Christmas gifts for mum

Don’t buy boring kitchen utensils, vases and bowls for your mum this Christmas. Get something fun and unusual from CoolStuff instead! Maybe one of our best sellers, the cosy Snug Rug is a good idea or a more classic Christmas gift would be Tassen Porcelain. Or just check out our selection of Christmas gift ideas below!

You can return the item within 90 days if you change your mind, remember our 2 year warranty, and we offer fast delivery, no matter how much you order – all to make buying a Christmas gift for your mum a guaranteed success!



Ice Bottle Cooler

Sushi Bazooka

Veggie Twister

Buddha Board

Hot Dog Maker

Yeti Ice Scraper

Cake Candelabra

Cacoon Hammock

Magisso Cake Server

Nessie Ladle

Easy Kabob

Tassen Emotion Vase

Melon Slicer

Ice Lantern Star


Lékué Pizza Mat

Money Gift Box

Ice Ball Maker XXL

Tile Pro Bluetooth-tracker



Book Safe with Lock

Prepara Herb Savor

Cozy Cat Bouquet



Scratch Night View

Batter Dispenser

Pocket Hammock

Smart Self-Watering

Pineapple Peeler

Hidden Animal Mug

Mouse Rug

Ice Ball Maker

Wall Clock Safe

Bottle Light

Notepad Mug

Embroidery Kit

Fridgeezoo Fridge Pets



Towel Twister

Wallet Ninja

Christmas Gifts for Mum

Are you out looking to buy a Christmas Gift for mum and need a few gift tips? She insists over and over again that she doesn’t want anything, but you are just going to ignore all that, right? Don’t worry. We here at CoolStuff are experts when it comes to gifts, and we have plenty of unique and fun Christmas gifts to choose from. Our product range consists of unique items within several different categories. No matter whether you are looking for a smart and practical gift or something hysterically funny, we can help you find the perfect Christmas present for mum.

Your mum deserves a unique Christmas gifts

Every Christmas, your mum says the same thing. She doesn’t want any particular Christmas gift, and she is just happy and thankful as long as she can be with family. Of course, that is all very kind of her to say, but surely you mum is not going to go without a present. She deserves to feel appreciated, just like everyone else, and a great gift is the perfect way to show it. Every Christmas, she spends time fixing all the Christmas preparations. She makes meatballs from scratch, glazes the ham, wraps up the gifts, cleans and makes the beds in time for the fat relatives’ visit and surely plenty of other things that we don’t even realise she does. Come Christmas Eve, she becomes the perfect hostess and makes every guest feel welcome. She spends so much time and energy in making sure that Christmas turns out just right for everyone, so why wouldn’t we try to do something to make her Christmas just as fantastic?

After all, your mother is the best mum in the whole world. She is always there for you and supports you whenever you need her. Without you even having to have said anything, she senses that something is wrong. She’s the one with a sixth sense when it comes to that sort of thing. No matter whether you are sad or ill, she simply senses that you need her, and she makes you feel better. Her children are simply the most important things in her life.

Getting a Christmas gift for mum goes without saying, and we can help you find a good gift that will make her heart melt. No matter whether you are looking for a Christmas gift for a picky mother, or mother that appreciates just about anything, we have something that’s just right for her. So, let yourself be inspired and look through our product range above. If you want to find more tips, you can also take a look at our Gifts for mum and Gifts for her.

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