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Improve your home & garden with our fun and practical products and gadgets. Browse through our unusual, sometimes very quirky things! If you want to listen to music without disturbing your loved one in bed, the Sleephones might be something for you. Do want to have a cinema feeling at home? Then I would recommend the Popcorn Machine Cinema Style! Ever wondered what it would be like to make love and make art at the same time? Well, buy the Love Is Art Kit and you will find out. Washing your clothes on your travels can be a hassle but the Scrubba Wash Bag let you wash your clothes on the go. Now, go on and browse our, you guessed it, cool stuff!

Vooni® CityRocker

Love Is Art Kit



Kitchen Safe

Cat DoorBell

Zenkuru Body Pillow

Tassen Emotion Mugs

Mood Book Lamp

Gun Alarm Clock

Tassen Emotion Cups


Snug Rug Outdoor

Book Safe with Lock


Gummy Bear Lamp

Skull Beer Glass

Wall Clock Safe

Towel Twister

Cyber Clean

Vooni® TV Lighting


Smart Self-Watering

SPA Jelly Bath

Beer Tracker

Pineapple Peeler

Ice Ball Maker XXL

Wild Dining Plates


Shark Pet Bed

Bottle Light

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Magisso Cake Server

Camera Lens Mug

Fridge Locker

Slackers Zipline

Hashtag Mug

Retro Apron

Sugru Repair Moldable Glue


Newton's Cradle

Batter Dispenser

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets


Cacoon Hammock

Air Pump with Gauge

Nessie Ladle

KitchPro® Pizza Oven

Dog Washer 360

Tree Dazzler

Slackline Kit

Cat Window Bed

CGear Sand-free Mat


Melon Slicer

Skull Wineglass

Gigantic Teddy Bear

Tassen Emotion Vase

Unicorn Teapot

Potty Piano

Giant Microbes

Plants in a Can

Veggie Twister

Garden Igloo

Dice Light Lamp

Skull Glass

Pusheen Cushions

Tassen Emotion Teapots


Lékué Pizza Mat

Spralla Cat Cushion

Snowing Christmas Tree

Mini Cube Projector

PyroPet Candle Cat

FiberFix Repair Tape


Nokia Body+ Scale

Unicorn Nail Dryer

Retro Letter Board

Pillow Speakers

Unicorn Candle

Smiley Pillow

Hidden Animal Mug

Wine Bottle Glass

DIY Straws

Litter Kwitter