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iFetch Frenzy Ball Launcher

Does your arm get tired before your dog does when you are playing fetch? Become your dog’s best friend with the iFetch Frenzy, the gravity-powered ball launcher that never quits! It comes with three balls guaranteed to give your dog hours of fetching fun!

iFetch Frenzy Ball Launcher - iFetch Frenzy Ball Launcher
iFetch Frenzy Ball Launcher
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock
iFetch Frenzy Ball Launcher - iFetch extra balls (5 pieces)
iFetch extra balls (5 pieces)
100+ pcs in stock Currently out of stock

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iFetch Frenzy dwarf badger dog

written by Emma, 15/03/17

The unit is 27 cm high, so 5-6 kg dwarf badger dog that's it, and that it is already too high. However, the dog gets dropped on the ball in the middle of the hole. Just as "addictive" Th... Read more

cool delivery

written by Pia, 20/03/17

Super fast delivery and game cool product is a bold website they can highly recommend den.deres products are amazing. Our dog loves their plydsdyrvog they stay a little longer than other plush animals... Read more


written by Hannele Ropanen, 22/03/17

I ordered Noutokanuunan. And return it back to the post office just to import. Does not work, at least in my two koirallani.Ilmeisesti too old to begin the longer leikkiin.Katsoivat and examine cannon... Read more

funny toy

written by Kicki, 23/03/17

Report cannon is really nice and steady. Although not as easy to learn how the dog should do, pushes the balls from the cup, chasing balls, but has not figured out how he places in them myself yet. Bu... Read more

dog Toys

written by Anne, 24/03/17

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a simple and accessible apportkanon- no technique that can break, no wiring or electronics that chewed in. Unfortunately, the balls so small that the dog, which I... Read more

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