all large and small sweet tooth that is exactly richtige.Das product looks very attractive and hygienic verpackt.Der hilarity is garantiert.Ein great gift for any Geldbeutel.Ich would repeatedly v... Read more

Christmas Replay

written by Golle, 28/12/14

My sister bought this kind of gummy bears to my sons, last year and this year they wanted to have those again, so we&#39;ll just say that they get a good score of children. But do not put the Bears on... Read more

The perfect Christmas gift!

written by Susanne, 29/12/14

The big gummy bears stole the attention on Christmas Eve and caused great excitement among the children. A ander went out and perfect gift for little (and big) kids!

Fast delivery

written by Tobias, 30/12/14

Ordered goods on Sunday morning and could pick up the goods the next day. Great service! Great to receive the product the following day, though it was a Sunday it was ordered.

Giant Gummi Bear

written by Mats, 06/01/15

Order, order confirmation and delivery worked quickly and easily. In contrast, the bear bit compressed for transportation. The ears were a little &quot;square&quot;. Otherwise, it was as expected.

Monster jelly teddy

written by Berbres, 06/01/15

Very popular Christmas gift! Last long. For the first time ever had a son, enough so that he did not want to eat up the last !! Has never happened before .. Good tart körsbärssma that you want more an... Read more

BEAR of Superlatives

written by Gunther, 07/01/15

YUMMY YUMMY ..... for a gummy bear lovers ..... but not on a day-to Schaffe&#39;n .........


written by Anita, 11/01/15

Really worth buying the product! It was just as I expected when I got it! :) And I was not the only one who liked this product hehe: D

It is good!

written by Falcon lover xxxxxx, 20/01/15

It ..... Deeet ........ The one gummy bear Ej bought it with Cherry taste and thought it tasted good :) And to sit and cry over things like &quot;trodede it was bigger&quot; (facepalm)

super, fast delivery. good to be

written by jess, 01/02/15

All the top. We googled long (daughter had wanted such a bear candy) and once we ordered we thought it would take about a week, but it came after only 2 days. Super Fast. And the product was well pack... Read more

Great success!

written by bu, 03/02/15

Looks good, is something else, for jelly beans lovers! As a gift not only for children!

Best purchase ever

written by sarah, 07/02/15

The site is really good there are plenty to choose from. Goodstuff you know: D I was pleased how any of what I beställde.Ni ordering something from here will be completely satisfied you too, I promise... Read more

Strong flavor and scent.

written by N Hald , 21/07/15

A nice surprise to get a giant gummy bear. But it&#39;s a little strong in flavor and so sticky that it is impossible to have it divided into small chunks.

very satisfied

written by Jutta, 05/08/15

With the delivery of the ordered goods I was very satisfied. They arrived on time and was enthusiastically received by the recipient and the family.

Candy year.

written by Eero, 09/08/15

Son feels really good. The product is what tilattiinkin. I myself I like the taste, cola. This wet summer quite tricky to carve an edible size pieces, quite sticky. Perhaps the fridge storage would he... Read more

Loved rubber bear

written by Patricia , 10/08/15

My daughter has been nagging for over half a year on this bear. Guess if she was overjoyed when she finally got one. It was the angel of ordering and fast delivery did. Very satisfied!

A giant teddy bear candy (Cherry)

written by -T, 19/08/15

I bought a giant teddy bear as a gift and candy product corresponded to the description. And a cherry flavors was nallekarkilla weight of the plastic bag of approx. 2180g. The product was therefore in... Read more

Best gift!

written by Victoria, 07/10/15

Bought both the largest and the smaller bear on a stick! The daughter who was 9 has been longing for a mega-bear long! Top of the pack was the smallest, she was happy, but tender, she was asked to che... Read more

Giant gummy

written by Beat, 16/11/15

There is a genuine part colles. I imagined the whole thing a bit bigger, but it fits anyway.

Beautiful teddy bear with good taste

written by Helle, 20/11/15

Fin fin giant gummy bear with a surprisingly good cola taste :) Fun to receive a package that weighs 2.3 kg and know that there is only jelly in the box: -o only drawback is that the jelly in the size... Read more


written by Bacon, 21/12/15

A big teddy bear, a gift set off the other side of the pond. Wanted to be left to themselves, I guess it does not help when you sometimes order their own needs =)

Super surprise!

written by Phisyk, 26/12/15

Clear purchase recommendation for all, all people present - want to inspire - whether large or small. And taste it also does very well: D <small>The only negative point - if you should be very picky -... Read more

top goods

written by George, 27/12/15

SuperWarehouse everything went super fast and gut.Meine daughter loved and highly satisfied, and that is, at an 8-year-old very viel.Bis for guaranteed next purchase, much to know if you put something... Read more

They caused great joy

written by Thomas, 04/01/16

Bought as a little extra gift to get the number of gifts to go up and ended up being the envy of the other children. Recommendable :-)

Tastes and reeks of cola

written by Viggo, 04/01/16

Ordered the giant cola gummy bear. The both taste and reeks of cola. As expected from :) 1 +

rubber bearings

written by bianca, 08/01/16

good rubber bear! Tastes good! :) Am very pleased and will order it again, try the other flavors.

A huge surprise bärige

written by isolde-79, 17/02/16

The big bear is just an eye-catcher! My husband was thrilled. The taste (I had Flavour cherry purchased) is good. Maybe he is a little sweeter than his little well-known friends. Also eat the is a lit... Read more


written by mama, 14/03/16

The friend of my daughter is in full Unis Tress. I noticed nothing really good one to give him pleasure. Then I came across the giant gummy and because I knew he was very much like gummy bears, I just... Read more

Coolest gift on my 4 year birthday !!!!

written by Møffe, 04/04/16

Dear Theodor (Big Brother) and Cool Stuff - Although it was not the biggest or most expensive of the gifts on my 4 th birthday, it was definitely the one that got the most attention. Not least the kin... Read more

It was good

written by Matte, 28/04/16

:) It was good HfhbfhhjgrjjhrjgfgghjfghhhjjhggghhSanenbwbwbbwtnnywnwynenhynwnwynwynwnwynwneymyenemwynsymwynywnwyntanantqn

looks larger on photo

written by Paw, 07/06/16

must certainly be used as a gift. But it looks something bigger on the photo than it is in reality

Fun gift for anyone

written by Anna , 12/12/16

Giant gummi bear is super fine. It&#39;s a wildly fun gift that I am looking forward to giving my nephews for Christmas. Is very excited about what they are saying to them. Is Do Not sure they even kn... Read more


written by Tom, 12/12/16

Super fast delivery, product as described. More hardly needs to be said ..... THANK


written by Jeppe, 08/09/17

I can definitely recommend this product to others considering it. As it tastes good, you can also have a lot of fun with this product.

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