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Zombie Garden Gnomes

Whether you want to expand your garden gnome collection, send a signal to the block or strike fear into the heart of your neighbour, the Zombie Garden Gnome is the perfect garden or balcony accessory!

Zombie Garden Gnomes - Standing
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Zombie Garden Gnomes - Lying
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written by Kingpin, 27/07/13

Aesthetically stylish, cool, delicious, simply awesome! A must in every garden, patio. The only "minus" is that it is small, it had been cool if it had been around 70-80 cm tall so it appear... Read more

Quality .... Quality ...

written by Kp, 07/10/13

I bought two wonderful garden gnomes which I thought was so large that they could stand on the grass without problems but it could not nor were they luminescent as I was told but they are great I am d... Read more


written by CC, 17/10/13

Was a real success on polarens housewarming !! Was a real success on polarens housewarming !! Was a real success on polarens housewarming !! Was a real success on polarens housewarming !!

The coolest garden gnome

written by Astrid, 19/10/13

Exactly as expected. Similar to the image on a dot. Have Nissen fits perfectly with our other strange garden gnomes! We are delighted to have the residents ... :-)

Cool and cool

written by Zombiehead, 16/12/13

They were better than expected, huge and fierce. It will be a perfect Christmas gift for my grandmother who collects Santas :)

Acrid little elf!

written by Miranda, 03/01/14

Dad likes the plot! It is very light and is in a cute size. The colors and the details, I think is good. My dad plot on the shelf in the living room instead of outdoors few we were afraid that it woul... Read more


written by Mirfak, 06/01/14

Bloody and sweet, wish it had LEDs in the eyes. Perhaps it is a bit short, but it may also depend on how high the grass in the garden allowed to be.

awesome Gnome

written by Funrarder, 23/10/14

Super satisfied with the Best Buys Ever: D will buy more things from coolstuff in the future: D

Fed soulmate

written by Kisjanna, 28/10/14

We bought a zombie garden gnome in connection with our Halloween birthday celebration, and it is mega cool. All guests and those in our recovery has comet-assembled it and asked where we purchased it.... Read more


written by Dino, 21/11/14

It exceeded my expectations completely, a completely ingenious alternative to the common garden figurines. A fun feature in the garden, fun to see people's reaction when they see it is not an ordi... Read more

Good brownie at good price

written by Skön, 01/12/14

I gave away the zombie plot to my sister when she would move to house-garden. It was estimated. Hot like 17th

Scary Santa!

written by Lena, 15/12/14

An appreciated gift. Incredibly stylish garden! It's nifty with his luminous eyes and fearsome countenance.

Good buy

written by T. J., 15/12/14

Nice elves, one standing, one lying. Frightening suitably neighbors. Price / quality in place. Suitable even inside held.

Cruel gnomes!

written by Robert, 28/05/15

Cool brownies. Wish I had bought a few pieces to :) I think they are well made and worth the money. Now we will see if they can cope with the weather this summer!

Why not?

written by Åsa H, 15/12/15

Why not start the apocalypse in the garden. A humorous poor blighters that are guaranteed to last beyond the children and frightened animals in their places outside the garden fence :)

Very successful housewarming

written by LiA, 22/04/16

Bought plot as housewarming gift for our friends. Very successful, they became very happy and exhibited him directly

neighbors Schreck

written by Andreas, 03/11/16

Absolutely great the Zombi-garden gnomes. Since the evening when I put them in the front yard, I was no longer annoyed by stupid stupid neighbors. Now I'm looking for just a stupid grinning, based... Read more

Does my neighbor's cat keep my discounts

written by Sweet, 26/06/17

The neighbor's cat is super crazy for them and therefore does not enjoy our discounts. Otherwise, those whose plots are the most, largely maintenance-free, with the exception of one of the bowl&#3... Read more

As expected

written by Camilla, 09/10/17

Zombietomten looked exactly like in the picture! It's really delicious and I am happy, fits perfectly into my installation in the garden.

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